Open a Franchise of Cinta Bahasa Indonesian Language School

Open a Franchise of Cinta Bahasa Indonesian Language School

Cinta Bahasa’s fun and effective teaching methodology brings us hundreds of clients from across Indonesia and around the world each year, both to our schools and online. However, we would like more foreigners to be able to access Indonesian Language Training conveniently, so we are seeking to open branches in key markets in various parts of Indonesia.

Be sure to study the market in your area: are there enough long-term foreign residents? Are there companies with large numbers of foreign employees that are important to the operations of the company? Are there places where foreigners like to come together to meet? Be sure to do your market research to be sure that the franchise you start will be successful.

If you have the interest, the skills and the capital required to open a school, contact us at info @, subject: Franchise query.

Send us a one-to-two page description of yourself, your partners, your background & why you would like to open a branch school of Cinta Bahasa in your area. We’re looking for a special kind of individual, couple or team to lead our Franchises.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Yoshida Chandra
Co-Founder & School Director
Cinta Bahasa