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Our Teachers are University-educated, certified, trained and have many years of experience teaching Bahasa Indonesia to new language learners with Indonesia’s top Indonesian language schools. Read the hundreds of Testimonials our students have to say about learning with us!

Noviana KusumawardhaniOur very first and Senior Teacher Noviana Kusumawardhani was a Bahasa Indonesia Teacher at one of the first Indonesian Language Schools in the country. She has highly-developed teaching skills and experiences for teaching students one-on-one, or in groups, from beginners to advanced students.

She has taught Bahasa Indonesia to Ambassadors, Military Officers, Executives, NGO Volunteers, Managers, artists and people from all walks of life. She has two sons, Banyu Bening and Langit Jingga, and her husband Erwin, and has been living in Ubud the past several years.

Novi has a degree in Mass Communication, and was previously Creative Director of a Major Advertising Agency, a University Lecturer, Senior Copywriter and TV Producer. She’s also the author of an award-winning novel in Indonesian language.

Although she has broad experience, her specialty is teaching the Beginner and Intermediate Groups, as well as Private classes.

I was really impressed with the quality and expertise of Novi, the teacher. She adapted everything to a variety of levels of the pre-intermediate students, handled a wide variety of questions from students so that we all felt included and this sometimes disturbed her lesson plans – yet she handled all without anyone missing out on anything. She brought information in later lessons to expand on our questions. It amazed me that she interacted with each of us at our levels, ‘pushing’ each of us where we needed it! The lessons were really well organized, didn’t introduce an overwhelming amount of new words and built on previous words – all very clever!
Go Organic Indonesia
General Manager

Arie TrionoOur Senior Teacher Arie Triono is a Communication specialist with a degree in Advertising & Communications from the University of Indonesia in Jakarta, where he lived most of his life until he moved to Ubud.

He’s worked with many top international and national advertising agencies in Jakarta, and has designed several memorable catchphrases for Carrefour, Djarum, Mobile-8 Telecommunications, Perfetti van Melle and get involved in commercial campaign for Unilever, Hutchison CP Telecommunications, Danone, Johnson Home Hygiene Products, Johnson & Johnson Indonesia, BAT-Bentoel Group, Coca-Cola Company, L’Oreal and Maybelline.

Arie is also a talented DJ who had the crowd dancing at the 2011 Ubud Writers and Readers Festival closing night event, and at many other major events in town.

Arie specializes in teaching the Small-Group Beginner Indonesian Language Course.

“When we started with Cinta Bahasa we were pure novices, unable to even order simple food and drink. The professional and friendly staff, specially our teacher Arie, worked hard to help use through the first steps of speaking a new language and the excellent resources they gave us for self study made our month long journey into loving language fun and productive. We still have a journey ahead of us to become proficient but we feel we have the building blocks and we have the confidence to get out there and start speaking Indonesian. We could not recommend Cinta Bahasa highly enough! Thanks for a great month.”
Simon & Andrina
Dive Professionals
February 2012

Tony SuryaOur Senior Teacher Tony Surya taught Indonesian language at the Indonesian Exchange Language Center in Perth for four years, and has been teaching in Ubud for the past 8 years.

As a musician, songwriter and poet for the past 25 years, Tony loves language and the arts. Fluent in English, he is also a translator and interpreter.

Tony specializes in teaching Families, as well as in teaching through conversation and music, and strengthening Indonesian grammar in Intermediate and Advanced level students.

Tony’s diverse range of experiences and access to materials was helpful for developing and practicing a larger vocabulary as well as learning grammar.
John Watts
PhD Researcher in Indonesia

I’ve really enjoyed the 2 classes I’ve had with Tony so far. He understands what I want from a class..not blackboard work, but conversation. He fixes up my sentence structure, fills in vocab, explains things really well. He’s strict that I say things correctly, but also relaxed and encouraging so I feel confident to try.
Gabe Monson

Daniel PrasatyoOur Senior Teacher Daniel Prasatyo is Cinta Bahasa’s Academic Advisor. Originally from Yogyakarta, Java, finds his passion in teaching Bahasa Indonesia, language and writing.

He started teaching Indonesian Language to foreigners in 2007, working his way up from beginner’s to advanced levels, and then becoming the Academic Director of one of the top Indonesian Language Schools in Yogyakarta.

He trained many, many teachers to become expert Language Instructors, as well as constructing the syllabus for the courses at his school.

He has also been involved as interpreter and translator in several international events with major organizations. In his spare time, he writes fiction and travel articles, runs a free online creative writing class, and facilitates creative writing workshops nationwide.

I enjoyed the course, and Daniel is a very good teacher. He adapted so great to the needs and the limitations that I had. I learned a lot. What I learned is to use the language. More than that, you cannot ask.
Eric van Loon
General Manager
PT. Karya Tangan Indah (John Hardy Silver)

Our family of five enjoyed learning Bahasa Indonesia for about one month. Daniel came to our place personally which was very convenient for us, and was a great teacher, answering all our questions well, making it fun, and helping us practice and learn the language. We all felt like we learned a lot, and will continue our lessons when we come back to Bali. Thank you Cinta Bahasa!
The Pearce Family

Our Teacher Made Handijaya Dewantara, who goes by the name of Handi earned his Bachelor degree at the Bali Tourism Institute. He is currently studying at Udayana University for his Master’s Degree in Tourism. He is formerly an Indonesian Language Ambassador with the Indonesian Language Department of the Ministry of Education.

He is also active at the international level, assisted the Rome MUN (Model United Nations) 2012 as director of General Assembly 3 (social, cultural, and humanitarian council) in Rome, Italy. His biggest MUN participation was when he participated as delegate at Global MUN 2011 in Incheon, Republic of Korea. He grabbed his first award in MUN when he awarded as The Best International Delegate in Kriya MUN 2011, Coimbatore, India represented his own country, Indonesia. Besides, he also invited as chairperson in Yeosu Expo Model UN Conference in South Korea and Model UN Russian Far East in Vladivostok Russia.

He is still the top member of Indonesian Future Leaders and Indo-Debaters. He also has been awarded in scientific writing and essay writing competitions.

As a Balinese, he is really concern about the importance of foreigners living in Bali to be able to speak Bahasa Indonesia.

We have just finished 20 hours Intermediate Course with Handi. He is a tremendous teacher: enthusiastic, personable and very knowledgeable. I have no reservation in recommending both the course and Handi to anybody who is wishing to improve their Bahasa and will definitely be looking to take another course soon.
Phillip Gwynne
December 2012

Trias SusantiOur Teacher Trias Susanti earned her degree in Indonesian Literature at Udayana University in Bali.  Trias has a big passion for the Indonesian language and culture and loves teaching Indonesian language to foreigners.

Being an Indonesian language teacher is one of her dedications in achieving her goals to follow her mother’s footsteps, who is an Indonesian language teacher as well. Her hobbies are writing fiction and poetries and she is very active in writing on her online private blog.

She coordinates Cinta Bahasa’s branches in Sanur and Canggu, and creating a comfortable, encouraging, interactive and fun atmosphere is her preferred approach in teaching.

I really enjoyed learning 1 on 1 with Trias at Cinta Bahasa – she is very patient, kind and encouraging! The course was very enjoyable and I look forward to continuing when I get back to Bali.
Elly Stone
December 2012

Made SumadiyasaOur Teacher Made Sumadiyasa , also known as Yasa, earned his degree in Indonesian Language in 2006 from Ganesha University in Singaraja. For the past few years, he taught Bahasa Indonesia at the Gandhi Memorial International School to students from Grades 6-12, both the International Baccalaureate (IB) as well as the IGCSE International Standards.

Thanks to Yasa and Cinta Bahasa for this great Beginner’s Class. What I learned will help me a lot in my daily life in Bali!
Carolyn Nusohr

October 2012

It has been a fun 10 weeks with Yasa as our teacher. He is very patient, makes us laugh as well as helping me slowly retain the words!
I would be happy to learn again with Yasa. The only reason I am still not so good is I not do my homework. Yasa is great!
I had a really good time – thank you for employing a good teacher.

Melissa Preston
April 2014

I had great fun learning Balinese with Bli Yasa. He was a friendly personality and he is very passionate about the survival of the Balinese language. He has a good knowledge of a very complicated language. Suksama Pak Yasa!

Anthony Vaughan
January 2014

Dewa_2Our Teacher Dewa Gede Agung Oka Sukawati was born in Klungkung to the east of Bali. Motivated by his parents to become a teacher, he also studied Tourism and English language at University.

He started teaching in a hospitality vocational school for several years, as well as working with a shipping Cruise Line for a few years before returning home to continue his passion for teaching by joining Cinta Bahasa.

Thank you – I am definitely more enlightened about the Indonesian Language than I was 4 week ago.

I will need to learn more at a slower pace now.

I enjoyed the slower, the laughing and the gentle way that Dewa held the class.

Scarlett Wallingford
March 2015

Winda MahayantiOur Teacher Winda Mahayanti graduated with a degree in Education from IKIP PGRI in Bali. Born into a family of educators, both her parents are Primary School teachers, and teaching has been her hobby since she was in school. Winda teaches the Small-Group Beginner Course, Private Beginner Courses and also the Conversation Class.


“I was a language teacher for 38 years and I’m sure I couldn’t make it better than Winda does. Learning with Cinta Bahasa was a beautiful and (enrichissante) experience. I will come again when I will be in Ubud again.”
Jean-Jacques Deslorzes

October 2012

anna (Small)Our Teacher Anna Sutanto has a very strong background in social research and has been working with communities across Indonesia for the past 6 years. She actively took part to develop program in the field of post disaster and trauma healing, public health, and environment.  She was the Campaign Coordinator of Plastic-Free Bali in 2010-2012.

She has been traveling around Indonesia to do the research for IREWOC (International Research on Working Children), John Hopkins University-Center for Communication Program, and JRKY (Jaringan Relawan Kemanusiaan Yogyakarta), Center for Health Policy and Social Studies, and many more. In the fields, she has taught many people about Indonesian language and culture understanding.

Anna never realized that she enjoys teaching until she got involved with a humanitarian organization after the Yogyakarta earthquake in 2006. Prior to joining Cinta Bahasa, she worked with various NGOs and researchers to know more about the social aspects of Indonesia.

“Anna was a fantastic teacher. She catered the lessons to my needs and interests and actually offered more than just bahasa lessons. She also taught me a lot about the culture and the NGO field in Indonesia. She was always patient and willing to repeat or explain if I didn’t understand something. She made the lessons fun and interesting. I am very grateful that I had Anna as my teacher and my friend. Although I still have a lot to learn, Cinta Bahasa helped me to get over the hump of feeling unable to communicate. Terima kasih Anna dan Cinta Bahasa!”

Rachel Rimm
October 2013

Sidhi Vhisatya was born and raised in Magelang, Java. He graduated from the Communication Studies Department at the University of Atma Jaya in Yogyakarta. Before deciding to join Cinta Bahasa, he worked in marketing communications and as a radio announcer.

Guru Sidhi loves reading contemporary Indonesian literature, and writes stories which he shares through his blog. He is now following is mother’s and older sister’s footsteps in becoming a teacher.



Ni Luh Putu Wulan Dewi Saraswati, who we call Guru Wulan, is originally from Bali. She graduated from Ganesha Education University, with a major in Indonesian Language and Literature. She was involved in several theatre and literature clubs at University, and likes to write poems and short stories, which have been published in mass media and anthologies.

She is currently studying for her Master’s degree in Linguistics at Udayana University. Her motto is, “Experience is the best teacher.”



Ida Bagus Yuana Waharika, or just ‘Gusde’ was born in Singaraja, the city in the north of Bali but originally comes from Karangasem and currently live in Denpasar. As he has lived in several parts of Bali, he knows a lot about Balinese Culture. Raised in a family of teachers where his father is a lecturer and mother is a teacher, he was also highly motivated to become a teacher.

He started teaching English at the time when he finished his Bachelor’s Degree in English Education at Mahasaraswati University in 2013 and earned his Master Degree from Ganesha Education University on 2015. Before he started to teach Indonesian Language at Cinta Bahasa, he was a lecturer at Mahasaraswati University in Language and Culture.

hanaHana Andriana graduated from the Faculty of Education of Mahasaraswati University in Denpasar as an English Language teacher. During this time, she taught English and Sunday School from at the Church in Ubud and is continuing her education to earn a Master’s Degree in English Language Education at the Ganesha University of Education in Denpasar.

Learning to teach Indonesian Language, not just to Indonesians but to foreigners has taught her the importance of everyone to be proficient in each other’s languages, but to love their own.

I enjoyed my beginner’s class with my teacher Hana very much. It was fun and I learned a lot. I looked forward every morning coming to class to learn more. I can now talk to the women in panestanan-the village where I live-not deep, intellectual conversations yet, of course-

Tabra Tunoa
May 2014

I really enjoyed beginners course. The group was small and Hana, teacher was great. I would definitely recommend it to anyone with very little or no knowledge of Indonesian.

Marta Olzewska
May 2014

Vetta_2Vetta Tovanneu, graduated from Diploma Communications of Bogor Agricultural University . She worked as a accounting staff in the largest accounting firm in Jakarta before decided to move to Ubud, her new home . Vetta loves to write poetry and short stories since junior high school. Her love for Indonesian Language guides her to join with Cinta Bahasa as a teacher.

My intro course with Arie and Vetta was a really thorough Indonesian class and also very practical. They made each day fun and pleasure to attend.

The market was my favorite day. I’m really glad I attended this class as it has already improved my ability to participate in Indonesian culture. Terima kasih. Dee Ann.

Dee Ann Bauer
December 2014

Very nice classes. Learning with a book, with cards and on a computer was very nice to be able to switch learning methods. Tempo of the classes were very good adapted to our speed of learning. Vetta was very good!
Terima kasih!

Anne Van Der Bulck
May 2015


jaka (Small)Our Administration Officer Jaka Maulana was a member of GEPENTA (Gerakan Pemberantasan Narkoba Tawuran dan Anarki/National Movement Against Drugs, Fights and Anarchy) when he was at a high school student in Jakarta.

He was an intern at the Mahkamah Agung (Indonesia’s Supreme Court), has worked in a French and Italian restaurant (so yes, he is a good cook too). He was also involved in the CCT (Children Care Team) as a chaperon. He enjoys sports, learning new things, reading and cooking.






Dimaz Yogi (2)School Administration Officer Dimaz Fawzi graduated from the Faculty of Economics of Brawijaya University and fell in love with Indonesian language and literature. He spends more time writing poetry and flash fiction on his personal blog rather than analyzing capital markets. His love for Indonesian language makes him want to be a writer. 








Mangku PutuBalinese Religious Advisor

Mangku Putu is our Balinese Hindu Religious Advisor.

He leads all of the important ceremonies at our school, and our groups to Tirta Empul and Sebatu Water Temples for the Melukat Cleansing Ceremony. Occasionally he is joined by his wife and daughter.

Mangku was chosen by his local traditional community to become a practicing holy man, and he dedicates his life and his soul to the task of helping all of us to live a better life. He speaks Balinese, Indonesian and English, and can explain the philosophy and practice of Balinese Hinduism.

*Please note that Mangku provides Hindu religious ceremony services for a voluntary contribution, and is not a tour guide. Further, Cinta Bahasa does not receive any financial compensation whatsoever for his services.

Yola ChandraGraphic & Layout Designer

Yolanda Chandra has many years of experience in graphic design houses and advertising companies in Jakarta as senior graphic designer and art director.

She’s our Graphic Designer, responsible for producing all of our materials, and also one of the founders and creative directors of Suddenly Clothing line, as well as a full time mom of her daughter Berlin “Rory” Laureline.