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Indonesian – English Interpretation

Interpretation is verbal translation of the meaning or intent of what one person in one language wishes to say to another in another language. It’s not word-for-word verbal translation unless that is what is requested, which usually means reading from a prepared statement. Word-for-word translation from one language to another is practically impossible, and much communicative meaning is “lost in translation”.

Also, it is easier if two people interpret from the source language to their native language. So, if you wish to have interpretation from Indonesian to English, hire a foreign interpreter, and for English to Indonesian, hire an Indonesian interpreter. Although it is of course possible, it is mentally very exhausting for one person to interpret both directions for lengthy periods of time.

Cinta Bahasa’s staff have decades of experience in interpreting at the highest levels of government and corporation, as well as community meetings, conferences, events and inter-cultural discussions.

Since 2012, Cinta Bahasa has coordinated the Interpretation Team of the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival, a team of 8 Bilingual Interpretation Volunteers.

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