2 or 3 Hour Indonesian Language Crash Course

Indonesian Language Crash Course2 or 3 Hour Indonesian Language Crash Course

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If you are forming your own group of at least 3 people, you may request a 2 or 3 Hour Course. The 2 Hour Course is Rp 200,000 per person, and the 3 Hour Course is Rp 250,000 per person.

HUBUD hub-in-ubud co-working space3 Hour Crash Course at Hubud Co-Working Space (Every Saturday Morning)

Saturdays, 9:30am – 12:30PM, Rp 250,000/person, minimum of 3
At Hubud in Ubud, or at Rumah Sanur in Sanur.
Reservation Required, learn@cintabahasa.com or tel: 0812 3916 5005.

*Out of respect for others in the group, please arrive before the session starts, and do remember to bring a pen and a notebook or writing paper.*

Once you venture beyond the touristy areas, you will notice that few people can speak English. If you want to get by, interact and learn more about Indonesia and it’s people, you will need to be able to speak some bahasa Indonesia.

Together with Hubud Co-Working Space on Jl. Monkey Forest (close to the entrance to Monkey Forest), we are offering a single-session 3 hour Crash Course every Saturday morning from 9:30am-12:30pm. The cost is Rp 250,000 per person in a group of at least 3 people, a language pamphlet which helps you to put what you have learned to good use during your visit.

Rumah Sanur / KumpulThe class is confirmed by Friday morning to have classes the following day, registration and a deposit of Rp 100,000 is required.

Contact Us for more information, call us at 0812 3916 5005, or drop by Hubud or Rumah Sanur to make a reservation. 


“Thank you for the great class. I learnt so much in the few hours. It was lots of fun. Vetta and Dewi are wonderful teachers.”

Tarna Lee
July 2015

“Vetta and Dewi were very friendly and professional in guiding us. I appreciated practicing speaking and interacting with people in class. Thank you for providing a wonderful way for me to learn. I enjoyed the cultural insight very much!”

Nikki Chau
July 2015

“Fantastic. Great crash course, very well presented. Friendly & fun.

July 2015

“Very useful, practical phrases, focus on everyday usage. Very skilled teachers: thank you!”

July 2015

“The Crash Course was fun and informative. The teachers have a good style & system to make it not so difficult and they are very friendly & happy too. I have already registered for the Beginner’s group and am looking forward to it!”

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Sarah Booth
July 2015

“I like the Crash Course because it is authentic and funny. Vetta and Arie were very friendly and could explain everything quite clearly. Thank you! The most I appreciated that we got the Indonesian Crash Course sheet but I would recommend to give it out from the beginning. I will recommend this class.”

Karoline Zizka
July 2015
(The teachers don’t give out the Crash Course sheet from the beginning because the focus is on speech communication, not on written words).

“It was nice to join this crash Indonesian Language class. The structure of the class is well organized and both instructors are very attentive and nice. It’s good for beginners.”

Jhyun Kim
June 2015

“Thank you for an introduction to your beautiful language. I enjoyed your course a lot and got valuable phrases out of it. I will feel more confident now when ordering in a restaurant or shopping at the market. Ari and Vetta were amazing teachers and made this course very interesting. Terima kasih and Sampai jumpa lagi.”

Zuzana Padycova
June 2015

“I found the Crash Course very informative. Especially with the papers handed out I feel confident that I can practice what was taught and through that get an active basic understanding. I’m very much considering continuing on with a regular course.”

Lasse Juhl Kolding
June 2015

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