Pre-Intermediate Group Indonesian Language Course

intermediate and advanced level indonesian language textbooksNote: We offer this course for our students who have completed the Group Beginner Course.
If you have learned at a different school or on your own, please contact us to arrange a very brief 5-minute verbal test of your language proficiency to determine which learning option would suit you best.


This course is for those who have some familiarity with the Indonesian language but feel they are below the Intermediate Level, which is basically defined as having a working vocabulary of 700 words or more and are able to maintain a conversation on basic subjects such as family, shopping, directions, introductions, etc.

The Pre-Intermediate Course builds and expands on what you learn during our Beginner Group Course.

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Course Details:

  • Course Fee Rp 1,700,000 for students who have learned with Cinta Bahasa previously, and Rp 1,900,000 for new students.
  • 20 Hour Course total.
  • Classes 3x per week for one month.
  • Courses start 1st Monday of each month.
  • Minimum 3, Maximum 6 students
  • Course includes our specially-designed Textbook, Rapid Vocabulary Building Flash Card App and 7gb of additional self-learning materials.

What you will Learn:

  • You will develop and deepen your understanding of Indonesian using the topics learned in the Beginner Group course,
  • You will learn how to deal with daily conversation with wider range of topics, using common expressions and phrases which will be helpful in building friendly discussions with locals.
  • The wide range of topics used in this level will also help you to understand more about Indonesian culture as well as way of thinking and communicating.
  • At the completion of this level, you can expect to be able to involve yourselves in free-flowing non-technical daily conversations.
Cinta Bahasa Pre-Intermediate Group

Our Specifically-Designed Textbook

Our textbooks have been specifically-designed to assist you in learning Indonesian language as quickly as possible, and to continue learning on your own after the course has finished.

Our Rapid Vocabulary-Building App

Cinta Bahasa Pre-Intermediate Group

Course Completion Certificate

Upon completing the course, you will receive our Course Completion Certificate which is recognized by the Ministry of Education’s Language Department for Bali Province.

You may use this for any applications where you want to prove that you have made the effort to learn Indonesian language.