Public & Private School Language & Culture Programs in Bali

Public & Private School Language/Culture Programs in Bali

Each year Cinta Bahasa receives School Groups from various parts of Australia who come to Bali for more intensive Language and Culture study programs. We can provide any and all services need for School Groups, from Transportation and Accommodation, to of course Language Training, Cultural Programs and Tour Guides, to Program Activities in various locations in Bali. We’re familiar with all of the different curriculum and textbooks used in Australian Schools and our teachers can be a native-speaking complement to School Tour Programs.

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We’ve hosted groups of teachers from Indonesian Language Teacher’s Associations (ILTA), as well as Public and Private High Schools, and we can develop an individual program that is suitable for each kind of group.

Students will learn in small groups of 3 to 7 people, grouped according to their level of language ability.
The syllabus will follow the Australian curriculum and textbooks used by the school, emphasizing on using
the language they have learned in the classroom in real situations, polishing their spoken language to
sound more natural, as well as giving stronger foundation on the structure of the language.

Indonesia, especially Bali, is very rich in unique and interesting cultural activites. Students will not just
watch them, but also experience them in hands-on activities, in cooperation with the Agung Rai
Museum of Art.

Accommodation providers that are safe & secure, good-quality and also low-cost are available within walking distance to the school.

And, to make the students’ learning experience more complete, we can also arrange lunch and dinner.
Lunch will be served at the school, and dinner can be arranged for either at the school or accommodation.
Menu: vegetarian/non vegetarian Indonesian or Balinese food (with or without chili peppers).

Here’s a picture of Belmont High School Students from Victoria, Australia on a School Tour Visit to Ubud in June, 2015.

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