Andini Judianto

I was born and raised in East Borneo, from Javanese parents. My uni and work-life was in Bandung, 15 years in total. Graduated from ARS International (Public Relations) and Padjajaran University (Management and Communication). September 2019 was my solid 5th year in Bali. I’m fascinated about culture and people: their history, background, behaviour.

To know that Cinta Bahasa original idea is to teach the foreigners to speak our mother tongue the easiest way possible, was like the unfolding of a complete circle. I decided to join them and it really is satisfying to hear the reasons why our students want to learn Bahasa Indonesia: 1) to appreciate the locals, 2) to communicate. So far I enjoy and have the most fun teaching group and online.

I believe “only love last forever, only love strengthen each other and because of love, people will always remember”.