We Accept Payments For Indonesian Language in Bitcoin. Here’s Why…

What is Bitcoin?

BitcoinCinta Bahasa Accepts Bitcoin for Indonesian Language Lessons was created outside of the international banking system and is the first private currency to circulate on foreign exchange markets. It does not require banking systems or financial intermediaries to operate, but you can connect your bank account to these systems. They are interest-free international currencies.

What is so great about Bitcoin?

Firstly, the transfer fees are the cheapest. The fees for international transfers are about USD 0.30 cents, which is far cheaper and faster than any other option.

Secondly, it is the fastest. Initial confirmations are instantaneous. Nobody is faster.

Thirdly, it is the most secure transaction platform of all. It was designed with the most advanced financial cryptography known to man, and there are many thousands of backups happening every second around the world.

Fourthly, it is International, it’s not under the control, manipulation or military backing of any one country.

Fifthly, it is transparent. We can know all the details about the platform such as supply, value, circulation, etc. Sixthly, it was created and controlled by us, and we can always know what is going on with them.

Why did We Decide to Accept Crytocurrency at Cinta Bahasa?

Many of our students learn bahasa Indonesia online from many parts of the world, and not everybody is able to get a Paypal account. They asked us if we could accept payments in digital currency and it didn’t take long for us to agree that it was the best option for us as a small school, and for our students.

How do I get Bitcoin?

You can buy these it through an exchange, or you can accept them at your own business and spend them with other businesses and individuals. Ripple however, allows you to transfer any currency directly.

A good map of businesses that accept Bitcoin is here: coinmap.org and bitscan.com.

To get started, visit Coin Academy to learn about Bitcoin. Then download the Airbitz.co or Mycelium bitcoin wallets and give your customers your QR code to begin receiving payments.