Cinta Bahasa Student Testimonials 2017

Testimonials from Students of Cinta Bahasa – 2017

Cinta Bahasa LogoThank you for wanting to hear the testimonials of other students who have learned Bahasa Indonesia with us. We are always growing and developing, and active-learning is a strong component of our company. Each student is asked to give their feedback so we can improve the services we deliver.

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Terima kasih banyak Cinta Bahasa atas membantu saya memperbaiki bahasa Indonesia saya. Saya berterima kasih khususnya guru-guru saya yang luar biasa. Pak Tony – terima kasih atas menjelaskan tata bahasa Indonesia dan untuk diskusi kami tentang perbeedaan kehidupan di Indonesia dan Australia. Mas Yasa – terima kasih untuk filmnya. Saya sudah menonton Ruma Maida – bagus sekali – dan tertawa banyak selama menonton Sekolah Internasional. Mbak Okta – terima kasih atas bantuannya dan untuk diskusi kami yang saya nikmati sekali. Sampai jumpa lagi! Ginny Holmes December 2017

Great content, loved the book. I wasn’t able to come as much as I would like from sickness/dog bite but from the lessons I did come to covered. Terima kasih! I will continue to work through the book for my return to Bali in February. Ayisha Miller December 2017

Cinta Bahasa was a great teaching class. It was a very comprehensive and the teachers made it very easy to understand. The teachers were all lovely and I appreciate how they slowed down when needed and was able to explain when we didn’t understand. Gustra 10/10 Pak Dewa 10/10 Well done team, great course, will recommend to all my friends. Terima kasih!! Nurhikmah Sein December 2017

Cinta Bahasa was a great introduction to Bahasa Indonesia! Dewa and Gustra made sure to accommodate our different experience/skill levels and made the class really engaging. Would love to take a follow up class next time I’m in Bali. Thank you! Zoe December 2017

Both teachers were incredibly helpful, lovely people. I really enjoyed learning Bahasa Indonesia and felt accomplished using it in public. The Cinta Bahasa text book was easy to use and read and cover quite a lot in just 4 weeks. I cannot wait to continue using my bahasa Indonesia back in Australia and when I travel around Bali or Indonesia in future. Nina Phillips December 2017

Very helpful. The set out of the chapters was super accessible and I especially enjoyed the glossary of words. Would have liked to see Gustra more but all guru were lovely and very good teachers. Thank you so much. Kathryn Collins December 2017

Very good classes would recommend to others. Wish we could visited the markets. Elia Levy December 2017

It was great to learn bahasa Indonesia with Cinta Bahasa. Vetta was very patient and explained things very clearly. The course material is relevant to foreigners in Bali/Ubud. I think the classes have helped us establish some basic vocabulary and language skills. If we are in Ubud again, I would hope to continue classes at Cinta Bahasa with Vetta. Terima kasih! Kaylene Tan December 2017

The classes and the book are very well structured, so that we build vocab and grammatical understanding at the same time. Vetta is very clear in explaining everything, and very patient. Many thanks Vetta for making the classes enjoyable and productive for all the member of our keluarga. Vetta is also amazing in writing upside down. Terima kasih banyak! Paul Rae December 2017

I found these classes very useful throughout my time in Bali and I have definitely learnt a lot! I think Vetta is a great teacher, she is friendly and explains things clearly. She also made learning Indonesian fun and enjoyable. I will miss our lessons! Lola Rae An December 2017

I have really enjoyed working/learning in this class, and I have learned so much. I can’t wait to put my abilities to the test for the next two weeks I have here in Bali. Now I feel like I can understand/speak so much more bahasa Indonesia. Thank you. Summer Rae December 2017

It was a really good experience to do the beginner course in Cinta Bahasa. I meet good people and I learn a lot of words in only for weeks. I hope I could enjoy more courses in Cinta Bahasa. Montse December 2017

I’ve had a very pleasant experience taking Cinta Bahasa group beginner course. Guru Wulan was very patient and engaging. I look forward to continuing my studies with Cinta Bahasa’s higher level courses. Thank you! Lucy December 2017

It was the right decision for me to come to Cinta Bahasa and start learning Bahasa Indonesia. I appreciate Trias and Vetta very much, they both are great teacher. I hope to continue learning with Cinta Bahasa. I really can recommend Cinta Bahasa to all who like to learn Bahasa Indonesia. Hope to see you soon again. It was a pleasure to meet you all. Take care. Hati-hati and all the best. Rita Steinberger December 2017

Excellent! Really great teacher (Wulan) and great course, also fun! Highly recommend! Katinka McKay December 2017

I really enjoyed my 40 hours intensive course with Mbok Wulan. We had a great group and learned so much. Mbok Wulan is a wonderful woman and fantastic teacher. I’m looking forward to the next class! Alice Prasetyono December 2017

Bagus! It was a nice time, with a good teacher! Laughed and learned a lot. I could really recommend the lessons to other people who wants to learn about speaking Bahasa Indonesia. I know the basics of the language now, so I am happy. Lisannne November 2017

Bagus! It was really nice and we had a great teacher. If there were some words we want to know for our research, she helped us. Valerie Jangenelen November 2017

Bagus! I really liked the class and I have learned the basics from the Indonesian language. We had a great teacher. Kim November 2017

Very good lesson. Little background noise from music. Otherwise fine. Roy Hanlon (Crash Course Sanur) October 2017

Thank you Vetta for very informative lesson. I am very happy with the way the class was conducted. It was very easy to follow and the topics covered were relevant to me. Vetta is very good at explaining in terms I could understand. Sheryl Oloughlin (Crash Course Sanur) October 2017

The crash course is a very good way to have a first approach to Bahasa Indonesia, with specific and useful knowledge. The class was well organized and clear, the concepts were explained and there was room for questions. The teacher is nice and includes everyone in the activities. Thank you! Andreas (Crash Course Sanur) October 2017

Thank you so much I enjoyed the crash course very much!! Tina Di Stefano (Crash Course Sanur) October 2017

Very nice teacher. Very satisfied. Domenico Turra (Crash Course Sanur) October 2017

We had a private class of 20 hours with Trias and Yasa. Both are great teachers, extremely kind, resourceful and flexible! We learnt a lot, we laugh a lot and enjoyed every minute. For sure we are planning to come again. Terima kasih, Trias and Yasa!!! Claudia Kronenberg & Berg Golbach October 2017

Amazing crash course! Very nice way to get started in Bahasa Indonesia and to get around in Bali. Highly recommended if you plan to stay here for a while! Sidhi was great too! Terima kasih Rawan Badeeb (Crash Course Hubud) October 2017

Sidhi was wonderful. My brain definitely spassed, but Sidhi was patient and kind. I fell more equipped to be in Bali after this crash course. Terima kasih banyak Sidhi and Cinta Bahasa! Michelle Lee (Crash Course Hubud) October 2017

Great course! Really well taught, and great starting point for practical Indonesian to start off with. I feel a lot more confident and excited to practice. There was a lot of information too much to retain, but great to learn so much and then I will go and practice to make sure I remerse it all. Lera Valey (Crash Course Hubud) October 2017

I loved the class, Sidhi is very good teacher. He managed to turn complicated information with very easy to learn and understand. Also, what we learned is practical to know for getting around in Indonesia. Thank you very much! Georgiana Zor (Crash Course Hubud) October 2017

So friendly, helpful and fun. I’m glad that I took the crash course. Also, thanks for the notes. Ruth Luscombe (Crash Course Hubud) October 2017

Great lecturer! Easy and super helpful! Makasih! Carike Kriel (Crash Course Hubud) October 2017

Sangat bagus! Lots of fun and learnt a lot in a short amount of time. Jo Campbell (Crash Course Hubud) October 2017

Friendly and helpful. Willing to answer all our questions very patiently. Ali Marsland (Crash Course Hubud) October 2017

Loved it. The class was fun and helpful. Mbak Okta is great. Saya mau belajar bahasa Indonesia dengan Mbak Okta. Sampai nanti. Terima kasih! Pepe Villatoro (Crash Course Hubud) October 2017

Very interesting class. Easy to follow, enough time to practice. Very nice teacher. Kelas sangat bagus. Terima kasih! Stephanie (Crash Course Hubud) October 2017

Very useful; I would recommend it to anyone visiting Bali. Stefano (Crash Course Hubud) October 2017

Mbok Okta was a wonderful teacher. She was engaging, easy to understand, and made sure to cover important basics. It was an excellent introduction to bahasa Indonesia. Belajar bahasa Indonesia dengan Mbok Okta sangat bagus! Terima kasih! Hati-hati di jalan. Lindsay Walsh (Crash Course Hubud) October 2017

The perfect intro course to learn the basics! Okta is an amazing, patient teacher who taught us the most practical sayings to help us get around. Can’t wait to use this language around town and get to know locals better! Alison Keiper (Crash Course Hubud) October 2017

Mbok Okta was extremely helpful and friendly in teaching the bahasa Indonesia Crash Course! Enjoyed the class quite a bit, especially learning about the structure of the language. Thank you. Gabrielle Kuzsel (Crash Course Hubud) October 2017

Great class, itt was fun, easy and informative. The teacher was very engaging – you can tell he enjoys the work. Thank you Brynn Rorito (Crash Course Sanur) September 2017

A lot of topics were covered in a short amount of time, but it was very useful! I’m very keen to continue learning Indonesian after the crash course. Cameron Ong (Crash Course Sanur) September 2017

Very well presented course. Lots of useful information. Sidhi was an excellent teacher with an excellent sense of humor. Thank you. Jenny Barron-Sullivan (Crash Course Sanur) September 2017

Excellent and very helpful! This course really helped to re-inforce bahasa Indonesia that I have learnt previously. Really good explanation of sentence and numeric structures. Mike Barron-Sullivan September 2017

Beginning level one class was excellent. Good pacing, supportive materials, content. The teacher – Vetta – knows when to speak in Indonesian, and when we need the English. She was relaxed, focused, and funny. This is a well-organized school – very helpful to me in learning Indonesian. Rick Smith September 2017

Terima kasih Vetta dan Cinta Bahasa! We learned so much and now have really begun to sink into life in Bali in a deeper way through learning the basics of Bahasa Indonesia! I would happily recommend Vetta and the school to my friends – class are well-structured and the materials are well-organized and very helpful. Ayo bicara! Robyn Lynn September 2017

Cinta Bahasa was amazing! I loved the teacher and fellow students. Thank you so much for teaching me bahasa Indonesia. Saya akan kembali! Teman baik, Leo Kwok September 2017

The program at Cinta Bahasa is excellent. Each teacher was very professional, patient and supportive. I thoroughly enjoyed learning Bahasa Indonesia at Cinta Bahasa Sanur and would highly recommend the school to anyone who is wanting to learn the language or extend their knowledge. Terima kasih banyak Bli Gustra, Mas Sidhi, dan Bli Gusde. Adam Chad September 2017

Arie guru sangat bagus dan simpatik. Buku-buku di Cinta Bahasa juga bagus. Saya sangat senang dari semua. Terima kasih, Arie dan staf Cinta Bahasa. Gabriela Bonin September 2017

I was amazed how much I learned in just 1 month. Pak Arie was a superb teacher who was always on time, patient and had a great attitude. Learning everyday is intense but very helpful. Everyday I heard something on the street that I had just I learned that morning. I would recommend this class for anyone and everyone. Saya cinta bahasa Indonesia. Leora and Ariel Wine September 2017

Gusde did an amazing job improving my bahasa Indonesia. He showed superb knowledge, patience and persistence to teach me a lot about the language and culture! I would recommend him to any student. Terima kasih, Bli Gusde! Koen September 2017

The crash course was really nice! Sidhi did not only teach us the basics but also answered all of our questions and explained everything we were interested in. He made sure after every part that there were. No questions left and I would recommend the course to everybody who is interested in learning the basics in a fun and fast ways! Carmen Villalobos Weibler September 2017

Thank you so much for this crash course, I loved it! Really useful and well explained by Sidhi. Terima kasih! Anna (crash course Hubud) September 2017

The crash course was very nice and effective to get the (very) basics of the language. I’ve learnt the most important things now for when I’ll go to a restaurant/market/or just to have a small conversation. It was a very nice way of teaching as well. Thank you! Maureen Brans (crash course Hubud) September 2017

The class was fantastic. Just what the casual visitor to Indonesia needs to get by. The teacher explained everything very clearly including the nuances of addressing other people. I highly recommend them. Spencer Yeh (crash course Hubud) September 2017

A great way to break the ice, learn the language structure, and useful phrases. Ibu Okta has a great/friendly fun teaching style that made absorbing the information a lot easier. I highly recommend this class as a great way to dive into life in Indonesia with both feet. J. Carter (crash course Hubud) September 2017

I thoroughly enjoyed today’s Crash Course. Okta’s teaching style was great, easy to follow and she also made it fun. I definitely was inspired to keep learning. Terima kasih! Fiona Rinaldi (crash course Hubud) September 2107

Dear lovely people at Cinta Bahasa, Thank you very much for the 5 beautiful days at Cinta Bahasa. I’ve learned so much; my head is full with new words and grammar now and I love it. You create a very relaxing and friendly atmosphere together. Which is great and precious today. Thanks again, especially Pak Tony and Sidhi! Maybe we will meet again! Sampai jumpa! Isabel Blokland September 2017

Six hours every day for 10 days was not easy, but I am glad I did it. I am surprised how many words I already can use. I hope orang local will also understand me. I am happy that I came here. Walter Hastler September 2017

Trias taught us well, she looked what we need and adjust the lessons, by example doing something active like a little game. She is also always happy. She used nice methods to learn words and sentences. I really enjoyed it! I would definitely recommend Cinta Bahasa and Trias as a teacher. Maybe I will do a next course to improve my bahasa Indonesia. Fleur van de Poel September 2017

Trias teachers at a creative and nice way. It’s never boring in her class and she find ways to remember words and sentences in a nice way. She can good explain if I didn’t understand something and she is very clear. I definitely recommend everyone to take class at Trias. Marloen Koster September 2017

I really like the vibe at Cinta Bahasa. The teachers are nice and the lessons are well prepared. They use nice excersiczes and they give you all the time you need to learn. I would recommend Cinta Bahasa for sure. Really good! Floor Henssen September 2017

I learned a lot in one month after trying to talk four years with the only the words I needed to make myself clear. Sekarang saya bisa bicara lebih baik bahasa Indonesia karena guru saya Gusde guru paling baik!! Di bulan Desember saya mau belajar terus di Cinta Bahasa bersama guru saya Gusde. Tinie Kerseboom September 2107

We had a lot of fun in this week. We learn the basics for bahasa Indonesia in an interactive way. Thank Okta and Gustra! Alias Mein September 2017

Gustra and Okta are the best! I’ve learnt so much in such a short time and had a lot of fun as well. Saya sangat suka Cinta Bahasa! Terima kasih banyak. Berttina Uersteeg September 2017

Great class, Okta and Gustra were very nice and understanding. The class was not too serious, we laugh a lot! The book we used was set up to be easy to work with. It was a great learning experience with Cinta Bahasa. Elise Karssenberg September 2017

I’m so pleased that I found Cinta Bahasa! Tony and Trias were both qualified, and patient with my old brain. It was clear to me that they both quickly adapted the course material to my style of learning. All of this happened in a professional yet relaxed atmosphere. I definitely hope to return for more! Bruce Williams September 2017

I found Cinta Bahasa very accommodating in arrangements and I found their tutors knowledgeable and patient. Terima kasih banyak Pak Gusde dan Pak Sidhi atas pengajaran percakapan dan penulisan yang baik. Andrew McLernon September 2017

We had a private lessons with Okta, because there were no other students. It was very pleasant. Okta is very easy going and a good tteacher. We also learned a lot about the Indonesian culture. I would very much like to take an intermediate class next time we’re in Bali. Saya sangat suka belajar. Sampai jumpa! Cindy Verstcega (crash course Hubud) September 2017

Okta guru bagus. I enjoyed the lessons of Okta very much. Bart Cosaert (crash course Hubud) September 2017

Okta was wonderful! Patient, lighthearted and eager to explain the cultural significance of different words and phrases. Bagus bagus! Lisa (crash course Hubud) September 2017

Thank you for this amazing quick class. The basics were covered! And the teacher was super lovely and eager to teach her students! Lots of love – Leo Leonie Rasch (crash course Hubud) September 2017

It was an amazing course! Bahasa Indonesia is very easy to learn. Okta is an awesome teacher. Terima kasih. Jorge Carballo (crash course Hubud) September 2017

The class was good. Nicely spoken. Very good to understand. Terima kasih. Cynthia van Steenvelt (crash course Hubud) September 2017

Okta guru bahasa Indonesia bagus. Terima kasih. Saya suka belajar bahasa Indonesia. Very useful! Very consice and precise! Thank you! Mireille Domit (crash course Hubud) September 2017

Such a great crash course. Thank you for explaining bahasa Indonesia so clearly! Now I just have to remember! Lots of fun! Rebecca (crash course Hubud) September 2017

If you want to learn Indonesian, come to Cinta Bahasa! I learned so much in 20 hours, and I am coming back for more lessons. The teachers are so amazing (shout out to Vetta!) and the program is really, really well designed (book, lessons, etc) Do it!! Lauren Stern August 2017

Thank you so much Vetta for excellent classes. I feel I learned more bahasa Indonesia this month than in 3 years! It has really been fun. And Vetta is so patient, fun and wise teacher. Terima kasih. Saya cinta Cinta Bahasa. Mia August 2017

Bagus. Saya suka kelas dan Vetta. Vetta guru yang sangat bagus. Saya senang saya sudah bisa mengerti dan bicara di pasar malam. Very good program, not too slow but not too fast either. Surprised that could learn so much in such a short time. Terima kasih. Reda Prismoitait August 2017

Guru Vetta. Terima kasih untuk satu bulan yang lalu. Saya harap bicara bahasa Indonesia dengan kamu dan bertemu lagi. Sampai jumpa lagi. Jisoo August 2017

I have studied for two weeks here at Cinta Bahasa in Bali with Pak Tony and Pak Yasa. I have enjoyed every minute of my lessons and have learnt more bahasa Indonesia than I learnt in a whole year in London University. More importantly, I have made good friends at this wonderful school. I hope to continue with Skype lessons until I can come back. Many many thanks to Pak Tony and Pak Yasa for all their patience. Pak Tony, I will miss our merokok times! Love to everyone at CB. From Bu Magda. Magda Biran August 2017

Terima kasih guru Sidhi untuk “Bahasa Indonesia experience” SUPER BAGUS!! Saya suka belajar bahasa baru karena bisa pikir “in new ways”. Kelas dengan Sidhi sangat menyenangkan karena bisa bicara yang bisa pakai waktu tinggal di sini untuk “dive instructor”. Yang Yang August 2017

Guru was kind for me. Dan 20 hours is enough time for learning to talk with orang Indonesia. Jadi, saya mau rekomendasi ke orang-orang asing mau belajar bahasa Indonesia. Jinman Lee August 2017

Thank you for Sidhi. I don’t know bahasa Indonesia before come here. During 20 hours, I learn a lot of things. It was so exciting!! I recommend Cinta Bahasa to teman-teman saya. Thanks! Sampai jumpa! Jaewook Lee August 2017

This classs iss really helpful and useful for us. Now I can talk with local taxi drivers, I can order food what I exactly want, and I can even negotiate the price at the market. All of this using Indonesian language. I really recommend this class for foreigner who want to learn Indonesian language. Thanks for nice teaher Sidhi. Selamat belajar. Daeyeol Ryu August 2017

Untuk Gusde dan Wulan Terima kasih banyak! I haave enjoyed learning bahasa Indonesia with you. There has been a lot of laughter and fun. You are very patient and use lots of different methods to teach which keeps it fun and interesting. I will keep practicing with orang-orang Bali. Thank you. Clare Pattison August 2017

Our teacher is Gustra. In the short time we learned really a lot. Gustra could answer all our questions and he was just great. We only can recommend bahasa Indonesia. We were also happy with the organization of the course. Thank you very much! Martin Bieri August 2017

We learned bahasa Indonesia for eight days with Gustra. In this time we finished book 1A and started with book 1B. Gustra explained very well and made good examples. We were very, very happy to have him as teacher. Thank you very much Gustra! We had a great time with you! Beatrice Brunner August 2017

I am very happy with my two weeks class. A highly skilled and experienced teacher who catered the class to my current capabilities; and who over the two weeks took note of which parts of grammar and vocab presented difficulties, and structured later classes accordingly. Also, a relaxed atmosphere conducive to learnings. John McBride August 2017

What a wonderful way to spend my mornings while in Ubud – studying bahasa Indonesia with Mbak Trias and Pak Tony! Terima kasih atas peengajarannya. Saya sangat menikmati pengalaman saya belajar di Cinta Bahasa. Saya menyegarkan tata bahasa yang sudah sedikit karatan, dan bahasa percakapan saya bermanfaat dan percakapan menarik dan lucu dengan guru-guru saya di Cinta Bahasa. Terima kasih banyak dan sampai ketemu lagi! Iona Main August 2017

I have greatly enjoyed my lessons with Pak Yasa and Ibu Okta. Both were highly profeesional, skilled teachers – and friendly and good company also. They excelled at providing me with clear explanations and helping me to feel relaxed and confident when speaking. And Pak Yasa’s drawings were great! Elizabeth Butkus August 2017

Thank you Vetta and Okta for teaching me over the last two weeks. I have learnt so much, and you have cleared a lot up of things for me culturally and in the meanings of the words. Thank you so, so much. Will be sure to pop in next time I’m in Ubud. Thanks Bernice Sagala August 2017

I spent four weeks learning twice a week via Skype with Okta and then one week intensive in Ubud with Okta and Trias. I’ve really enjoyed the classes and have now a good grounding in bahasa Indonesia and I’m keen to keep going via Skype and return to Ubud for a longer period soon. Terima kasih Cinta Bahasa! Lisa Stiebel August 2017

I am so grateful to have taken lessons at Cinta Bahasa. My teacher, Sidhi was fantastic. He really challenged me and was always well prepared and created very enganging lesson. I have thoroughly enjoyed my course (thanks mostly Sidhi). And I’ve learn a lot. Gabriel Baldwin August 2017

Great class. She (Vetta) moved at a nice pace for those of us who know nothing about the Indonesia language. I would have loved to learn a bit more about do’s and don’ts with respect to cultural etiquette but maybe that’s a different class? Stephanie Rausser August 2017

Very informative. Learned a lot of good small talk. Practical things were taught people will need. Good pace. Cleo Cowell August 2017

The class was very helpful. I feel with some practice I will be able to manage speaking with the local people much better. The instructor, Vetta was very patient. Hati-hati di jalan! Lawrence Cowell (crash course Hubud) August 2017

Very nice! Alex Klotz (crash course Hubud) August 2017

Vetta did a great job engaging the adults. The kids were not as willing to participate. Perhaps she could have brought more child appropriate games to engage them. Overall it was a positive experience. Leora Wine August 2017

It has been a wonderfull experience learning bahasa Indonesia with Cinta Bahasa, and in particular Vetta, this year. Vetta is a great communicator and teacher – she is incredibly patient and understanding. She gently corrects mistakes and constantly encourages new learning. I hope to conyinue with lessons online and return next year for more intensive learning. Sharon Champagne August 2017

Terima kasih Sidhi. Saya suka belajar sama kamu, tapi saya harus belajar sendiri lagi. Kamu membantu saya dapat kepercayaan untuk bicara bahasa Indonesia. Erica July 2017

Kursus ini bagus sekali walaupun terlalu pendek! Guru saya, Sidhi keren dan sabar sekali. Saya akan belajar lagi di Cinta Bahasa. Belum tahu kapan, tapi saya harap cepat. Terima kasih untuk semua. Lorine Grandjean July 2017

I would recommend the course and the teachers in Cinta Bahasa to my friends and colleges who would also learn bahasa Indonesia. Danieyela Marunovic July 2017

Saya menikmati sekali latihan bahasa Indonesia dengan Pak Gusde. Dia adalah guru yang bagus. Dia sangat pintar dan sabar. Dia membuat belajar bahasa Indonesia menarik. Saya senang dia juga memberi banyak informasi tentang budaya Bali. Sekarang saya tahu lebih banyak tentang struktur kalimat dan konversasi kasual di bahasa Indonesia dengan baik. Saya senang kembali di sekolah CInta Bahasa dan lebih senang berkenalan dengan Pak Gusde! Terima kasih Pak Gusde. Nancy Michel July 2017

Just the right amount! The class was excellent for a crash course and Vetta was very good particularly in responding to individual questions. Thank you. Paul Kerrigan (crash course Hubud) July 2017

The instructor (Vetta) was very well prepared to answer our questions and lead an appropriate amount of material. The class size was excellent and it nice to practice speaking. The white board was used well. Numbers was the most confusing for me. May help to use money (as a demo) since that is very important. How do I sign up for another session? Looking forward to tonight! Carolyn French (crash course Hubud) July 2017

Very nice teacher, very polite. Learnt a lot in 3 hours, need to practice a lot tho. She explained every thing, answered every question. Terima kasih. Fleur Paquay (crash course Hubud) July 2017

Very useful class. We’ve learnt quite a lot. The teacher was good and patient with all of our questions. She gave us also a lot of tips bahasa Indonesia wording out of scope of the crash course. I’m very happy that I’ve attended the crash course. TERIMA KASIH! Alenka Matjazic (crash course Hubud) July 2017

Very good course! Nice teacher. Three hours is good for learning the principle things. Vetta was very good and patient. Terima kasih Micaela (crash course Hubud) July 2017

Thank you sidhi you are a wonderful language teacher. The class content was very informative, entertaining and helpful. Thank you Felix for organizing. I highly recommend. Helen Boag (crash course Rumah Sanur) July 2017

I’m so glad I did today’s class. Sidhi is an excellent teacher. He made the class enjoyable. I have learnt a lot today. I will definitely join the monthly group. Crash Course student July 2017

Thank you for a well structured and well paced lesson. Learnt a lot and will now put it into practice. Thank you. Bill Fercuson (crash course Rumah Sanur) July 2017

Thanks for a great class! I feel like a got a great introduction to bahasa Indonesia and can begin using it around Indonesia. All my questions were answered and I just want to learn more! Tara Gupta (crash course Rumah Sanur) July 2017

Excellent to start having small talks and learn the basics of bahasa Indonesia. Good atmosphere and friendly teacher. I just regret you don’t offer a class for beginner 2 times a week (everyday is too much for me) Thanks Sebgry (crash course Rumah Sanur) July 2017

Saya cinta Cinta Bahasa! Saya belajar banyak bulan ini. Mas Ryan Wilson keren! Guru , Vetta, guru favorit saya. Saya akan ambil kelas di Cinta Bahasa bulan depan. Terima kasih. I love Cinta Bahasa. I learned a lot this month. Ryan Wilson is radical. Vetta is my favorite teacher! I will take the intermediate class next month. Thank you!! Laura Feuilebois July 2017

Saya cinta sekolah ini! I had a wonderful experience. Saya harap kembali di sini untuk belajar bahasa Indonesia lagi dengan Guru Vetta. Jadi saya akan selesaikan pekerjaan di Itali dan kembali ke Ubud!! Ahmed Tarek Hammad July 2017

Thank you Mbak Vetta for being a fantastic teacher. I learned a lot. Everyone at Cinta Bahasa is very friendly and I hope to keep learning bahasa Indonesia at home. Lucy French July 2017

I loved the structure and the classes and the pace. The teacher, Ibu Vetta was excellent. I am keen to keep studying. The teachers and staff were helpful and friendly and made studying here a joy. Highly recommended. Jane Hammond July 2017

We learned so much at Cinta Bahasa. We are both teachers and we know good teaching. Mbak Vetta was terrific and tailored the lesson to us. They were flexible with the schedule and helped us improve our skills in a short time. Christina Devitt & Christopher Rose July 2017

This course was fantastic! During the past month I have learned bahasa Indonesia at Cinta Bahasa and when I speak to the local people, they always compliment me on my speaking skills. This class has provided me with the skills to talk to people effectively and communicate my need to others. It has also allowed me numerous insights into the Balinese people. By having the ability to speak with the local people, I have dramatically learned about their culture, traditions, and religion a well as their desires, fears and thoughts about the future. In short, I’ve learned much much more than language, I have experienced an entire mode of thinking. Lastly, the people at Cinta Bahasa are amazing. I am thankful to Trias and Tony for their patience and understanding. They have made learning and language very fun indeed. James E. London July 2017

Great course! Dewa was very patient and classes were enjoyable! Thank you! Terima kasih! Madison July 2017

Loved learning Indonesian with Cinta Bahasa. The classes were great! Would of liked the classes to be a little shorter. Morgan July 2017

Such a valuable experience! Very useful and interesting to learn. I loved being able to speak bahasa Indonesia to locals! Catherine Ogilvie July 2017

Our month course was great! Dewa was fantastic, and the workbooks very helpful. Jasmine Mahar July 2017

Amazing experience, awesome teachers! So worth it. Dabela Roda July 2017

I really enjoyed this course, I had so much fun having a laugh while also learning bahasa Indonesia. The skills I learned in class were super helpful in helping me to communicate in day to day life in Indonesia. I would recommend Cinta Bahasa to anyone at any skill level, for work, holiday or someone just wanting to delve into another language. Thank you! Alannam July 2017

This course was so thorough and the tutors were so patient and kind. I really gained a lot and being able to converse with the locals made me feel respectful and immersed in the culture of Bali. Yasa was amazing and super helpful. Terima kasih Sophie July 2017

Lovely staff that were very patient with us and made learning bahasa Indonesia easy to follow and fun! I enjoyed being part of this course and would highly recommend it to anyone coming to Bali! We love Yasa as a teacher! Abbey July 2017

Thanks Gusde for putting up with my confusion and stuff when I actually attended class – you are hilarious! Staff were friendly and funny. Enjoy learning useful phrases. Tahlia July 2017

The bahasa Indonesia classes were super helpful for picking up a basic level of communicating with locals. The 2 hours sessions were long but always interesting, easy to pick up and fun. Dewa is a Gem! Briana Kennedy July 2017

The classes was very helpful. They help me communicate with people I wouldn’t have been able to otherwise. All teachers were wonderful to learn from. Jesse Turetsky July 2017

Dewa is very friendly and helpful. Great teacher! Books are easy to follow. Great for picking up the basics. Would love to learn more bahasa Indonesia. Global Hobo student July 2017

Gusde, Gustra, Wulan were such amazing teachers. I learnt so much about Bali and Indonesia and you were so patient when we all come hangover. Thank you all so much! Phoebe (lobal Hobo) July 2017

Thank you for always being happy, patient and helpful! You are very good teachers. Karina (Global Hobo) July 2017

I had a great time learning with Dewa, very friendly person. Was helpful and taught us at a good, patient pace. Thank you! Julie Maclean July 2017

Loved every second Amazing experience Teachers were very very kind I recommend it to everyone! Lujayn Wawari July 2017

Bagus! Learnt heaps. Enjoyable experience. Friendly staff. Bridget Kerry July 2017

I loved coming to class and learning Bahasa Indonesia. I loved the teachers and being able to speak to the local in bahasa Indonesia. Thank you for making my stay in Bali more enjoyable. Suksma. Sophie July 2017

Okta is the best! We learned so much in our classes, the school was so flexible with our schedules and it made language classes easy to fit in. I feel so much more comfortable in Bali now because I can understand more of the language and already have basic conversations! Since I work in Bali, this has made a huge difference in my life here. So happy with Cinta Bahasa. Thanks Alupia July 2017

Productive and enjoyable. Mother: Remi enjoyed going to class and was able to practice some words after class, because he was inspired by the class to practice. Remi & Nicole July 2017

Okta is a really great teacher, very patient and friendly. I can only recommend Okta to all my friends that want to learn Indonesian. I will hear from them soon! Thank you again Okta! Alexis Dornier July 2017

Absolutely fantastic class and teacher. The 3 hours went very quick and we covered lots of words, phrases and sentences in the 3 hours. I definitely feel like I can go and practice everything I have learnt today in my everyday life. Just fantastic Great class Great teacher Bagus Marika Sume July 2017

Had lots of fun with Sidhi – great teacher. Learnt a lot of new words. Great teaching methods! Terima kasih banyak! Dale & Jason July 2017

Saya suka belajar bahasa Indonesia, karena saya suka bicara dengan orang Indonesia dan saya sangat suka belajar dengan guru Gustra. Dia sangat helpful, patient, dan funny. Terima kasih Cinta Bahasa dan Guru Gustra! Spencer Leland June 2017

Waktu saya pergi ke Cinta Bahasa saya tidak percaya saya bisa belajar bahasa Indonesia, tetaapi sekarang saya tahu dan saya percaya saya bisa belajar dan bicara bahasa Indonesia. Darren Young June 2017

Kelas luar biasa! Mbak Wulan adalah guru bagus dan sangat sabar. Marlies June 2017

Saya cinta Gustra. Dia guru yang bagus. Kami belajar banyak kata, kami punya banyak tawa. Saya menyukai kesabaran dan senyumnya. Di van der Zypp June 2017

Gustra adalah guru yang bagus! Saya senang saya belajar bahasa Indonesia di Cinta Bahasa. Terima kasih untuk pengalaman bagus ini. Dianne Vincent June 2017

Kursus ini, sertifikat pertama di Cinta Bahasa yang bagus. Sekarang saya bicara lebih bagus dengan orang Bali. Guru Gustra mengajar baik dan sensitive. Semua orang Cinta Bahasa ramah. Terima kasih Gustra, Dimaz, Anna dan Made. Saya senang sekali. Jill Rule June 2017

Waktu saya tinggal di Bali tahun lalu dan dua tahun yang lalu, saya tidak bicara atau mengerti bahasa Indonesia. Sesudah kelas itu, saya senang karena saya bicara bahasa Indonesia (sedikit!) dengan orang-orang Indonesia yang saya bertemu. Saya jug abaca kata-kata Indonesia di jalan. Gustra guru paling bagus dan banyak bantu semua di kelas. Saya akan ambil kelas lagi di bulan Agustus! Terima kasih! Julie Greene June 2017

The course was very well structured and Sidhi delivered it very well. He was very professional, friendly and patient. I will recommend this course to others without hesitation. Terima kasih. Nick Tartaglia June 2017

The course was great! Sidhi is very good and friendly teacher. He is patient, clear and answered all my questions. I really feel I can use this new information as soon as I go out of the buildings. Thank you, Sidhi, you were awesome! Hind Boughedaoui June 2017

Bulan ini, saya menikmati sekolah ini dan pergi ke sini. Wulan, guru saya baik dan tenang. Terima kasih untuk semuanya! Mélanie Grellier June 2017

Saya suka belajar bahasa Indonesia di Cinta Bahasa dengan Wulan. Sekarang saya bicara dengan orang Indonesia. Saya sangat senang. Yasar Karaaslan June 2017

Saya sangat suka kursus beginner di Cinta Bahasa. Saya mau kembali dan lakukan kursus intermediate bulan depan. Terima kasih Guru Wulan untuk semua bantuan. Sampai jumpa nanti. Peter June 2017

Dewa sangat ramah. Dia selalu tepat waktu. Dia senang dan selalu sabar dengan saya. Saya suka yang saya pilih hal untuk belajar. Kami pernah ada conversasi bagus dan pintar. Saya bisa mengerti bahasanya baik dan kadang-kadang saya tidak mengerti guru lain. Dia bicara pelan dan selalu ulang atau bicara berbeda cara untuk saya, jadi saya bisa mengerti. Dia ada sangat memotivasi. Salah satu hal saya tambah, ada main bersenang-senang dan latihan kata atau konsep baru. Sara June 2017

I really enjoyed my classes with Guru Dewa. He is very good at adapting the classes for the right level. I learnt a lot of the things I wanted to. I now feel much more confident in my bahasa Indonesia. Francesca Quinn June 2017

Pak Dewa made our classes interesting and fun. We managed to cover a lot of context which now helps me in everyday life! Nina Sjoblom June 2017

I found learning quite difficult but I persisted with the learning. Ann Howden-Church June 2017

I chose to undertake 100 hours of private lessons with Cinta Bahasa as a complete beginner because I wanted to learn as much as possible in a short space of time. This was a challenging but rewarding task. My teachers, Gusde and Dewa were extremely helpful and also patient and knew how to explain things in a way that I could understand easily to help progress my learning. I am now confident in speaking with the local people on a range of topics and can easily travel through Indonesia without the language barrier issue. I highly recommend Cinta Bahasa to other people wanting to learn to speak Indonesia. Lennon Wiltshire June 2017

Thank you Gusde and Wulan for a productive and enjoyable 20 hours at Cinta Bahasa! I enjoyed learning more about Indonesia’s culture through our interesting topics and learnt lots of new skills/ vocab. I’m looking forward to using in daily life. Nelly Butterworth June 2017

Thank you Gusde and Wulan for all the interesting conversations and help as I try to learn Bahasa Indonesia. It has been a joy to see you each day. And thanks to Cinta Bahasa and Dimaz for making everything happen. Anthony Butterworth June 2017

Terima kasih, Trias guru bagus dan saya suka belajar bahasa Indonesia di Cinta Bahasa. Saya akan kembali. Makasih Trias! Graeme McLennan June 2017

Kelas-kelas dengan Okta sangat lucu dan saya belajar banyak, juga tentang budaya Indonesia. Kelas-kelas bantu saya bicara dengan orang-orang Bali. Terima kasih banyak, Okta! Birte Schulze Raestrup June 2017

Kelas dengan Okta bagus! Saya suka semua diskusi. I would highly recommend everyone staying in Bali to come and take lessons here. The teachers are super friendly and it will make your time in Indonesia so much more integrated into Indonesian culture. Loved it! Nina van der Kley June 2017

Terima kasih kepada semua staf di Cinta Bahasa! Khusus kepada Bapak Tony dan Mbak Trias. Saya sangat menghargai belajar (beberapa hari) di Cinta Bahasa dan sangat senang dukungan dan bantuan yang diterima dari semua staf di sini. Mudah-mudahan masa depan bisa kembali. Terima kasih banyak. Itu pengalaman bagus. Nick Hart June 2017

We had private lessons with Okta. Highly recommend Cinta Bahasa. Surprised to have learned so much in such little time. Nat Walsh June 2017

This is such a good course to do. Thanks to Okta for her patience, knowledge, and great sense of humour. Practical and well-paced a tempted to do more and an encouragement to use Bahasa Indonesia. Thanks to Cinta Bahasa for creating such an opportunity and to Hubud for the lovely space. Dianne (Crash Course) June 2017

Great tutor – Okta. Very easy to follow/ very knowledgeable. Friendly. Well pace for those of us just starting to learn. Would definitely attend another class with Okta. Trish Boschin (Crash Course) June 2017

Today’s lesson as presented easily and engaging with plenty of interaction. It seem to cover most of the basic introduction of Bahasa Indonesia. I would happily recommend Cinta Bahasa to those who wish to start using the basic to communicate. The course will provide a few laughs as we try to negotiate the coming conversations. Clyde Burgess (Crash Course) June 2017

I attended the introduction to Indonesia course with Okta and it was a great experience. She is a capable and careful teacher and took us through many language concepts in a morning, building on the structure as it developed to give me a great start to learning Indonesian. Thank you Okta. Gavin Frost (Crash Course) June 2017

Saya sangat senang belajar bahasa Indonesia di Cinta Bahasa. Mas Gustra mengajar sangat profesional. Dia guru bagus. Saya harap saya bisa belajar lagi di Cinta Bahasa tapi sekarang harus pergi ke Spanyol. Terima kasih Mas Gustra, terima kasih Cinta Bahasa. Nieves May 2017

Preeda (Tong)
May 2017

Very good classes with Vettaa, great teacher with patience and keeping the classes interesting and fun!

Santiago Sagaz
May 2017

Thank you for all the fun classes. Guru Vetta is a great and understanding teacher. The laid back atmosphere helps to learn and the classes help in day to day conversation.

Francisco Pimenta.
May 2017

Saya sangat cinta gur Vetta dan guru Okta!! Mereka mengajar sangat bagus sekali! Makasih banyak untuk kelas, saya tidak mau selesai karena mereka lucu sekali, ya! P.S. Adopsi anjing saya.

Fancesca de Mori
May 2017

Kita belajar banyak dengan guru Vetta sesudah selesai 20 jam kelas. Saya merasa senang dan ok bicara bahasa Indonesia dengan orang di Bali. Terima kasih banyak

Barbero Alexandre
May 2017

Excellent introduction to Bahasa Indonesia. Good overview of basic/everyday words to use for travelling/greeting. Interesting to learn about culture, language structure, origins and bargaining tools. Vetta explained everything clearly and in a structured way. She was very patient and answered all our questions. Great lesson! Now I must pactice. Terima kasih!

Caryl Jones (crash course)
May 2017

It was good to know Bali and Indonesia. I always would like to know Balinese, now I know! (just a little bit) My teacher, Vetta, was so kind and good, so it was good to learn. Thank you!

Yeonsoo KIM (crash course)
May 2017

Terima kasih for the fun class. Good to learn basics. There was a lot of room to ask questions. Would love to learn more, but for the time we had sure covered plenty. Sampai jumpa lagi & makasih Mbak Vetta.

Laura van Santen (crash course)
May 2017

It was an absolute pleasure learning bahasa Indonesia at Cinta Bahasa. Tony is an excellent teacher and good human being. Dimaz is a good administrator and a gentle person. I really enjoyed my experiences at Cinta Bahasa. Learning Indonesian was fun. I was surprised how quickly I could communicate in Indonesian. Will be back. Thank you.

Sankalp Sikand
May 2017

Thank you for providing a fun filled informational class in a beautiful environment! I will be back for more classes next visit to Bali!

Zoey Meyers (crash course)
May 2017

Great course! Lots of information to take. Would like to do more.

Andrew Ashley/Lisa Ashley (crash course)
May 2017

Helpful Patient Friendly Informative
Yonas (crash course)
May 2017

Bagus! Terima kasih! Very useful course. Awesome for 3 hours classes.

Lilli Crovara (crash course)
May 2017

Very useful survival Indonesian program. Very worthwhile.

Catherine Maughan (crash course)
May 2017

My Cinta Bahasa classes with Vetta have made my stay here in Bali so much richer. I’ve learnt about the culture in Bali and Indonesia, and can now speak with friends, neighbors and others who look after me hear in Bahasa Indonesia. Vetta has been patient and always willing to explain the nuances of grammar and meaning and give me language insights from her life in Java and Bali. With much gratitude and satisfaction.

Rohan Delilkhan
May 2017

Okta guru bahasa Indonesia bagus!! I would highly recommend Okta and this crash course to anyone and everyone. She is an excellent and fun teacher.

Scot Malloy (crash course)
May 2017

I loved my 4 weeks intensive course at Cinta Bahasa. My teachers, Tony and Trias, were fabulous and complemented each other really well. With Tony, I studied the language structure and grammar, and with Trias I was using the in conversation. We never ran out of things to talk about! Tony and Trias were both flexible, finding materials of interest to me, as well as moving at a good pace as my skill developed. I loved the system of 2 hours then change teachers to keep the pace up and variety. They were very patient and interested. Terima kasih.

April 2017

I’m very happy about taking this course. Guru Wulan and the teaching method you have are very good, because it made me realize I’m able to talk in this language in less time that I thought. My native language is not English, but the way Guru Wulan taught us didn’t require very high English level. I highly recommend this course to whoever wants to learn bahasa Indonesia from zero.

Diego Dumarino
April 2017

A really well designed course making. Studying bahasa Indonesia fun and interesting. I don’t think learning a new language can ever be easy but this course is structured to guide you through in a logical and clear way. Great teacher too! Thank you.

Kirsty Spence
April 2017

Wulan was a really good teacher. She was always patient with the students and try to explain every question which we had. I recommend this language school. For sure I will come back to continue the second course.

Nina Widyardita
April 2017

Thank you!! It’s been great, Vetta is awesome. It feels, after living in Bali, like taking a new look around!! Thank you, 100% recommended!!

Estefania Simon
April 2017

Saya suka sekali kelas. Guru-guru mengajar dengan sangat baik. Apalagi Mbak Okta. Saya belajar banyak tentang budaya Indonesia dan makanan Indonesia. Guru Okta lucu sekali. Di kelas saya belajar sambil tertawa banyak. Menikmati sekali. Terima kasih atas pengalaman bagus.

Susan Grimm
April 2017

I started learning the Indonesian language here and couldn’t have wished for a better place. The teachers are so mice and I learned really fast. I think the 20 hours went by way to fast and I hope that I can come back in the future. Terima kasih!

Janne Lena Schampera
April 2017

Sangat bagus! Very polite and professional teacher! Thank you Mbak Okta. It was really good to be able to ask specific questions at all times. The pace/speed of learning was adapted to the participants and everything we learned is relevant and practical. Makasih!

Carol Campbell
April 2017

Saya sangat suka Cinta Bahasa dan guru Okta. It was an intense but very good course. We learned a lot in a very short time, also with a lot of fun. Would like to continue. Terima kasih.

Roger Koklmann
April 2017

Sidhi is great! Would like to have more classes of grammar & structure of bahasa if possible. Over all Sidhi is very engaging & definitely would recommend him for anyone interested in beginning to learn bahasa Indonesia.

Shin Kobayashi
April 2017

Good teachers, good articles and fun classes. The classes were focused on discussing different topics. The topics were interesting. I wanted to learn mmore about Bali’s culture, so the teachers prepared articles from day to day. I really enjoyed learning with Cinta Bahasa.

Ronny Valstad
April 2017

Bagus! Great format for a quick introduction in bahasa Indonesia. Our guru was very helpful and fun at the same time. (Okta) I am glad I came. Makasih.

Olatz Elosegi (crash course)
April 2017

Bagus! Terima kasih! Well done! I really enjoyed this. A great introduction to speaking Indonesian. I appreciate the small group size. Okta is a very friendly teacher! I would highly recommend this course.

Vicki Taylor (crash course)
April 2017

The Indonesian language class I’ve ever taken. Wonderful instruction and I learned a lot. I would recommend it to anyone visiting Bali. Thanks Okta! Terima kasih! Sampai jumpa!

Farlan Dowell (crash course)
April 2017

Terima kasih! Good basic course. Look forward to studying more.

Jillienne Bishop (crash course)
April 2017

Sidhi is great. Very interesting and funny lesson! Terima kassih!

Beate Corola Ohlig (crash course)
April 2017

Great beginner course. Made it simple.

Jeremiah Rygh (crash course)
April 2017

Bagus! Sidhi is a great teacher.

SeaHyun Jun (crash course)
April 2017

Terima kasih! Very exciting Indonesian class!

Hyea-Young Choi (crash course)
April 2017

Found the pace and content of the class ideal for me while also working in class. Good base knowledge for me as I go forward. Vetta was an excellent teacher! If I am back in Bali I will definitely consider continuing my course at Cinta Bahasa.

Nithin Coca
April 2017

Class was very good. Vetta is very good teacher and very patient. I will resume learning from Australia and also when I return to Bali.

Jacki Farrar
April 2017

Very useful class. I am happy that guru Gusde was willing to adapt to the issues I wanted to learn. Also, very good that we talked a lot, not only focus on writing. It was not too difficult, just a lot of new words to remember! Terima kasih banyak! Very useful to get your notes – well explained.

Lisetta Trebbi
March 2017

I am very impressed with Cinta Bahasa and would highly recommend it to others. Coursework was structured in a progressive and practical sequence and the booklet was organized and engaging. I cannot speak highly enough about Gusde. His easy-going yet professional attitude made each class exciting and stimulating. His wonderful sense of humor charm and cultural awareness was remarkable. I would love to continue my studies with Cinta Bahasa and I hope Gusde is available for the next level class. Terima kasih banyak!

Sam Blattrer
March 2017

The beginner level class with Cinta Bahasa was worth it, in every sense. Gusde was an engaged, thoughtful teacher always willing to adapt lessons and techniques for each individual. And the course work was well structured and paced, building intuitively as it progressed. I particularly credit Gusde with bringing joy and a lot of energy to every class, which made evening classes productive even after a long day. I look forward to taking the next in the series. My suggestions for improvement would be to have classes continue whether or not every sudent attends and make it up to the student to get the information needed to catch up and to have consistent homework, perhaps even additional optional work. Thank you Gusde for an amazing experience and a real education in bahasa Indonesia.

Stephanie Longfellow
March 2017

Saya suka kelas bahasa Indonesia di Cinta Bahasa. Terima kasih! Okta guru bagus! Thanks for everything. I enjoyed every minute of it!

Carolien Zwynepoel
March 2017

It was: Interesting, Funny, Complicated, Nice way to learn Thanks
Okta is a good teacher!

March 2017

Saya belajar di sini hanya 10 kali, tetapi bahasa Indonesia saya itu menjadi lebih bagus!!! Terima kasih banyak Cinta Bahasa, Pak Tony, Mbak Trias dan Mas Dimaz! Kalau kembali ke Jepang, saya akan meneruskan belajar bahasa Indonesia. Sampai jumpa lagi!

Sanako Kanno
March 2017

Great intensive course. Efficient and made simple.

Caroline Benacal (crash course)
March 2017

The course was very informative and consistent! Thank you a lot! Vera (crash course) March 2017 Terima kasih. Saya belajar banyak bahasa Indonesia.

Monica larrazabal (crash course)
March 2017

Useful. Good structure, friendly teacher and patient! Will recommend.

Laura Sagen (crash course)
March 2017

Okta, I enjoyed your class very much. I find it much easier to learn face to face with someone rather than over a computer. I hope to come back for another lesson with you soon, you are very patient, a great at explaining the language. Thank you! Terima kasih!

Athena Bakalos (crash course)
March 2017

Okta, Athena and I thouroughly enjoyed your class and we hope to have another one with you soon. You are very nice and patient. Terima kasih.
Dionne Bakalos (crash course)
March 2017

This class was very helpful! Okta covered all the basics and and answered all of our questions. I would definitely recommend this class.

Annelise Lynch (crash course)
March 2017

Okta is the best! Answered all of our questions and was slow to introduce sentence structure. Felt like I understood things in a building block and know how to be respectful. I feel much more confident working with kids at my jobs and I can’t work to practice more!

Juliette Belinger (crash course)
March 2017

Really great! Guru Okta was so wise. She covered all of the phrases I need for my time here in Bali.

Lindsay Nickel (crash course)
March 2017

I have found my classes at Cinta Bahasa to be very rewarding, I can now have a small conversation when I travel here each year. Tony and Gusde were very good and very patient with my “slower” brain. Sangat bagus!

Debbie Hardy
March 2017

Very good teacher! Some people lived in Bali and talked already a little bit the language. I am beginner, sometimes I think we went too fast forward, or maybe I am slow.

Hans Ruderstam
March 2017

This month at Cinta Bahasa has been so valuable! We all learnt very quickly and knowing and using the Indonesian language has changed my entire experience here. Mbak Vetta is a great teacher and kind lady. I’ll definetly come back to further my Indonesian vocabulary! Great fun – learning here has been fun. Thank you.

Jessica Brown
March 2017

I had an amazing month learning bahasa Indonesia here! It went by too fast. Vetta is very competent and makes everything simple. And she’s also very patient. I’d like the course to be longer and to have more time to practice what we learn. Maybe I’ll come back for more! The trip at the market was fun! Terima kasih dan sampai jumpa lagi!

Annalisa Lambardo
March 2017

I liked the class very much. It good structure, a lot of talking, homework was also helpful, nice ambience. Vetta is an amazing teacher, very smart and patient. I could learn a lot from her, also about culture habits and behaviors of the locals. That makes life easier in Bali. Saya cinta Cinta Bahasa.

Christian Schachner
March 2017

Sekolah Cinta Bahasa bagus. Saya mulai bicara bahasa Indonesia satu bulan yang lalu dan mulai tulis bahasa untuk teman-teman saya yang orang-oraang Indonesia. Terima kasih untuk guru Vetta, guru bahasa Indonesia saya.

Alexander Alekseenko
March 2017

Прекрасный курс. Уже в первые дни я смог начать говорить с индонезийцами, каждый день углубляя беседу. Напросто заниматься каждый день в течение месяца, но результат налицо: сейчас я могу общаться с теми людьми, с которыми раньше не получалось из-за их плохого знания английского.

Anton Luzhkovsky
March 2017

Sidhi is great. Very helpful, I feel like I can ask him any questions.

Natalie Walsh (crash course)
February 2017

It was awesome! I learn a lot! I come back! Dadah. Sampai jumpa lagi!

Caroline Lippert (crash course)
February 2017

Sidhi is an excellent teacher. The lesson gives you a great base to start conversing and all the necessary tools to order food and count. Highly recommend.

Nina van der Kley (crash course)
February 2017

Sidhi is a lovely and qualified teacher! He helped me a lot. Terima kasih.

Daniela (crash course)
February 2017

Patient, polite and refreshingly informal. He likes my jokes, even when I cannot translate into bahasa Indonesia. It’s a very positive experience.

E. Hanlon
February 2017

Excellent! Terima kasih!

Anthony Marcar (crash course)
February 2017

Great class, great teacher (Sidhi). Lots of fun. It is more difficult than I expected but would love to continue to learn bahasa Indonesia.

Aysem Celikiz (crash course)
February 2017

Hard work! But fun and usefull. Bagus!

James (crash course)
February 2017

Thank you for this 20 hours class! I am impressed by how much I improved in as little as one month. The material is very useful. Though I would have liked to practice more the speaking and writing. A lot of vocabulary, grammar, and how to put everything in a sentence. Bagus. The class was more oriented on the understanding – which is very good, but would need to be a little bit more on the speaking, for my point of view. Terima kasih banyak.

Nathalie Richard
February 2017

Saya belajar 50 jam di Cinta Bahasa Indonesia Sanur. Nama guru saya Wulan, dia sudah mengajar sangat bagus. Dia ramah dan senang dengan saya. Setiap hari saya bisa bicara lebih baik. Dia bekerja dengan baik, saya akan rindu dia.

Christian Aguilera
February 2017

Terima kasih untuk mengajar saya untuk waktu lama. Saya senang sekali. Tapi, saya tidak ingat banyak kata. Tapi, saya mau belajar bahasa Indonesia di Jepang. Sampai jumpa!

Mariko Hayashi
February 2017

Best language course I’ve ever done. Cannot recommend enough! I loved both my teachers and never thought I would learn this much! Can’t wait to come back and do the next level! Terima kasih banyak!

Cat McGillivray
February 2017

Thank you Gusde, Okta, Tony dan Trias. Belajar bahasa Indonesia dengan kalian senang! I promise to keep studying and return ti Bali to improve my Bahasa Indonesia. All the best and hopefully we’ll meet again!

February 2017

I have been studying at Cinta Bahasa for the last 2 months. Trias has been my teacher. She is wonderful. I am grateful, and will continue to study here. Saya sudah belajar di Cinta Bahasa selama dua bulan. Trias guru saya, dia guru yang baik sekali. Saya senang sekali., dan mau terus belajar di sini.

Rasha Carlisi
February 2017

What a pleasure it has been to spend my afternoons at Cinta Bahasa for the last two weeks! Thanks very much for all the funny and/or useful words, the handy grammatical rules, and of courses for the good times. We’ll bee baack!

Tom Ryan
February 2017

I’ve really enjoyed my time at Cinta Bahasa. Not only have my teachers, Okta and Trias, been excellent at helping me learn bahasa Indonesia. They have also taught me important aspects of Bali culture and lifestyle. Thanks!

Sophie Pryor
February 2017

The teachers at Cinta Bahasa have been so lovely and patient. They are very good teachers, Trias and Okta. I have enjoyed learning Indonesian language wwith them. It is great to be able to speak to locals in their own language even just a little. Thank you Okta and Trias very much for teaching me and making my learning so enjoyable.

Lisa McComb
February 2017

I am a repeat offender at Cinta Bahasa, having studied here a number at times over the years, either in Ubud or via Skype. Each time I have decided to improve my bahasa Indonesia, I have had no hesitation in returning to the school. The teachers aare lovely, and always willing to customize what we study to my interest, and approach teaching strategically. Above all, they have an infectious more of language which makes learning with them a joy.

Tom Powell Davies
February 2017

The class at Cinta Bahasa was great. I knew some words and phrases before starting the course, but was not able to communicate using few sentences. After one week I feel like once I will repeat and remember all the vocabulary, I am able to really speak using bahasa Indonesia. We will probably come back for another course in future!

Pia Kegler
February 2017

We stayed for “only” 20 hours, but I already feel comfortable to engage in simple conversations! The teachers are doing an excellent joy in tailoring the courses to your individual needs, the atmosphere is always very friendly and professional. I can highly recommend the courses at Cinta Bahasa to make the most out of your stay in Indonesia.

Hauke Kegler
February 2017

Great intro to the Indonesian language! I am very keen now to learn more. Makasih, Ibu Guru Okta.

Martina Meyer (crash course)
February 2017

Bagus! Great pace. I felt like I was able to keep up without it being too slow. Very useful content. Very friendly teacher.

Erik Frisk (Crash Course)
February 2017

I really enjoyed this course. It’s nice to sit down with a small group and to be able to ask questions as well as practicing together. The teacher (Okta) is patient, enthusiastic and it’s nice to learn from her. I’m going to practice and hopefully I will be able to have small conversations soon. Terima kasih!

Ellen Stofmeel (Crash Course)
February 2017

Good to get you started! A lot of information, so now practice. Thank you! Terima kasih.

Esther Rookhuyzen (Crash Course)
February 2017

Cinta Bahasa prepaired me to kno enough of bahasa Indonesia to get by in everyday conversation. It was a very useful/well organize course. I would recommend to a friend.

Rebecca Lafair (Crash Course)
February 2017

Course easy to register online. Okta is a good teacher, knowledgeable and very patient. I learnt what I wanted to out of the course and feel I can use what I learned on my holiday. Terima kasih!

Ryan Ervine (Crash Course)
February 2017

Thank you for a great class, we learned a lot and now need to practice. Recommended for all people new to Bali. Terima kasih.

Cylindra (Crash Course)
February 2017

Okta was an awesome teacher. She taught us very useful basic bahasa Indonesia, went at a good pace, and was very friendly and helpful. I’d recommend this class highly. Thank you. Terima kasih, Okta.

Katie Rock (Crash Course)
February 2017

For being able to really speak bahasa Indonesia I was a too lazy student learning too few vocabulary. Learning with Sidhi was fun and I’m sure after catching up with the vocabulary I can get around well. Thanks a lot for the course.

Derk Reckel
February 2017

Thank you so much! Very patient and informative teachers! I would definitely recommend Cinta Bahasa to anybody looking for language lesson in Bali. I learnt so much and look forward to using my bahasa Indonesia while I travel. Thank you!

Ella Bnjant
February 2017

I am still in awe of how much of the language I learnt and how helpful it has been in getting me around! Terima kasih, Yasa. I am so happy I came.

Tess (Global Hobo)
February 2017

I really loved learning the language and then being able to talk to local people.

Raisha Chamberlain
February 2017

Bagus! I really enjoyed the class and the teachers. They were very friendly and easy to learn from. Classes usually started a bit late and I know a lot of our friends stopped coming because two hours felt like a long time. 2 hours was fine for me, but making classes 1-1.5 hours in the future might make more people stay. Anyways, I learned a lot and it reallt help me during my stay in Bali! Terima kasih!

Megan Ranrig (Global Hobo)
February 2017

Terima kasih untuk kelas bagus! Saya belajar banyak bahasa Indonesia. Sorry that a lot of the Hobos are super slack, it’s only because they are lazy, it doesn’t reflect badly on you. Will miss Gusde. Cheers,

Jasmyn van Houten (Global Hobo)
February 2017

These lesson have been so much fun. I really enjoy learning bahasa Indonesia. Bagus!!

Mikayla Hollyock (Global Hobo)
February 2017

Gusde is the best guru ever! Thank you, so much. These language classes were very fun and important to my stay in Bali. Aku cinta kamu Bahasa Indonesia. Terima kasih, bli.

Holly Trenaman (Global Hobo)
February 2017

Thank you so much for all tthee time and effort you put into teaching us. Thank you for your patience, I’m surprised at how much I learned and how much more I want to learn.

Kristen (Global Hobo)
February 2017

Mbak Hana was an excellent teacher during these four months of classes. Very flexible with the schedule and with very good teaching skills. The book and reading materials were helpful as well. Look forward to restarting a new course soon.

Mafalda Tavares
January 2017

This was a great way to spend a morning, learning ways to greet others, be respectful and more enjoy my time in Indonesia. Mbak Okta is fabulous!

Julie Zollmann (Crash Course)
January 2017

A lot learned in a short time! The teacher is always happy to answer many questions we have and explain us things about the Inndonesian culture. I really liked it! Terima kasih Guru Okta.

Ana Verissimo (Crash Course)
January 2017

Guru Okta sangat bagus! The was very fun and super informative.

Jason Thehen (Crash Course)
January 2017

Very helpful material. Quick and easy method. Great tacher. Okta was very patient and she taught at the right speed.

Alenjandro Narvaez (Crash Course)
January 2017

The class was very helpful. Okta is a great teacher and answer all of our questions. I feel I much more comfortable getting around now.

Amy Walker (Crash Course)
January 2017

The crash course taught by Okta was very informative. Okta was an amazing teacher and very helpful in explaining and answering questions.

Crystal Dawn Jenkins (Crash Course)
January 2017

I really enjoyed learning at Cinta Bahasa. The teachers were really good at pushing me to the next level and refreshing my Bahasa Indonesia. I would highly recommend.

Emily Pow
January 2017

Awesome class! Vetta is a great teacher. She can teach in many different ways to connect with her students. I liked the class because I learned a lot and I laughed a lot. We had fun in our class and I am excited to take more classes. Thank you.

Kristen Firpo
January 2017

I really enjoyed taking bahasa Indonesia classes with Cinta Bahasa. The teachers and staff are super friendly and fun and I met some lovely people as well as expanding my knowledge of Indonesian. I learnt more this month than I had in the past year living in Bali and would recommend this class to everyone who plans to stay in Indonesia.

‎Kat Thannhauser‎
January 2017

Saya sangat suka belajar bahasa Indonesia di Sekolah Cinta Bahasa. Cara mengajar sangat bagus. Guru saya, Mbak Vetta, juga sering bantu kalau ada pertayaan. Dia baik sekali. Belajar bahasa Indonesia bersama murid-murid lain lebih enak. Terima kasih Cinta Bahasa.

Naomi Gunawan
January 2017

A great school with great teachers. I will miss our morning class. I’m amazed on what I learned in four weeks!

P.S. Saya bisa menulis bahasa Indonesia.

January 2017

Saya pikir, Cinta Bahasa punya guru paling baik di seluruh dunia. Saya senang belajar di sini.

Jonatan Cerrada
January 2017

I’m so glad this class was on my first full day in Indonesia. The words, numbers, and phrases will really come in handy for my 3 weeks in Bali. Plus, Okta had a very friendly positive way of teaching. Thank you for a wonderful introduction to Bahasa Indonesia!

January 2017

Vetta is an excellent teacher. The course book is very good and she encouraged me to speak Bahasa Indonesia.

Carleen Devine
January 2017

Very good overall. Satisfied with Pak Gusde. Managed to make exercises understandable and progressed at a speed adated to my level! Teaching material alsso good, both texts and questions/exercises. Will recommend Cinta Bahasa to others!

Oyvind Dahl
January 2017

Cinta Bahasa is a fantastic language school. The teachers (especially Okta!) were very professional and knowledgable! I look forward to next time.

January 2017

Great class! Really helpful! I expected to find it difficult but Sidhi made it easy with lots of repetition and practice. I definitely recommend it.

Hakima Deborah Graefer
January 2017 (crash course)

Wonderful class! Sidhi was very patient with us and clear in his teaching. I now feel that I have a solid foundation to start with and to interact with locals. I would highly recommend the class. Thank you!

Camille Holden
January 2017 (crash course)

Very bagus! Great info to get started ordering food & getting around town.

January 2017 (crash course)

Great quick intro, now I need to go practice. Basics covered and speed was good.

Alex Duggleby
January 2017 (crash course)

Time flew by – at least I’ve heard some words now.

Cathleen Burns
January 2017 (crash course)

Hana, Sidhi and Dewa – great combination between the three of them. Covered structure, vocabulary and conversation – exactly what I wanted. I feel like I learnt so much! Thank you for some fun 20 hours. Saya kembali lagi.

January 2017

I had the most amazing (and intense!) 4 days of lessons here. I can’t believe how much I learned in such a short amount of time! The courses were so thorough, and the teachers, Trias and Vetta were both wonderful, fun and very patient. My regret is that I now have to go home (too short). Would love to come back again and continue again! Terima kasih banyak.

Ami Roge

I have loved my experience at Cinta Bahasa! I have looked forward to eevery class with Okta aand Gusde. I could not have ever imagined how confident I have become speaking Bahasa Indonesia. I have learnt so much invaluable language and culture with Okta and Gusde and feel confident using the language in my every day life here in Bali. Learning Bahasa Indonesia has opened so many doors for me in Bali and it is greatly appreciated and celebrated by the locals. I have never piched up a language so quickly and confidently as Bahasa Indonesia and I am so greateful for my wonderful teachers Okta and Gusde and the excellent structure and planning that this school provides. I would and will recommend Cinta Bahasa to anyone I meet and look forward to continuing mu studies with this school to become as fluent as I can! What a fantastic experience. I am very grateful Cinta Bahasa. See you soon! P.S. I have made new friends in my teachers and there have been MANY laughs along the way.

Chloe Quinn
January 2017

Tony and Yasa are fantastic teachers!! They used wide variety of methods and resources to deeper my understanding of Bahasa Indonesia and also thaught me a great deal about Indonesian culture and politics. Terima kasih banyak!

Michael M
January 2017

The class was really interesting and helpful. It was good being in a small group so that everybody could ask questions. The teacher was really nice so I learned a lot and I’m looking forward to practice at home everything we learned today.

January 2017 (crash course)

The class consolidated what I already know and filled the gaps. It was also great to learn some useful phrases and questions and to understand how to use “you” correctly in different contexts, because I was very confused about it before. Thank you! A fun, relaxed class!

Lindi Kopke
January 2017 (crash course)

Terima kasih! Okta is a really nice and polite teacher. It was a lot of fun to learn bahasa Indonesia with her. Ok, the basics. I would totally recommend to join the class with her. She explains everything very well – and again if you need that. You can ask questions and she will help you! Great Indonesian crash course.

Nadine Lohmuller
January 2017 (crash course)

Excellent course. Good fun and smile to help me begin to start and understand simple greetings and how to interpret cost in number and language in Indonesian. Thanks Wulan!

January 2017