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Indonesian – English Translation

Cinta Bahasa LogoAside from offering Indonesian Language Courses, we offer a variety of Indonesian language services such as Translation, Interpretation, Copy-writing, Language Editing and Subtitling from our office in Bali and online worldwide.

Indonesian - English Translation

Translation of Official Documents from Indonesian to English

We have translated everything from movie scripts and subtitles to legal documents and papers, even English and Indonesian language websites for top corporations in Indonesia.

From English to Indonesian and from Indonesian to English, we offer top-quality translation of legal and other documents, marketing materials, websites, film scripts and subtitling. If a registered/sworn/notarized translation of a document or contract is required, this can be arranged. (see image at right)

Our rate for translations prepared in this way is Rp 150,000 per page to Indonesian or English.


“Food Plant Solutions has utilised the services of Cinta Bahasa Indonesian Language School numerous times and found them to be very reliable, well priced, engaging and punctual. We would not hesitate to recommend their services.”
Karalyn Hingston
Project Administrator
Food Plant Solutions

Our Clients:

  • ProXL Indonesia Mobile Telephone Network website, Internet Section.
  • BBC Television Trust for the Environment.
  • Surfer Girl, Summerland,
  • United Nations International Labour Organization (ILO).
  • ‘Happy’, a feature documentary, film script.
  • Transitions Optical International.
  • MMG Mining Group.
  • Kayun Wood Design.
  • Tre Jakarta.
  • Children’s books for a local author.
  • Rental Agreements for a local resident.
  • Correspondence between a British importer and an Indonesian exporter.
  • ICCO Asia Pacific
  • Fluidintel

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