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Small-Group Advanced Course:

buku3_sm-211x300This course is for those who have some deep familiarity with the Indonesian language, having worked, managed a business, staff, written or presented publicly in bahasa Indonesia but really want to feel the power of their fluency. This course will allow you to express those few nuances in the language that you may be unfamiliar with, and give you a chance to practice your writing and public speaking skills in a small-group setting.

As there are few foreigners who have achieved this level, we do not offer this course every month. However, please register below and we will contact you about the present status of the next or future groups.

As always, if you are unsure of your level, we will give you a very brief assessment either in person or on skype by adding us at cinta.bahasa and requesting a level assessment.

What you will Learn:

  • You will develop and deepen your understanding of Indonesian using the topics learned in the Intermediate Group course.
  • You will firm up your familiarity with both informal and formal, and the passive mode of speech.
  • You will conduct literature reviews and make verbal presentations on subjects of interest to you.

What you will Receive:

  • Our specially-designed Course Textbook/Workbook.
  • Additional learning materials provided by your teacher.


Course Fee:
You may pay in the currency of your choice.

Currency Non-Alumni Alumni Type of Payment
IDR 1,900,000 1,700,000 For Cash and Transfer to Indonesian Bank Account only.
AUD 205 180 For Transfer to Australian Bank Account or Paypal.
USD 150 135 For Paypal only.
EUR 145 130 For Paypal only.








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