Ida Bagus Yuana Waharika

Ida Bagus Yuana Waharika, or just ‘Gusde’ was born in Singaraja, the city in the north of Bali but originally comes from Karangasem and currently live in Denpasar. As he has lived in several parts of Bali, he knows a lot about Balinese Culture. Raised in a family of teachers where his father is a lecturer and mother is a teacher, he was also highly motivated to become a teacher.

He started teaching English at the time when he finished his Bachelor’s Degree in English Education at Mahasaraswati University in 2013 and earned his Master Degree from Ganesha Education University on 2015. Before he started to teach Indonesian Language at Cinta Bahasa, he was a lecturer at Mahasaraswati University in Language and Culture.