Accommodation Options

Accommodation Options

There are literally hundreds of accommodation options available in the Ubud area, from low-cost homestays, couchsurfing and backpacker-budget accomodation, all the way through low-end and right up to $5,000 per night luxury hotels. This full range of possibilities are all within ten minutes driving distance of Cinta Bahasa.

As many of you are looking for accommodation within short walking distance to Cinta Bahasa, here is a partial list of Accommodation Options within walking distance from Cinta Bahasa in Ubud with the link to their Trip Advisor listing. Take some time to do your research and we’re sure you’ll find the accommodation that is right for your lifestyle and budget, as well as being conducive to your studies and language learning.

If you have any questions about where to stay, and in deciding on the best place for you to stay, please do ask us…we would be glad to assist you. After all, we’re sure you have chosen to learn with us at least in part because of the amazing town we are located in.

Starting the 1930s, Charlie Chaplin, Margaret Mead, Buckminster Fuller, David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Mick Jagger, Edward Norton, James Cameron, Dolf Lundgren, Richard Branson, Tim Ferriss and many others have stayed within a short walking distance from where Cinta Bahasa has located. Pretty amazing, isn’t it?

There are also a wide variety of restaurants, from local warungs right up to Michelin 3-Star, and a large grocery store supermarket right nearby as well, plus convenience stores every 100 meters or so. 

accommodation options

Private Accommodation:



Low- to Mid-Range:

Kubu Darma

Rumah Semanggi, Penestanan

Ananda Cottages

Anom Cottages


Ani’s Villas

Sunny Blow

Sanggingan Villa

Aniniraka Hotel

Beji Ubud Resort


Ulun Ubud


Kori Ubud

Pita Maha

Bamboo Indah

Campuhan Hotel

Warwick Ibah

Mandapa, Ritz-Carlton

Four Seasons