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Cinta Bahasa LogoCinta Bahasa offers a variety of courses in Bahasa Indonesia, which is spoken nationwide, and Basa Bali, the local language of Bali.  As you will see from our Student Testimonials, our Indonesian Language training is receiving widespread acclaim for our effective and enjoyable teaching methods.

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Indonesian Language / Bahasa Indonesia

Group Courses (3 or more Students)

Private Courses (1-2 Students)

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Balinese Language / Basa Bali

We offer both Small-Group and Private Courses in Basa Bali Halus and Basa Bali Biasa, the higher and lower Balinese languages. The language of instruction is bahasa Indonesia, as this is the common language behind both, and can also be used as a backup as practically everyone in Bali speaks bahasa Indonesia.


We offer discounts for alumni of Cinta Bahasa, students who have completed our courses, as well as staff with NGOs that have agreements with Cinta Bahasa. Our course fees in Indonesian Rupiah includes our discount for KITAS holders.

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