Small-Group Beginner Indonesian Language Course

Our Beginner Course provides a comprehensive introduction to speaking Indonesian language. Many of our students have continued their self-study to fluency just by using the materials we provide for this course. Other have continued on to Intermediate and Advanced Group courses, as well as to Private Courses to focus on learning areas that are more specific to their professional work and personal interests in Indonesia.

june-group-cropped-Small-300x230This fun and interesting, yet very effective introduction to Bahasa Indonesia is every weekday for two hours per day for one month. You will learn how to pronounce and read words; introduce yourself, your friends and your family; ask questions about people and things; use numbers and money; shop for items you want, negotiate and order items in a restaurant; tell the time and date; make comparisons and express preferences, and give directions! You will also learn important aspects of Indonesian and Balinese Culture and Etiquette.

We suggest you take our Small-Group Beginner Indonesian Language Course if you learned to speak Indonesian without formal training, if you have a vocabulary under 100 words you can use, or if you feel unsure that your sentences are correct when you are speaking.



  • Course Fee: IDR 3,250,000 | AUD 350 | USD 255 | EUR 245
  • Courses start the first Monday of every month.
  • Classes are 2 hours every weekday for 4 weeks, for a total of 40 hours.
  • Minimum of 3, strict maximum of 7 students in one group.
  • You receive our specially-designed Textbook, Rapid Vocabulary Building Flash Card App and additional Self-Learning Materials for your laptop or smartphone, and at the end of the course, a visit to the local market to practice bargaining.
  • A Certificate of Completion which recognizes your achievement.
  • If your husband, wife, partner or friend would like to learn with you, we’ll give each of you a Rp 250,000 discount.
  • If you have a group of 3, we can schedule classes at times that are most convenient for you.
  • Taking this course entitles you to a Rp 250,000 discount on the next level course, our Small-Group Pre-Intermediate Course.

What You Will Learn:

  • You will learn to speak informally and politely, with a focus on conversation and effective verbal communication. Writing and Grammar come second in this course.
  • You will learn to converse on a wide range of day-to-day subjects such as introducing yourself, making friends, asking for and giving directions, bargaining, and so on. 
  • You will learn local etiquette and cultural behaviour, which will show others that you know how to act politely around locals.
  • You will learn how to learn on your own, and have the people you meet help you improve your language skills.
  • Ask you gain more experience and confidence with your language skills, you will feel more integrated in the local community, more confident to express yourself and be able to get what you specifically request.
  • You’ll be able to speak to the majority of Indonesians who don’t also speak English, and this opens up an exciting new world of discovery of fascinating cultures across Indonesia.

What You Will Receive if You Take This Course

Cinta Bahasa Indonesian Language School Textbook

Our Own Textbook

Our specially-designed textbooks express our unique teaching methodology, which is to teach the language that people really speak first, then teach the formal grammatical language of speeches and government only if absolutely necessary to you.

Cinta Bahasa Flash Card App

Rapid Vocab Building App

Build your vocabulary rapidly, not only from our Textbook, but also add words as you make new friends and experience new places.

Visit the Local Market with Cinta Bahasa Beginner Group Course

Visit to the Local Market

In the last week of the course, we will go to the local market in Ubud or Sanur where you can practice your newly learned bargaining skills in Indonesian. All market, land and rental transactions, and many businesses will accept a discussion about prices. 

If you’re able to speak Indonesian and be able to bargain, you may discover that you have repaid your investment in the course many times over!

Receive Our Course Completion Certificate

Upon completing the course, you will receive our Course Completion Certificate which is recognized by the Ministry of Education’s Language Department for Bali Province.

You may use this for any applications where you want to prove that you have made the effort to learn Indonesian language.

Sign-Up for a Course

Register for Small-Group Beginner Course

  • To confirm your registration, we ask for a deposit of Rp 1,500,000 or USD 150. You may do this via transfer from Indonesian Bank to Indonesian Bank, Australian Bank to Australian Bank, or by Paypal. We will arrange this with you after your registration has been received.
    Thank you! We look forward to having you learn with us.



Course Fee:
You may pay in the currency of your choice.



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For Cash and Transfer to Indonesian Bank Account only.



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What our Students Have to Say!

We put all of our student testimonials on our Student Testimonials page, and on our Facebook Page!

Any Bahasa Indonesia class that has its students laughing so hard that tears are running down their cheeks is a good class. Thanks for a fun learning experience, I’ve learned a lot and now feel so much more confident communicating with the locals in my everyday life. Della is awesome teacher with a never-ending patience. Keep up the great work-I’ll be back for more classes!

Daniela Wagner

I was totally amazed at the amount of language I could learn in 40 hours of lessons and can’t wait to take my new-found skills to the next level with Cinta Bahasa when I’m in Bali again.

Jan Wedgewood

“When we started with Cinta Bahasa we were pure novices, unable to even order simple food and drink. The professional and friendly staff of CB worked hard to help use through the first steps of speaking a new language and the excellent resources they gave us for self study made our month long journey into loving language fun and productive. We still have a journey ahead of us to become proficient but we feel we have the building blocks and we have the confidence to get out there and start speaking Indonesian. We could not recommend Cinta Bahasa highly enough! Thanks for a great month.”

Simon & Andrina


“When I attended the beginner’s class at Cinta Bahasa I really came as a beginner, absolutely no knowledge whatsoever. After 4 weeks I have now the basic structure one needs to converse. Your guru Novi is most patient and she really knows how to teach. The fellow students and me, we had a blast. 

Werner Jankowsky

“This is our second week with Cinta Bahasa, and I want to let you know how thrilled we have been with our teacher, Daniel. He is a natural teacher and a lovely person. I am very impressed with the standard of the service as a whole and would definitely recommend Cinta Bahasa to anybody wanting to learn the language. Terima kasih! :)”

Jodie & Bellana Porter

“I learnt more in my two week course with Cinta Bahasa than I have learning any other language. The lessons were always practical and a lot of fun. I not only learnt a lot about Bahasa Indonesia but also invaluable information about Indonesian culture. Terima kasih banyak Cinta Bahasa! ”
Meghan Larson