Satria Muda Pratama

Teaching is my passion, by teaching I can open all doors to the world. (But I'm not a fierce teacher haha).

I come from an area that has the oldest megalithic site in the world (Gunung Padang) that area is called Cianjur.

Since I was a child I liked learning foreign languages, in high school I studied Japanese for three years, then I continued my interest in the language and studied at the University of Padjadjaran majoring in Russian Literature for four years. But just one language isn't enough! I want to learn many foreign languages in the world. In my opinion, the most fun when we can speak in many languages, I can use to teach and share culture about my native language, Indonesian.

But just learning is not enough. I have to try new experiences by being a four season hotel employee in Bali as a Food and Baverege Service for Russian Speaker in five months. This experience helped me find my identity. It turns out I prefer to teach and become a teacher. This is so fun for me!