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Film Subtitling, Copy Editing, Verbal Interpretation and Written Translation

We offer a variety of Indonesian language services such as Film Subtitling, Written Translation, Verbal Interpretation, and Copy Editing from our office in Bali and online worldwide.

Aside from offering Indonesian Language Courses...

We have translated everything from movie scripts and subtitles to legal documents and papers, fiction and non-fiction books, presentations, advertising, commumnications and websites for businesses, organizations and major corporations in Indonesia and worldwide.


From English to Indonesian and from Indonesian to English, we offer top-quality translation of legal and other documents, marketing materials, websites, film scripts and subtitling.

Our Clients:
  • Tulip Chocolate (PT Frey Abadi Indonesia). Film Script Transcription, Subtitling and Document Translation.
  • ProXL Indonesia Mobile. Website Copy Editing.
  • BBC Television Trust for the Environment. Translation & Subtitling
  • Surfer Girl. Translation.
  • United Nations International Labour Organization (ILO). Film Script Translation & Subtitling
  • ‘Happy’, a feature documentary. Film Script Translation and Subtitling
  • Transitions Optical International. Website Translation.
  • MMG Mining Group. Film Transcription, Translation & Subtitling
  • Kayun Wood Design. Document Translation.
  • Tre Jakarta. Translation & Copy Editing.
  • Author. Translation of Children's Novel.
  • Local Residents. Land Contract Agreement
  • Correspondence between a British importer and an Indonesian exporter.
  • ICCO Asia Pacific. Conference Interpretation.
  • Fluidintel. Film Transcription, Translation & Subtitling.
  • Food Plant Solutions. Report Translation.
  • World Association of News Publishers. Website Translation


Our teachers are University-educated, primarily in Management, Marketing, Advertising and Communications. They’ve been Creative Directors, Copywriters and advertising/marketing professionals at the top of their field and with the biggest media corporations in Indonesia's top companies including Google, Fortune Indonesia and many others.

If you would like to produce content in Indonesian language, or make sure that content that has been produced is targeting your intended audience with the right messaging, contact us directly by email

Copy Editing

We are often asked to review and edit advertisements and documents for correct usage of language, which we can do in both English and Indonesian. We can also double-check and edit the quality of translations. Don’t send out a incorrectly-written advertisement or letter!

Verbal Interpretation

Interpretation is verbal translation of the meaning or intent of what one person in one language wishes to say to another in another language. It’s not word-for-word verbal translation unless that is what is requested, which usually means reading from a prepared statement. Word-for-word translation from one language to another is practically impossible, and much communicative meaning is “lost in translation”.

Also, it is easier if two people interpret from the source language to their native language. So, if you wish to have interpretation from Indonesian to English, hire a foreign interpreter, and for English to Indonesian, hire an Indonesian interpreter. Although it is of course possible, it is mentally very exhausting for one person to interpret both directions for lengthy periods of time.

Cinta Bahasa’s staff have decades of experience in interpreting at the highest levels of government and corporation, as well as community meetings, conferences, events and inter-cultural discussions.

Since 2012, Cinta Bahasa has coordinated the Interpretation Team of the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival, a team of 8 Bilingual Interpretation Volunteers.

Film Subtitling

We provide a full range of video subtitling services, from transcription with time code in English, to translation and with time code in Indonesian, to burning the subtitles into the film. Or, we can simply produce a .srt translation file for you to add to your project. We have worked with all the stages of a subtitling project.

We have worked with NGOs, TV companies, Advertising Agencies, Companies and Documentary filmmakers to provide subtitles in bahasa Indonesia.

Translating subtitles is a lot more difficult than regular translation. An English sentence and an Indonesian sentence are not the same length, and so, similar to Interpretation, when translating for subtitling the meaning needs to be communicated in a way that fits the size of the screen, and yet is easy to read by people watching the video. Although short sentences are easy to translate from English to Indonesian, if dialogue is fast-paced, or there is a lot of talk such as with documentary films, then the subtitling speed is dense, and this becomes more tiring for viewers.

We have translated training films from English to Indonesian for Indonesian farmers, videos for NGOs explaining a new development program for a particular area, videos for companies explaining new safety technology available in Indonesia, documentary films that are marketed in Indonesia, and promotional videos for Indonesian tourism companies. We also of course can do translation of subtitles from Indonesian to English.

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Our Clients:
  • Feature Documentary Film “Happy”
  • UN Agencies
  • US Embassy in Jakarta
  • Companies in Indonesia
  • World Association of News Publishers


Karalyn Hingston
Project Administrator, Food Plant Solutions

“Food Plant Solutions has utilised the services of Cinta Bahasa Indonesian Language School numerous times and found them to be very reliable, well priced, engaging and punctual. We would not hesitate to recommend their services.”

Maja Maldini
World Association of News Publishers

“Once again thank you for delivering the translations on time. It was a pleasure working with you. Due to our mutual satisfaction in completing the translation project, we were wondering if you would be able to take on one more translations?”

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