Indonesian Language Courses for Families

Indonesian Language Courses for 2 Friends, Couples and Families

Learning as Two Friends or as a Couple

Many travel partners, friends and married couples have come to learn bahasa Indonesia with us to enrich their experience of travelling, volunteering, working or just living in Indonesia. You can learn at one of our schools, or if where you are staying is conveniently located, quiet and suitable for learning, and doesn’t interfere with your teacher’s schedule, they could come to your place.

Learning as a Family

mother_children_learning_togetherMany Families, or Mothers and daughters, enjoy learning together so that they can travel and experience Indonesia together, now and for the future. If your children are going to school in Indonesia, why not learn to speak Indonesian together with them! Together you’ll learn a new secret language to speak together when you’re back home, learning together is a great way to bond with your children.

Our teachers are very popular with families, who enjoy their fresh and playful ways of teaching, which make for an enjoyable way of learning the language.

Your Private Semi-Intensive Bahasa Indonesia Teacher can teach at your home or hotel, or at our Schools in Ubud, Sanur or Canggu.

For semi-intensive courses, the minimum is generally 20 hours per month, but we are happy to discuss this if you require more flexibility and intend to learn with us over the longer term.


  • Your teacher will learn how you learn best, and teach you that way.
  • We try to match you with a teacher who shares your interests.
  • Your classes are scheduled at times that are convenient for you, and can be rescheduled.
  • A course is prepared for you which starts from what you know and covers your areas of interest and work.
  • Interesting and successful teaching methodology focuses on how you learn languages best.
  • You will receive our Textbook appropriate for your level, Flash Card Software and 6gb of additional Audio, Video and Musical learning materials.
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See all of our student testimonials here


Our family of five enjoyed learning Bahasa Indonesia for about one month. Daniel came to our place personally which was very convenient for us, and was a great teacher, answering all our questions well, making it fun, and helping us practice and learn the language. We all felt like we learned a lot, and will continue our lessons when we come back to Bali. Thank you Cinta Bahasa!

The Pearce Family

In addition to learning Indonesian language, we also offer Cultural Training to acclimatize your family with Indonesian culture and etiquette. We have a wide variety of Children’s learning materials and resources.



Student Testimonial Cinta Bahasa Family CourseAt first I was a little nervous because I’m not used to boy teachers, but when I saw Trias I thought she was going to be the best teacher ever and that was true. And when we started the class I was a little bit scared because I thought something bad was going to happen but nothing did! Anyway I had a lot of fun while having classes and I’m really sad today is the last day because I HAD A LOT OF FUN!!!

Arianna Bambagioni
8 Years Old

Just spent 5 days studying at Cinta Bahasa with our family (2 Adults and 2 Boys – 10 & 12). We had a great time and our teacher Tony was fantastic – very patient with the boys. Tony and Cinta Bahasa enabled us to do 2 hours per day of tuition in the morning, allowing us to venture out into Ubud in the afternoon and try out our new language skills. It was a great way to get to spend some time in Ubud and learn about the language and culture of Indonesia together as a family. The location was good for us too – we were staying in Penestanan, and it was a lovely 25 minute walk off the main road to get to Cinta Bahasa. Hopefully we will get back soon. See our reviews of food and accom in an around the area.

July 2013