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Pak Yasa Preparing for Basa Bali Course - cropped

Pak Yasa our Basa Bali Teacher preparing for class.


Bahasa Bali, as it is called in Indonesian, or Basa Bali as it is called in Balinese is an ancient language, steeped in the rich cultural history of Asia. Descended from Pali and Sanskrit, this language reflects the beliefs, traditions, rituals and ways of life of the Balinese people.

The medium of instruction is bahasa Indonesia, therefore the learner would need to be at least an Intermediate Level in bahasa Indonesia. There are a number of very important reasons why being able to speak Bahasa Indonesia is a pre-requisite for learning Bahasa Bali:


You will receive this DVD or Online Subscription for free when you register to learn with us.

You will receive the BasaBali.Org DVD or Online Subscription for free when you register to learn with us. Click on the image for more info!

  • Bahasa Bali is spoken in three levels: bottom to top, top to bottom and common. If you address a person incorrectly, the result can be anything from a faux pas, to an insult. Being able to apologize in Indonesian and continue the conversation in that language is essential for both parties to save face.
  • Bali is a part of Indonesia. Unless you plan to not see any other part of Indonesia, it would not make sense for you to learn Balinese only.
  • Basa Bali is best explained and taught using Bahasa Indonesia. Basa Bali uses many words from Bahasa Indonesia, and as they share a linguistic history this will help you to enter the mindset to think and speak like a Balinese person.

Course Fee Chart:
Basa Bali Private and Group Course

Private Course 20 Hour 40 Hour 60 Hour  
IDR 3,900,000 7,250,000 10,500,000 For Cash & Indonesian Bank Transfer
USD 305 570 825 Paypal Only
AUD 420 785 1,135 Paypal or Australian Bank Transfer
EUR  295 550 805 Paypal Only
Group Course 40 Hours      
IDR  3,250,000     For Cash & Indonesian Bank Transfer
USD  255     Paypal Only
AUD  350     Paypal or Australian Bank Transfer
EUR  245     Paypal Only

Course Details:

  • Cinta Bahasa Offers both Group and Private Balinese Language Courses.
  • The language of instruction is bahasa Indonesia. You must functionally fluent in Indonesian language before attempting to learn Bahasa Bali.
  • You may learn at our Main School in Ubud, or online from anywhere in the world.
  • Private Courses are scheduled to your preference.
  • The Next Group Course starts when at least three people have registered. There is a minimum of 3, maximum of 6 students.
  • The Group Course is 40 Hours total, 15 Hours Halus, 25 Hours Biasa.
  • Group Classes are 3x week for 6 weeks. 
  • Course includes Textbook, Rapid Vocabulary-Building App and additional Self-Learning materials.
  • You will receive a subscription or DVD of the BasaBali.Org program, an online learning program that uses video to teach Basa Bali, as an additional learning resource included in the cost of your course.

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Learning bahasa Bali at Cinta Bahasa with Yasa has been great because of the good learning atmosphere and support of my teacher which made that I’ve learned a lot in a very short time. Yasa has been very patient and supportive. Learned a lot through conversations (and joking) with him in Balinese, rather than using textbooks, which worked out very well for me, because now I’m prepared to use Balinese in daily life. Thank you 


Cecile Schimmel
November 2013


As the first student to take the Balinese class, the class brought me a considerable insight into the Balinese culture and language. The topics that we learn are directly related to your life in a Balinese home stay and some days I would go home and find myself in a situation that we just approached earlier on during class. Food, religion, directions, family, social structure, this class brings you all the basic knowledge you need to understand and communicate with a Balinese family!
Sophie Meunier
August 2013