Indonesian Language Training for NGOs & Companies

Cinta Bahasa has been providing Indonesian Language Training to a wide variety of Companies and Organizations both at our school in Bali, and from anywhere in the world via our Online Learning Center.

There is no need for you or your staff to go “offline” with your work while you are learning a new language. In fact, many of our students continue working through their learning period. Of course, it is ideal if you can focus on learning the language, but not everyone has that luxury, and we recognize that and take it into consideration when planning your learning with us.

Another important feature we offer is the ability for the HR Department to check in on their student’s learning with us with a separate private login and be sure that their staff are progressing satisfactorily with their learning. They can view teacher feedback, see quiz results, and be more directly involved in your staff’s learning progress.

In Indonesia, business is about building lasting relationships. If you form a fair and honest relationship with somebody, they’ll stick with you, they will stand by you for the long term. To build these kinds of relationships it’s critical for you to learn to speak their language as well.  To get started, send us an email directly.

Ubud, Bali is without question an excellent environment for professionals and executives to learn to speak Indonesian language.

We also have many clients in the NGO sector and with volunteer organizations. If you would like to learn to speak Indonesian before you commence your volunteering activities, or if you are an organization that would like to provide language training for your volunteers before they are sent to their placement, please download our general proposal for Indonesian Language Training for NGO Volunteers. Download now.