Bildungsurlaub at Cinta Bahasa – Learn Indonesian Language in Bali, Indonesia

Bildungsurlaub at Cinta Bahasa

Cinta Bahasa has been granted the right to receive students with Bildungsurlaub sponsorship for the states of Rheinland-Pfalz and Berlin

For our assistance in facilitating your process to study at Cinta Bahasa in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia with Bildungsurlaub, please do contact us directly for more information.

In Germany, the institution of Bildungsurlaub allows employees from any sector to apply for up to an extra 5 days of educational leave that are to be used for professional advanced training. The fields of the training are not specified as long as there is a “minimum benefit” for the current workplace. Language courses have become a popular option as it allows employees to travel and advance their foreign language skills abroad.

The question whether a language course is acknowledged by the German authorities is of great interest not only for employees but also for the corresponding language school as the certification implies significant potential to encourage more professionals to come to Bali, Indonesia to learn at Cinta Bahasa. We have many professionals, primarily from the Transportation, Hospitality and Food & Beverage sectors keenly interested in coming to learn Indonesian Language in Bali on the Bildungsurlaub program.

The official Bildungsurlaub recognition of a school guarantees high quality language courses for students from all over the world. It proves that our courses have been officially checked to meet the standards of professional teaching. 

In Germany, basically every employee who has been employed full-time in a company for at least 6 months has the legal right of making use of Bildungsurlaub. Within the scope you are entitled to five working days of educational leave, which you can usually sum up to ten days by combining it with the following year.

There is no entitlement to Bildungsurlaub in Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg, Saxony, and Thuringia, requests have to be approved by the employer first. In those cases you should talk to your employer individually in order to clarify whether he would approve Bildungsurlaub. Even in the other federal states, the employer has to approve the course you want to do as it legally has to implicate at least a certain “minimal benefit” for your current workplace.

We recommend that you speak with your employer about learning with Cinta Bahasa on Bildungsurlaub as early as possible, ideally 3 months before your departure in order to fulfill the required document submission.

The legislative authority has determined certain conditions to acknowledge a language course as Bildungsurlaub, such as quantity of lessons or course content. Most of the intensive courses with at least 25 or 30 lessons per week are recognized as educational leave in most of the federal states.

If you have further questions about Bildungsurlaub feel free to contact us.