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School Policy: Terms and Conditions

Registration is not bound by these Terms and Conditions as Registration is for information purposes only and does not require you to take a course.

The following Terms and Conditions apply, with or without registration, only if at least one of the following conditions are met:

1. You have confirmed joining the group using any means of communication.
2. You have placed a deposit to join a course.
3. You have received your schedule to attend a course.
4. You have verbally promised to make payment at the first class.

1. Registration and Confirmation

Once you have paid a deposit, been scheduled, or confirmed joining a course either verbally or by email, you are then bound to the following Terms and Conditions:

a. Confirmation is made and schedules are arranged once 50% of the course fee has been paid. For reservations made within 7 days of your classes starting, a deposit of 75% of the cost of the course is required.

b. You may cancel your reservation at any time before your registration has been confirmed by the school and you have received your schedule. However, once your reservation has been confirmed, if you wish to cancel your reservation at any time the cancellation fee is 50% of the total cost of the course if the course is cancelled within 25% of the learning period. Beyond this period, there is no refund of the course fee.

You may decide at any time to change or delay courses by discussing this directly with the School Managers, either in person, by telephone or by email.

c. The Textbook is the Property of Cinta Bahasa until the course has been finished, and you have been given the book. Until that time, if for any reason the course is cancelled, the Textbook and any materials received must be returned to Cinta Bahasa or removed from your computer.

2. Payment

a. Payment of a deposit is required to confirm your place in a course.

b. Payment for courses is due in full by the end of the first class.

3. Cancelling/Missing/Rescheduling Classes

Our teachers are paid according to the classes they teach, therefore missed classes are lost income for the teachers.

If you must miss classes, please be sure to reassure your teacher that you are serious about attending all of your remaining classes.

However, in cases where classes must be missed, the following School Policy applies:

a. Group Course: Classes missed in the Beginner course cannot be made up at another time, except by taking Private Classes at the rate of Rp 100,000 per hour, which is a big discount on our regular rate for Private Classes.

In the case of classes missed due to national holidays or other events, extra classes may be added to the schedule following the discussion and agreement with the students. If you decide to switch from Group to Private Courses, additional fees may be involved.

Classes may be rescheduled as long as the School Administration has been informed by email (learn @ only by 5pm on Friday for classes to be missed the following week.

b. Private Course: During each 20 hour course learning period, a class may only be cancelled or rescheduled a maximum of two times with a minimum of 12 hours notice. Otherwise, the classes will be marked as having been taken.

c. The Course Duration is the period that has been scheduled for you from start to end. The Learning Period is the maximum length of time of the Course Duration. For Private Classes, you have the following limit to the Course Duration:

20 Hours : 1 week
40 Hours : 2 weeks
60 Hours : 3 weeks
80 Hours : 4 weeks

4. Arriving Late for Class

a. Classes start and end according to the schedule. Please inform your teacher if you will be late for class. If you are more than 15 minutes late without notice, Cinta Bahasa reserves the right to cancel the class.

b. For Online classes, please send a skype message to your teacher 5 minutes before the class starts, and your teacher should do the same to confirm the communication system is working correctly.

c. The teacher is obliged to wait 20 minutes from the confirmed start time of the class, before it is cancelled and counted as being taken.

5. Changing Courses

a. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are registered for the correct course. For example, if you feel you are an advanced beginner student, please request an assessment test in advance.

6. Paying in the currency of your choice other than Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)

Our Course Fee Chart which presents Course fees for a range of currencies which is displayed on each course information page. We use differential pricing to account for relative Purchase Price Parity; to cover costs associated with exchange rates and fees applied by financial institutions, and to offer a discount to KITAS holders, Volunteers and Residents of Indonesia.

These terms and conditions may change at any time without notice.

Thank you for your understanding,

Yoshida “Ochie” Chandra
School Director
revised 26 June 2015