How Much Indonesian Can One Learn in 4 hours?
Benny’s first Indonesian Lesson

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Inspired by Moses McCormick’s unfiltered uploads, I’ve decided to share an unedited crucial moment in my language learning processes; both the first time I’ve ever spoken the language and my first ever class.

What I did was study four hours over 2 days last week, starting from absolute scratch, and then on day 2 of studying I met up with Daniel Prasatyo, the Academic Director at the Cinta Bahasa language school in Ubud/Bali. (Cinta is pronounced “Chinta”)

I spoke English when I arrived to see the school real quick, and then as soon as we sat down, I set up my camera and recorded over an hour of our class together, trying to speak as much Indonesian as I could. We did use English for a segment of the class, as he explained some sentence structure to me, but the very start and most of the second half of our class was mostly in Indonesian, following with my “Speak from the start” philosophy :)

Sorry the video ends abruptly – it was 3 minutes before we stopped the class and my battery ran out. I also had to wait almost an entire week to upload this video, because Gigabyte-large HD files are not so much fun to upload when most of your Internet is 3G! Of course, don’t forget to activate Youtube subtitles. I’ve also uploaded a scan of the notes Daniel was writing for me, to help anyone watching the video.