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We provide a full range of video subtitling services, from transcription with time code in English, to translation and  with time code in Indonesian, to burning the subtitles into the film. Or, we can simply produce a .srt translation file for you to add to your project. We have worked with all the stages of a subtitling project.

We have worked with NGOs, TV companies, Advertising Agencies, Companies and Documentary filmmakers to provide subtitles in bahasa Indonesia.

Translating subtitles is a lot more difficult than regular translation. An English sentence and an Indonesian sentence are not the same length, and so, similar to Interpretation, when translating for subtitling the meaning

The Happy Movie

Cinta Bahasa translated and provided time-coded subtitles in Bahasa Indonesia for “Happy”

needs to be communicated in a way that fits the size of the screen, and yet is easy to read by people watching the video. Although short sentences are easy to translate from English to Indonesian, if dialogue is fast-paced, or there is a lot of talk such as with documentary films, then the subtitling speed is dense, and this becomes more tiring for viewers..

We have translated training films from English to Indonesian for Indonesian farmers, videos for NGOs explaining a new development program for a particular area, videos for companies explaining new safety technology available in Indonesia, documentary films that are marketed in Indonesia, and promotional videos for Indonesian tourism companies. We also of course can do translation of subtitles from Indonesian to English.

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Past Clients:

  • Feature Documentary Film “Happy”
  • UN Agencies
  • US Embassy in Jakarta
  • Companies in Indonesia