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Are you planning to be staying in Bali for at least 2 weeks, and up to forever? If so, learn to speak the Indonesian language while learning about Balinese culture!

Cinta Bahasa, together with the Agung Rai Museum of Art (ARMA) in Ubud, as well as other educational institutions are offering part-day and full-day immersion programs.

You’ll learn Bahasa Indonesia in the morning, and in the afternoon, you’ll learn from a wide variety of artistic and cultural activities, including but not limited to: Balinese Dance, Painting, Wood & Stone Carving, Wayang Puppetry, Gamelan, Basketry, Making Offerings, Balinese Prayer, Yoga and Meditation, Balinese Cooking, Hinduism, History, Silver Jewelry, Batik Painting & Printing, Balinese Construction & Architecture, Medicinal Herbs & Spices.

You can choose to homestay, that is to live with a local Balinese family and participate in their daily rituals and activities.

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You can choose to stay with a local Balinese family and participate in their daily rituals and activities, or in a nearby homestay with private room and bath, or at a hotel in Ubud.

Day Activity Indonesian Classes Cost  
1 Balinese Music: Gamelan + 2hr Class Per Day: Rp 750,000
2 Balinese Dance + 2hr Class  
3 Offering Making + 2hr Class 3 Day Package: Rp 1,950,000 
4 Painting Class + 2hr Class  
5 Wood Carving + 2hr Class 5 Day Package: Rp 2.450.000
6 Balinese Painting + 2hr Class  
7 Egg Painting + 2hr Class 7 Day Package: Rp 2,950,000

To start, please Register so that we may know more about you and your learning interests and goals.

We look forward to having you learn Indonesian Language and Balinese Culture with us!

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Learn to Make Offerings at the Agung Rai Museum of Art and learn bahasa Indonesia with Cinta Bahasa in Ubud, Bali

Learning how to make Banten and Canang. (Balinese Offerings)

Learning to play gamelan at ARMA Bali


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