2-Hour Short
“Crash” Course

An Introduction to Indonesian language

Once you venture beyond the touristed areas, you will notice that few people can speak English. If you want to get to know, exchange pleasantries, order food, find assistance and experience local living and learn more about Indonesia and it’s people, you will need to be able to speak some bahasa Indonesia.

The Indonesian Language Crash Course is a single-session two hours which includes a lot of useful words and phrases, a language pamphlet which helps you to put what you have learned to good use during your visit, and a lot of fun!

This course is not a subtitute for taking our Beginner Group or 20-Hour Private Course. If you plan to go to areas where only Indonesian language is spoken, we strongly recommend you take one of these courses at our school in Ubud, or Online before you arrive.

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The course takes you through pronunciation of Indonesian words, walks you through basic phrases to memorize and pronounce correctly, introduction, greetings, numbers, cultural etiquette. It's a fun and engaging course that will sometimes have you all laughing out loud.

See Our Reviews on Trip Advisor

The Course is Rp 250,000 per person in a group, or Rp 400,000 for a private class with just you and a teacher.

Drop by our school in Ubud to make a reservation.

Alia Noor

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  • “Crash Course” is the right name. We learnt a lot in 3 hours. Very, very useful.

  • A lot of information in a short time
    Cultural information
    Easy to learn
    Good group size

  • A great introduction crash course to the local language in the course of only a few hours. Well worth the investment if you plan on spading a length of time in Bali.

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