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Ulan & Athena

Cinta Bahasa LogoWelcome to Cinta Bahasa Indonesian language school. We provide high-quality learner-centered Indonesian language  training. If you’re serious about learning to communicate in Bahasa Indonesia, you’ve come to the right school. Be sure to visit our main page using the links above,  so that you can know more about us. Our youngest online student is 10 years old, and our oldest is in his 70s, so you don’t need to be a computer expert to learn online with us!

If you would like to learn Bahasa Indonesia Online before you come to Indonesia, we can arrange an online course, with a live teacher for you, for about the same price as you would pay to learn with a computer program that doesn’t know who you are, what you are interested in or how you learn languages best.

You’ll learn to speak Indonesian online using Skype and a Shared Page and other easy-to-use resources. We send you our textbook and provide you with a variety of learning materials you can use on your computer. Start by adding us to skype, and we will contact you directly.


  • Your teacher will learn how you learn best, and teach you that way.
  • We try to match you with a teacher who shares your interests.
  • Your classes are scheduled at times that are convenient for you, and can be rescheduled.
  • A course is prepared for you which starts from what you know and covers your areas of interest and work.
  • Interesting and successful teaching methodology focuses on how you learn languages best.
  • You will receive our textbook by email, and links to free flashcard software.


  • Cinta Bahasa’s specially designed Textbooks from Beginner to Advanced Level.
  • Personal attention from one of our great teachers.
  • E-Learning Materials (flashcards specifically designed and producedby Cinta Bahasa)
  • Learning about subjects that of interest to you and your visit or work in Indonesia.

What you need:

  • Computer/Laptop/Pad/Tab with good-quality internet connection.
  • Headphones with microphone & speaker (recommended, but not essential.)

You will be learning directly with one of our 13 professional teachers who teach from our online facility based in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia. Then, if you are ever in Ubud, you can come and meet us and your teacher in person! We will provide you with one-one-one training, and yes, others may listen in!

Class times are scheduled for times that are most convenient and conducive to learning for you and your teacher.

Please see our website for online learning, www.speakingindonesian.com for course fees and full details.

Here are some Testimonials from our students who have learned bahasa Indonesia online with us.
(See All of our Student Testimonials Here)

I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed my online classes with Daniel!

Daniel was a fantastic teacher – he was very patient, good at listening, knowledgeable, & we discussed a lot of different and interesting topics !

The internet connection to the school was also excellent which made learning online easy…. I think maybe even better than being in the same room as we could read from the same document on the computer while facing the camera.

I would highly recommend online classes to students who would like to learn & practice speaking Indonesian with an expert teacher, if overseas or not able to travel to the school. We covered informal language and some grammar (in a good way).

Terima kasih Mas Daniel dan Cinta Bahasa!!


Marianne Doyle
March 2014

I wanted to write and tell you how happy I have been with my on- line classes with Daniel. Sekolah Cinta Bahasa has helped me prepare ( as a mature age student) to enrol and study Indonesian at university next year.

My forty hours of on- line lessons with Daniel have expanded my vocabulary, developed by speaking confidence and taught me much about the people, history and culture of Indonesia.

Daniel’s patience, encouragement and respect has made the learning experience so personal and rewarding.  I particularly appreciated the way the lessons were built around my interests and limited abilities.

I would like to continue an association with the school and wish you great success for the future.

Heather Broatch  
December 2013

I undertook a 20 hour course to compliment my online university studies in bahasa Indonesia. Cinta Bahasa provided me with a variety of native speakers able to give me a very helpful grounding in daily conversational language. They also tailored my learning to assist me in my coursework with my University in Australia. I enjoy the classes and the teachers and would highly recommend Cinta Bahasa.

Varcha Sidwell
November 2013

Learning online with Cinta Bahasa has been an extremely rewarding experience. The patience, dedication and knowledge of my teacher Daniel is truly exceptional. He was always happy to answer my endless questions and I learned so much more than basic Bahasa Indonesia. Our lessons could include discussions on anything from the culture and social issues of Indonesia to the latest movie. I laughed a lot and learnt a lot! I am very lucky to have had Daniel as my teacher and can’t thank Cinta Bahasa enough for the care and pride they took in ensuring my learning experience was of the highest level. Terima kasih banyak.

Julie Fisher
August 2013

The school is friendly, offers a wide variety of services. The teachers I met were really helpful and very encouraging. Winda was a wonderful teacher. We started online while I was still in America and I was really glad to be in her class when I arrived in Ubud. She is very patient and never lets any frustration show—even when she has to explain things again and again. She went the ‘extra mile’ for me and brought in a friend to have a conversation with me who was also involved with organic farming. It was really helpful and I gained some really useful vocabulary. I look forward to studying with her again!
Sally Silverstone
April 2013

Ulan is a fantastic teacher. She makes learning Indonesian fun and easy. She made everything make sense. Every lesson/class we had lots of fun and laughed a lot. Ulan has helped me improve my language skills. As I improved, Ulan continually challenged me help me learn more and get the most out of my time at Cinta Bahasa. Cinta Bahasa is an amazing language school. They offer great support online and face to face. The teachers are fantastic. The workbooks are great and made learning fun and easy.
Rhyannon Perkins
Australian High School Student
January 2013

“Cinta Bahasa is a great place to learn Indonesian either virtually, as I did for 5 months, or live, as I did recently in a 2 week intensive course. Both teachers I studied with were expert instructors, and both with fun and lively personalities that make learning fun.
I started with Daniel online, once a week. Daniel gets students speaking and learning right away with an easygoing style. He was very receptive to my learning style and quickly adapted to teaching me in a way that I find most effective. He was a joy to learn with.
Then I got a chance to go to Bali and take a two-week intensive course with Novi, and finally meet Daniel whom I had only known through Skype.
Novi also is a fabulous teacher. It is clear she has many years of experience and knows how to teach structure and grammar clearly. She also incorporates interactive activities to get people speaking and thinking in Indonesian such as music and stories.
For anyone interested in learning Indonesian, who does not live in Indonesia, I highly recommend getting your beginner skills down first through private, online Skype lessons. Then, a week or two intensive class at Cinta Bahasa is a great way to solidify your skills. I very much enjoyed not only all the wonderful instruction I have received at Cinta Bahasa, but the wonderful staff and owners who take great pride in providing expert language instruction.”
Rachel Meyer
ABC Languages
December 2012

Why learn Bahasa Indonesia with Cinta Bahasa?

Our School and Teachers are certified by BIPA, the Indonesian Language Unit of the Ministry of Education. We’re committed to delivering the highest-quality Indonesian Language education available nationwide. Our teachers are all University-educated with a wide variety of professional experiences and successful careers prior to joining our team. They are highly-trained language teachers, very personable and passionate about teaching Indonesian language. Some of them have taught at Indonesia’s top language schools.

Founded by language educators, we’ve designed our own methodology specifically for our courses. We provide our own specially-designed Textbook/Workbook, E-Learning Resources and and Other Materials that teach you the language spoken today, not some outdated off-the-shelf textbook teaching you a language that people used to speak a long time ago. Our courses are intended for serious students. Intermittent or occasional language training, for example a few hours or a few days a week, is not effective at bringing a language beginner up to a conversational level. It is much more effective to do a one month Semi-intensive or Intensive Indonesian language course, followed by intermittent training and self-study.

Learn to speak Bahasa Indonesia Online, then come to meet your teacher in Bali!

If you’d like to learn face-to-face with a teacher, you’ll learn to speak Indonesian much better in a nice environment like Ubud, at a school with a level of quality on a par with Yogyakarta, rather than being stuck in the congested cities of Yogyakarta, Jakarta or Denpasar.

Cinta Bahasa is located in Sanggingan in the town of Ubud. Close to hotels, restaurants, artistic, social & cultural activites and the center of this famous village in the hills of south-central bali, this is the perfect location for you to learn Bahasa Indonesia. Ubud has quickly become one of the centers of knowledge in Indonesia, with the Ubud Reader’s and Writer’s Festival and the Bali Spirit Festival marking Ubud as a a premier destination for people seeking to write, study, practice their arts, and engage with Bali’s unique and engaging culture, while staying in lush tropical surroundings.

You’ll soon be saying “Aku Cinta Bahasa Indonesia!”