Cinta Bahasa Student Testimonials 2015

Testimonials from Students of Cinta Bahasa – 2015

Cinta Bahasa LogoThank you for wanting to read the student testimonials of other students who have learned Bahasa Indonesia with us. We are always growing and developing, and active-learning is a strong component of our company. Each student is asked to give their feedback so we can improve the services we deliver.

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I would like to thank you for giving me more confidence in Bahasa Indonesia! My vocabulary is now so much bigger than before and I have learned a lot in just 20 hours of private tutoring (thanks Trias for keeping up with me…).

I will recommend Cinta Bahasa to anyone who comes to Bali and wants to learn Bahasa Indonesia GREETINGS FROM SWEDEN.

Amanda Kolgran
December 2015

Terima kasih Pak Tony, saya tahu bahwa saya belajar banyak kata baru, (walaupun saya belum ingat semua, saya bisa terus belajar sendiri!). Juga, terima kasih untuk menjelaskan lebih jelas tentang tata bahasa! Saya suka menonton film dan berbicara tentang banyak topic yang menarik!

Rebecca Amery
December 2015

I have now learnt with 3 teachers at Cinta Bahasa, they are all bagus sekali. I have learnt much bit so much more to learn! Terima kasih.

Gary Lebas
December 2015

Dear Cinta Bahasa,

Thamk you for arrange the time for us. Thought we haven’t finish 2A, but you always motivate us to keep learning, thanks a lot!

Sally Chen
December 2015

Very good class and great teacher always happy friendly and on time. Also very talented in writing upside down!

Tomasso Riva
December 2015

I really enjoyed having class with Yasa, he’s really patient and a good teacher. I might want to do level II soon! Thanks!

Lisa Scappin
December 2015

Aduh! We had a great time with Yasa. He patienly took us through four weeks of Bahasa Indonesia. Learnt from undertanding nothing to grasping enough to get by a briliant introduction to a fun language. Thanks all!

Oliver Green
December 2015

The course is really good. The strategy of doing 2 hours a day is intensive and sometimes difficult but very effective. It’s a big commitment but the best way to learn.

Yasa is fantastic teacher. Very patient. I think 4-5 people in the class is the maximum amaunt. More would not be as effective.

I plan to extend our hours in orders to learn more. Many thanks!

Liberty Green
December 2015

Thank you very much. Terima kasih banyak.
After only 20 hours with experience teachers, I can speak more fluently in the sheet and with local people. Good method and following.
See you Trias, Tony, Hana and Yasa.

Simon Loreaux
December 2015

The content of the course is presented in very logical segments which makes it easy to learn useful words and sentences for the beginner.

Maureen Hegarty
December 2015

Sesudah 80 jam belajar Bahasa Indonesia, saya bisa bicara dengan orang Bali dan orang Indonesia.

Belajar sangat lucu dan bagus.

Pak Tony, terima kasih banyak. Salam manis Annet

Annet Gosens
December 2015

Hari ini kami sudah selesai 80 jam untuk belajar Bahasa Indonesia! Saya mau kembali tahun depan.

Terima kasi pak Tony, sampai jumpa.

Amber van der Hulst
December 2015

Mbak Della sangat ramah, dia membuat Bahasa Indonesia menarik sekali. Saya sudah belajar banyak Bahasa Indonesia. Sekarang saya bisa bicara sedikit dengan orang-orang di sini.

Terima kasih, mbak Della. Kami akan ambil kelas lagi.

Xu Jing
December 2015

Terima kasih banyak, Arie guru terbaik!

Patrick Mills
December 2015

What a great experience, we not only learned a lot we also had fun with Dewi. She did a great job keeping us on task and learning the material in the text book, while at the same time incorperating words we found most usefull.

I would recommend Cinta Bahasa for anyone who comes to Bali for a longer stay.

Thank you Cinta Bahasa, Dewi, and Hana!

Eryn Marie Perry
December 2015

Dewi was a very patient and fun teacher, even when we forget our homework! Excellent understanding of both languages and translations. Very easy to learn from, always on time, and positive energy. We are very happy for the experience, but sad it is “selesai”! Thank you. Thank you.

Also, Hana only 2 classes but also a great teacher!

Rob Williamson
December 2015

Aduh! I honestly enjoyed learning here with the super friendly staff at Cinta Bahasa! The teacher were always fun and flexible and their teaching methods worked very well for me. The beginners course has definetely helped me converse more and understand here, I only wish I had of found you years ago! I am so greatful to all the beatiful people at Cinta Bahasa. Saya akan kembali!

Robin Hood
December 2015

A great start to my course I’m beginning soon! Vetta was friendly and veri informatic and I really liked her teaching style! Terima kasih Vetta!

Sophie Balawin (Crash Course)
December 2015

Vetta is a wonderful patient teacher. I am four days in Ubud and can speak a little of Bahasa Indonesia.

Retha Howard (Crash Course)
December 2015

Very to the point/applicable to daily like in Bali.

Well set out, basics → more difficult things.

Nice pace, did not feel rushed.

Many opportunities for questions.

Good correction of pronunciation.

Thank You.

Richard Berry (Crash Course)
December 2015

Terima kasih Vetta . It was a good lesson. I wish I could do more like the longer beginner course to learn more. I already knew some of what we learnt.

I would like to learn more words. Thank you, I enjoyed your class and if I stay longer next time I will definitely enrol in a longer course.

Ali Morrow (Crash Course)
December 2015

Very well delivered, as an introduction the material included key words a phrases also spit pronauns a nouns etc. Very helpful teacher.

Leonne (Crash Course)
December 2015

This is a very good introductory course. It covers a lot of useful words and phrases in a few hours and the pace was perfect

Brian (Crash Course)
December 2015

Good class for beginners, nicely explained. Thanks.

Karen (Crash Course)
December 2015

Good starter/refreshes course on basics. Good approach to learning number and ordering in restaurant. The teacher was friendly, easy to follow and answered all our questions is a way that was easy to understand. Would like to learn more.

Carle (Crash Course)
December 2015

Class was great. Teacher speaks excellen english and was very patient.

Might recommend going over vowell sounds at the beginning for correct pronunciation. Thank you!

Gwin (Crash Course)
December 2015

I had an excellent series of one-to-one classes with Pak Yasa. He is a very skillful language teacher, providing competent and precise explanations of important semantic and structural concepts combined with lively and relevant practice. Natural flow of the lesson and appropriate sequencing, together with his patience and humour make it a joy to learn.

Ben Schmidt
December 2015

My one-to-one classes were stimulating and very helpful, engaging in conversations and exercises interspersed with explanations of vocabulary and concepts. Thank you very much!

Ben Schmidt
December 2015

This is the second time I’ve studied at Cinta Bahasa. The teachers are always helpful and I made lots of progress with my reading and writing abilities

Louis Parry Mills
December 2015

I’ve studied at Cinta Bahasa twice and each time has been really helpful. The teachers are great, and now I feel much more comfortable talking Indonesian around town. I highly recommend Cinta Bahasa and can’t wait to come back!

Liam Parry Mills
December 2015

Great teacher, good knowledge, will be very usefull during our trip.

Need to practice a lot!

Thank you Vetta, sampai bertemu lagi

Simon Gauureau (Crash Course)
December 2015

Really enjoyed the class.

Vetta is a very good teacher and I’ve learned all the basic word that will be usefull during my stay in Bali (“I will need lots of practice though”) I will highly recommend the class. Terima kasih.

Claudine Emond (Crash Course)
December 2015

It was so helpful to undersand and get expression of Bahasa Indonesia. I believe I can use some expression when I stay in Bali and Indonesia.

All thing class was well organised and easy to understand what instructor said.

I will recommend my friend who will visit Ubud and learn Indonesian language. Thank you very much and sampai bertemu lagi!

Christa Lee (Crash Course)
December 2015

I Have loved learning Bahasa Indonesia with Vetta. She is a great teacher and so very patient. My only sugestion would be to learn number and asking how to order and barter earlier in the course. I hope to continue to learn Bahasa Indonesia.

Jennifer Rickward
December 2015

Vetta is an amazing guru! She is really understanding and helpful and doesn’t go too fast. She is a lovely person and puts up with me and my silly questions.

The classes were constructed easily, which made it easier to understand. The work is a good load and over the past month I feel like I’ve really learnt a lot.

December 2015

I’m so happy that I had Vetta as my teacher for the past 4 weeks. She is very patient with us and is also wonderful at making the class fun with games and excursions.

Saya sangat suka guru Vetta, dia bagus! I will miss her.

Verity Hughes
December 2015

Vetta guru bagus. Kita kangen Vetta. Saya bicara sedikit bicara Bahasa Indonesia sekarang.

Terima kasih Vetta.

Kate Dewar
December 2015

Vetta is a very patient and encouraging teacher. She takes time to make sure her students are understanding everything and helps individuals accordingly. You will come away from Vetta’s classes feeling very accomplished.

Luna Epeam
December 2015

Vetta is an excellent teacher who was always understanding and helpful with my learning. She is very kind and I felt as though she genuinely cared about us and teaching us language that would help us while visiting Bali. I will miss seeing Vetta every day.

Vetta guru sangat bagus. Saya cinta Vetta.

Bonnie Horne
December 2015

Vetta is a wonderful Bahasa Indonesia guru!

She makes the lessons so much fun and is so patience with all of her (us) as students. I love being able to angage in small talk with other Indonesian people and to be able to order my meal in Bahasa Indonesia.

Saya cinta Vetta.

Carly J-Cullen
December 2015

Vetta is a wonderful instructor-she has a great teaching style and I felt that I learned so much every day!

Victoria Sandock
December 2015

Loved learning Indonesian this month! I felt really confident when speaking with locals and got lots of compliment from then on how proficient I was. It would have been really helpful to learn key thnings like berapa harga and number earlier on in the program. So I would have had longer to use it. thanks

Hilarn Lard
December 2015

Della and every other teachers at Cinta Bahasa all amazing and so helpful. Learning was such a fun experience and I am so thankful for Della and her help. Love you Della!

December 2015

Cinta Bahasa enriched my experience in Bali. I was able to have conversations with locals and connect with the people of Bali in a way that wouldn’t have been possible with out learning the language. Della, our guru, is the sweetest person. Bali wouldn’t have been Bali without her!

Never forget her or our crazy, fun mornings together. Thanks for everything.

Kathryn Schlimpert
December 2015

I had the best time learning with Cinta Bahasa because of my amazing teacher!

Della is so great and makes learning fun. I will miss her and thanks!

December 2015

The language class was amazing. I learnt a lot and Hana was a very patient and good teacher. I’m so happy whit what I’ve learnt. I would come back to do another language class. Thank you! Sangat bagus! Terima kasih Hana (penuh cinta)!

Julie Cleave
December 2015

Selamat siang Della, saya mau kembali ke Bali dan bicara Bahasa Indonesia untuk kamu, tahun depan.

Terima kasih, guru sangat bagus!

And if none of that made sense…

thanks for being such a lovely human being! I’ll miss your nervous giggle!

Baz Kath (Sebastian)
December 2015

I really loved learning Bahasa Indonesia!

I will continue to learn when I go back home.

I thought the class was really good but I wish I could have learnt more.

Thank you for teaching me Hana!

December 2015

Good class, good teacher

December 2015

Della is the best teacher ever. I am fluent in Bahasa now. Della for president.

I love Della

December 2015

Bagus. Della was a very good teacher to all of us an instilled a love of language in Indonesian. Also like that english was alloved, especially in the beginning as it made a more comfortable and less daunting to learn another language. Cinta Bahasa is lucky to have such a good and sweet teacher.

December 2015

Thank you so much for the a great beginners class. I was fun and I learned a lot. Very happy that I joined! Explanations by the teachers were always very clear and I liked that the class is given in Bahasa Indonesia.

I hope to come back and continue learning also conversation classes are great! Using the words I learned in the group class made me remember the words better.

Thanks a lot to Arie and Okta and all Cinta Bahasa staff.

December 2015

For had awonderful learning experience at Cinta Bahasa.

Mas Arie was an amazing teacher, we were very lucky to have him!

Thanks so much.

Gordy Pauling
November 2015

Ya, sangat bagus.

I enjoyed learning Bahasa Indonesia very much, Mas Arie made it fun and easy to learn. The class size was just right. It has given me a good basis for becoming fivent in time.

Terima kasih

Gary Lebas
November 2015

Dear Cinta Bahasa,


Thanks for offering such anice classes here in Ubud, I’m pleassed to join the group here and it does help me a lot for my career as working here in Bali. Pak Arie is Amazing!

Thank you so much! “Love”

Sally Chen
November 2015

Saya sangat senang berkenalan dengan guru Arie dan teman-teman.

Saya Suka Bahasa Indonesia. Terima kasih semua…

Kim Ju Young
November 2015

Terima kasih Vetta.

I learnt so much! You are an awesome teacher, very patient!

Sampai nanti embak Vetta.

Kowhai Dalton
November 2015


Very patient and very fun!

Carol Hartcop
November 2015

Terima kasih Vetta untuk mengajar Bahasa Indonesia. Cinta Bahasa dan anda mengajar bagus. Saya mau belajar bahasa besok.

Thank you for your patience and for explaining all of our question. Thank you!

Samuel Hall
November 2015

I had private lessons with Vetta and Trias and it was so much fun! The lessons were structured, had the right pace and all my questions where answered.

I also learned a lot about Indonesian culture in aur conversations. I wish both of them the very best and hope to continue lessons when I return to Bali next year.



Mira Jago
November 2015

I was concerned that studying 40 hours over 10 days of classes was going to be too much. However Dewa was excellent. He was able to adjust his teaching a was very flexible for my needs. I will certainly for futher study, thank you.

Yvette Spero
November 2015

I used audio courses to study Bahasa Indonesia for nearly eight months prior to commencing lessons via Skype with Cinta bahasa. The difference in my language skills between starting with them and now is immense. My teacher, Daniel, is excellent and I can’t recommend him or the school itself highly enough. The course was tailored to my own needs, the content was interesting and delivered well, the language I learnt was the language as lived and used in modern Indonesia and I learnt a lot about the culture of Indonesia at the same time. As requested, the focus was on a working knowledge of the language as spoken by people I was likely to meet, not language that would be used by a news reader (although the option is there to learn such language should one so desire)

Paul Underwood
November 2015

Terima kasih banyak Cinta Bahasa!

Sekarang, saya tahu musik dangdut. Saya harap kembali di sini, untuk belajar lagi dengan guru yang paling baik di seluruh Bali.


Oliver Leduc
November 2015

Saya belajar banyak dan mau belajar lagi dengan guru Hana. Guru Hana guru baik. Terima kasih!

Anna Emma Josephina Smeltink
November 2015

Sangat bagus

David John Napier
November 2015

The class was led by guru Hana, she spared no time to explain all and any questions. Under her direction these classes were a pleasure to attend. I would recommend Cinta Bahasa to anyone interested in learning Indonesia, they couldn’t go wrong! One but I think more audio would be a good thing.

Ivor Cole
November 2015

Mbak Hana is fantastic! Her explanations were very clear. She was happy to answer all our questions even when they were off track. We had a lot of fun. My suggestion to make the course better would be more audio. Perhaps the dialogues could be recorded so we can get more practice listening.

Karen Sarah Cole
November 2015


Completed 2×20 hours of lessons and now continuing with 20 hours more – so it must be good! Hana is a great teacher, very good at explaining and also very patien. I think the book could be improved when examples/exercises need doing.

Very happy student

Tricia Neylon
November 2015

Terima kasih saya suka sekali kelas ini, jika saya bisa, saya pasti kembali.

Chantell Glenville
October 2015

Thank you so much Dewa, Hana dan Della for all of the lessons. Everything was BAGUS!

Paul Williams
October 2015

Saya sangat suka kelas di Cinta Bahasa. Saya bisa tahu lebih tentang budaya di Indonesia, orang local dan negara itu. Kalau saya bicaranya Bahasa Indonesia dengan orang local, mereka selalu senang. Oleh karena itu, saya senang juga.

Terima kasih banyak Trias, Hana dan Dewa!

Harley Costa
October 2015

Terima kasih banyak to all the staff of Cinta Bahasa!

All are great teachers, you made study and learning easy and fun. I hope to come back for more; this language is fasanating in it’s history, development and usage. Thanks for sharing it with me!

Steffen Lai
October 2015

I continue to enjoy learning Bahasa Indonesian with Cinta Bahasa. Dewa knows my pace and is very patient. Thanks to Dewa and all at Cinta Bahasa.

Chris Thompson
October 2015

Saya sangat suka belajar Bahasa Indonesia di Cinta Bahasa. Guru Vetta guru bagus dan ramah. Kelas kita kelas bagus dan sangat lucu.

Sesudah 1 kursus saya bisa bicara dengan orang Bali/Indonesia.

Terima kasih banyak. Salam manis, Anna.

Anna Gosens
October 2015

Before taking this class I though I could just learn on my own. I am very glad I decided to take the beginner class. My understanding of Bahasa Indonesia has been greatly accelerated and I am much more confident in speaking in Bahasa Indonesia. Our teacher, Vetta was very pleasant and patient. Thank you Vetta and Cinta Bahasa!

J. Russel Douglas
October 2015

I was impressed, both with Vetta (our instructor) the lesson plan in general. Its amazing how much can be learned in just 40 hours when the material is engaging and fun. Vetta is an ideal instructor. She did a great job instructing at a pace the whole class could keep up with. I will definitely be back for more!

I love Cinta Bahasa!

Brian Kelly
October 2015

Before takng this class I thought I could just learn on my own. Iam very glad I decided to take the beginner class. My understanding of Bahasa Indonesia has been greatly accelerated and iam much more cinfident in speaking in Bahasa Indonesian. Our teacher, Vetta was very pleasant and patient. Thank you Vetta and Cinta Bahasa!

J. Russel Douglas
October 2015

Saya sangat suka belajar Bahasa Indonesia di Cinta Bahasa.

Guru Vetta guru bagus dan ramah. Kelas kita kelas bagus dan sangat lucu.

Sesudah 1 kursus saya bisa bicara dengan orang Bali dan Indonesia.

Terima kasih banyak.

Salam manis, Anna

Anna Gosens
October 2015

I continue to enjoy learning Bahasa Indonesia with Cinta Bahasa. Dewa knows my pace and is very patient. Thanks to Dewa and all at Cinta Bahasa.

Chris Thompson
October 2015

Terima kasih banyak to all the staff of Cinta Bahasa!

All are great treacher, you made study and learning easy and fun. I hope to come back for more; this language is fascinating in it’s history, development and usage.

Thank for sharing with me!

Steffen Lai
October 2015

Saya sangat suka kelas di Cinta Bahasa.
Saya bisa tahu lebih tentang budaya di Indonesia, orang lokal dan negara ini. Kalau saya bicaranya Bahasa Indonesia dengan orang lokal, mereka selalu senang. Oleh karena itu, saya senang juga.

Terima kasih banyak Trias, Hana dan Dewa!

Harley Costa
October 2015

Thank you so much Dewa, Hana dan Della for all of the lessons. Everything was BAGUS!

Paul Williams
October 2015

Terima kasih, saya suka sekali kelas ini. Jika saya bisa, saya pasti kembali.

Chantell Glenville
October 2015

Wonderful. I had the pleasure of two teachers and both were lovely and worked slowly with me to learn Bahasa Indonesia. Thank you!

Lee Docherty
October 2015

This class was very fun and educational.

Vetta was a great teacher and I enjoyed learning from her. I was most confused with the number system, but eventually got the hang of it. Thank you!

Tom Hosford
October 2015

Saya suka sekali belajar di Cinta Bahasa.

Guru saya Bu Novi dan Bu Dewi keren!

Mereka selalu menarik dan baik hati

Saya belajar banyak hal baru

Saya senang sekali. Cinta Bahasa, bagus sekali.

Alex Lyons
October 2015

I enjoyed it a lot. A lot to take in obviously be to good start in the language. Thanks a lot for your time! Terima kasih.

Ertl Egwin (Crash Course)
October 2015

Very helpful class but look forward to learn more words used in daily conversation and cultural nuances. Also students should be encouraged to practice more in class.

Overall good. Bagus!

Lucia Wang (Crash Course)
October 2015

Thank you Ibu Vetta – this was a great class. I will now go out and order in Bahasa but the numbers are confusing. I need more training. Great teacher! Terima kasih. Sampai bertemu lagi.

Lisa Wulf (Crash Course)
October 2015

Fantastic course. Very well set out in a way that makes it easy to learn. Vetta was a great teacher!


Rebecca McCarthy
October 2015

I really enjoyed learning at Cinta Bahasa. Vetta is a great guru and so sabar. We became a great class and grew together so quickly. I will definatly miss my class-mates and Vetta’s : OK. PR…

Cinta Bahasa is not only a place to learn a new language but also a place for cultural exchange. That was great!

Thank you very much for my amazing time here.

Marit Ernst
October 2015

I had a very good experience learning at Cinta Bahasa. The method is good and it builds up in a good place. Vetta was a very good teacher and was patient with all of us.

I’m excited to continue with Pre-Intermediate.

Dion Simon
October 2015

Vetta guru bagus. Dia sangat sabar.

It has been a wonderful experience coming to Cinta Bahasa every day. I have learnt a lot but still want to continue private lessons to reinforce my learning. I would definetely recommend Vetta as a teacher to all.

Terri Lewin
October 2015

What a lovely group of people I met, with a gifted, patient teacher … Vetta

I’ve even picked up some Bahasa Indonesian. Terima kasih..

Jaya Hutchison
October 2015

Saya cinta Cinta Bahasa. Terima Kasih!

Joseph Subhani
September 2015

Thank you to a wonderful class.

Dewi, in particular helped me struggle throught with my poor pronunciation!

Petrina Fox
September 2015

This is a great school! The teacher are enerjetic, friendly, and very helpful. I’ve learned so much in the last three weeks. I’m so apprecintive of all of the teachers hard work! I want all of my friends who come to Bali to study here. Thank you so much for everythink! See you soon!

Giovana Arecchi
September 2015

Very informative, covered the basics in a short amount of time while still allowing for practice and asking question. Thanks Vetta and Dewi.

Cellina Siriyas (Crash Course)
September 2015

Very good crash course – I found it easy to follow while still being able to take notes.

Terima kasih, sampai jumpa lagi!

Zordan Koncz (Crash Course)
September 2015

I found the Indonesian crash course very informational.
I enjoyed meeting new people and learning about Bahasa Indonesia.

However I struggled with some words as the course moved too quickly for me.

Paula Gran (Crash Course)
September 2015

Thank you for an informative and entertaining introduction to Bahasa Indonesia.

What a lovely way to spend a Saturday morning.

The lessons are presented in a way to make them easy to remember.

Terima kasih!

Janice Matthews (Crash Course)
September 2015

Great to have a little bit more knowledge of Bahasa Indonesia

I can’t wait to ask for a chair in a warung

Bob Van der Meulen (Crash Course)
September 2015

Wow! What a great crashing course of Bahasa Indonesia.

Not only it is a wonderful way to learn the language, you also get the learn about the culture.

The 2 teachers were excellent and we able to respond to all of our question.

Terima kasih!

Nathalie Richard (Crash Course)
September 2015

Vetta and Dewi are proficient and skillfull teacher. They are well paced and structuraral, allowing the learning to be easily absorsed, understood and retained their focus or self efficacy, interaction and review of out comes is very effective.

This was an incredibly ****** Activity.

Patricia Parkinson (Crash Course)
September 2015

The class was wonderful!

The time flew by with so many great lessons, and I feel this was a very practical course – a truly helpful way – to navigate Indonesia with clear understanding of language basics. I can’t wait to practice!

Thank you

Danya Steele (Crash Course)
September 2015

Cinta Bahasa is a great language school. I learned so much in such a short time! I loved the teachers enthusiasm to teach and patience! What a great 3 weeks!

Nikki Higgins
September 2015

Great class, very relaxed, but learnt a lot. Thank you. Terima kasih Vetta!

Delaney (Dee)
September 2015

Lots of fun. Vetta is great instructor. Recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn Bahasa.

Corie McMillan
September 2015

Very good introduction to the language. Thinking about going on with the course. Terima kasih

Annette Pfeffer
September 2015

Bagus! Learned a lot! It was very useful.

September 2015

Really excellent class! I learned so much so quickly. The teacher was very patient and helpful. Terima kasih Vetta!

James Blacker
September 2015

A wonderful brief introduction to learning Indonesian. I enjoyed sharing with the class/group & the teacher was very sweet. Thank you. Terima kasih!

Andrea Cobble
September 2015

Fantastic introduction. Covered the essentials. Thorough. Fun. And a great teacher! I’ll be signing up for a course for sure!

Stuart Jones
September 2015

Baguslah! Practical info in short time span. Terima kasih!

Jonell Perez
September 2015

I have had 5 x 4 hour sessions with Dewa, Pak Toni, Trias & Hana. All were different in style but all patient & helpful in adapting to my specific learning requirements. I am very happy with what they have given me – now I have to do the work! Many thanks

Donna Gelardi
September 2015

This was our second level class with Cinta Bahasa. Enjoyed the format of learning. Felt like we’ve been able to go deeper with the language. Hana is a fantastic teacher. Love learning from her. Terima kasih Cinta Bahasa! Saya sudah cinta belajar Bahasa Indonesia!

Joy Muldoon
September 2015

The focus of the training book or conversational language allows me to use what I have learned on the street. Thank you for the wonderful experience.

Creagon Muldoon
September 2015

Intensive class – Excellent teachers. No rote training. All customized to your needs and preferences. Gracious and pleasant – would recommend highly. Thank you Dewa & Dewi, it was great.

Jo-An Torres
August 2015

Dewi guru bagus. The classes were very clear, explanations also, and I would definitely recommend her to anyone needing a crash course in Bahasa Indonesia. Thanks Dewi.

Michael Blue
August 2015

Dewi was amazing! Thanks so much!

Georgina Fairman
August 2015

Vetta is an excellent teacher – so patient and very good at explaining and answering all our questions. I have learned a lot.

Ann Erskine
August 2015

I really enjoyed and learning a lot from the group class. Vetta is an excellent, patient and kind teacher. I would highly recommend Cinta Bahasa’s learning program. Tymberlee August 2015

Although I didn’t have much time loving my holiday study at Cinta Bahasa the teachers and staff were able to arrange a one week (very!) intensive course. While I had studied Bahasa before, it was great and very helpful to able to practice the language during the classes – and to get the confidence boost I needed to speak Bahasa with people in Bali. Saya harus latihan lebih banyak sesudah pulang ke Itali, tapi saya pikir Bahasa Indonesia saya sudah lebih bagus. Trias, terima kasih untuk bicara dengan saya (kadang-kadang selama 4 jam!) dan Pak Tony, terima kasih untuk bantu saya dengan semua kata kerja dan ‘gramer’. Sampai ketemu! David Colozza August 2015

What a pleasure and privilege to study with the Cinta Bahasa both in person and at home via Skype. Intensive learning and practice whilst here and revision with new concepts delivered to my door. Thank you for your welcoming smiles, gentle guidance, informed practices and a wonderful time. Jessica Draper-Jones August 2015

Terima kasih, saya sudah punya banyak belajar Bahasa Indonesia dengan Trias dan Dewa. Sekarang saya harus setiap hari latihan dengan sopir saya, pembantu saya dan teman kerja saya. Jewel Topshield August 2015

Vetta is amazing! I love her patience & passion towards her students! She really embraces fully her role as Guru & pay attention to detail in her student’s progress. We all enjoyed Vetta’s charisma, positive energy, dedication, & full support in our journey to learning Bahasa Indonesia. Thank you! Shalina Panjwani August 2015

1. Guru Vetta is a rockstar! 2. Vetta is very patient, thorough and relaxed. I enjoyed her class immensely! Thank you Guru Vetta!!! Blair Jones August 2015

Luar biasa! Terima kasih guru Vetta for introducing us to Bahasa Indonesia. You are a very patient and knowledgeable teacher, and my experience with Cinta Bahasa has been all around fantastic! Looking forward to move… Terima kasih Lisa Kruss August 2015

I studied with Yasa and he managed to give me a good insight into the Indonesian Language. I learned basic structures and words within a very short time (10 lesson) due to his very structured, challenging and motivating way of teaching. The classes were very interactive, well organized and always fun. Riccardo Schiavo August 2015

I had a great learning experience at Cinta Bahasa. In one week I was able to refresh my Indonesian Language skills and will certainly be coming back to practice again next year. I recommend the private (one on one) course for those who only have a short stay in Indonesia. The teachers were very patient, learned and most importantly friendly. Donna Baker August 2015

Convenient Flexible Good teachers Adjusted course to our level quickly Relevant vocabulary/lesson Fun Terima kasih! Noah Greenberg July 2015

Cinta Bahasa baik sekali untuk saya. Kami sudah tinggal di Bali 3 tahun, tapi Bahasa Indonesia belum bagus. Kelas dengan Guru Dewa dan Guru Della bantu kami mengerti jauh lebih daripada sebelumnya. Saya menikmati banyak. Makasih! Virginia Barreiro July 2015

Very good course! To improve I think writing on the board helps students to follow along easier. I think the numbers part went a little fast. Its pretty difficult so it. Would be good to spend a little more time on it. Overall, it was really great! Terima kasih! Kim July 2015

It was realy fun and I learnd a lot. Terima kasih! Hati-hati, sampai besok. Ursula Bartels July 2015

Bagus! Really enjoyed it. Terima kasih. Very useful and I hope to set more very soon! Sampai jumpa lagi! Mun Bau July 2015

Fun & good lessons. Very helpful thank you. We will be in Ubud for 2 months so will recommend this to others Danielle Spinks July 2015

A good introduction to Indonesian. It gave me all the basics I need of to know for my holiday. Hope July 2015

Bagus. Terima Kasih! TJ Biddle July 2015

Fun, gentle, effective. Perfect intro to language culture basics. Rowan Cassidy July 2015

Very helpful information. Next time please write the translations in english on the board as well. Terima kasih! Jason July 2015

Terima kasih Arie dan Vetta. Saya sangat banyak menikmati kelasnya. Sampai jumpa. Ashleigh Nicholas July 2015

Terima kasih mas Arie dan mbak Vetta. We enjoyed the crash course today learned a lot. Sampai bertemu lagi. Karen Nicholas July 2015

A great course and on excellent teacher (Dewa). I would highly recommend the course to others wanting to learn Indonesian. Ray Thompson July 2015

Bahasa Indonesia for Beginners a very good “survival kit” for learning the basics of Bahasa Indonesian, Dewa is a considerate and knowledgeable teacher who made learning fun and interesting Chris Thompson July 2015

I spent a week with Pak Dewa (s hours per day) to improve my Bahasa Indonesia. The session were very helpful and Pak Dewa was able to modify the normal structure to better fit my reads. I would have no hesitation & recommending him to others. Thank you for all your efferts. David Hovewdew July 2015

Saya belajar banyak di Cinta Bahasa dan saya punya pengalaman asyik dengan Lachland dan Daniel dan semua guru saya. Terima kasih semua orang di Cinta Bahasa! Eli Campbell July 2015

Saya suka Cinta Bahasa. I had lots of fun learning at Cinta Bahasa, I learnd a lot very quickly & the teachers were a great help. Deffirately would attend. Again & recommend (Bintang 5) Lachlan Fisher July 2015

I learnt lots. I loved learning Indonesian. It was very fun. I enjoyed the experience. I hope one day I can come back and learn more. Thank you so much. I had a wonderful time. Thanks Marley Bickford July 2015

I think it was very good and I learnt a lot of language. Caelin Zavattoro Lucey July 2015

I had a great time going to school at Cinta Bahasa. It was great to be back in a class with a teacher and I learnt a lot of new vocabulary and skill to help me while having fun. I enjoyed studying at Cinta Bahasa. Terima kasih! Amelia Kearney July 2015

Saya suka sekali! I learnt quiet a bit in just 5 day of classes. Would recommend to everyone. It was so much fun. Sophie Maxwell July 2015

Very good lesson. Easy to follow and fun. Nice, fun teacher. Thank you for the lesson. I like how the class is small with not heaps of people. Lucy Wee Hee July 2015

Trias Made learning Bahasa Indonesia super fun! Way better then back in Australia. I think live learnt more today then I have a entire week. Hunter Lovell July 2015

Trias covered a variety of Indonesian topics and gave very clear explaining through out the lession. I enjoyed this 4 hour lession very much & highly recommend it! Thank you. Sophie McCully July 2015

Variety of Indonesian topics. I really enjoyed it. Lots of fun. Trias lucu. Liked how thorought the Indonesian class was thank you. Terima kasih. Mbak! Josh Harvey July 2015

Trias taught us a variety of topics and explained every thing very well. It was a really fun class and she made it really fun. I learnt a lot from Trias. Thank you. Tahlia Watson July 2015

Bagus Sekali. Friendly teachers. I learnt a lot of different things compared to normal teacher in Australia. Della was very helpful and made it fun! Mikayla July 2015

Very happy and frendly teachers. Made the class very fun and were also very helpful when it was needed. Bagus! Harriet July 2015

Very helpful. Made it enjoyedable, singing was fun. We got to choose what we wanted to learn about. Terima kasih! Indigo July 2015

Learn lots, fun, too much singing, very nice teacher, teacher made B’day card for Zake. Liam July 2015

Very Interactive, learnt lots, nice teacher, lots of fun. Zeke July 2015

Very educational and the teacher Vetta was very helpful and grateful this opportunity. Fergus White July 2015

Kelas dengan Bu Vetta Bagus sekali! Tom F July 2015

Good learning, learn a lot & has a lot of fun bagus sekali! Jeff July 2015

Bagus sekali! It was good fun and I learnt a lot! Harper O’Keffe July 2015

Fun and Informative. I learnt a lot and would love to do it again Tanner C July 2015

Pak Tony’s classes were great-well organised, interesting, clear and with enough flexibility to have a good chat about a topic. I cnjoyed it and learnt a lot… just koping I remember it all! Thank you. Karen Spencer July 2015

Tony helped advance our Indonesian throught discussion and workbook exercises. He also focussed on areas where we felt we needed revision so catered well for us. Well done Tony. Maree Gloag July 2015

Saya senang sekali dengan kelas Bahasa Indonesia di Cinta Bahasa. Kelas menarik dan guru bagus sekali. Terima kasih! Eva Gardyn July 2015

Pak Tony adalah guru bagus dan membantu saya yang murid sulit. Darryl Mischlersk July 2015

I am very happy with the teachers I got. Although, I could make my self clear in Indonesian, they helped me sooooo much in vocabulary and in speaking. Your books were very helpful and I hope to use your services more in the near future to improve my Bahasa Indonesia! Thanks Hana & Dewa for teaching me! Oliver Lentze July 2015

Terima kasih Cinta Bahasa untuk bantu saya bicara Bahasa Indonesia! Setiap kelas bagus, dan guru-guru saya, Trias dan Della, guru sangat bagus. Saya kembali lagi untuk lebih banyak belajar. Terima kasih banyak! Jeroen Koster July 2015

I have really enjoyed my pre-intermediate 2A classes at Cinta Bahasa. The teachers here love been chosen well. They are excellent, envlusiastik, dedicated, sincere and very personeble. The teacher make this course fun, interesting & very informative. Terima kasih banyak. Jennifer O’reilly July 2015

Thank you so much for the private lesson Della. I learned a lot in this short time. The way of teaching with the flashcards and computer is very profesional and helps a lot. I would definitely continue when I come to Bali again. Dechen Garling July 2015

Dewi guru bagus. Dia baik dan ramah, dan dia banyak bantu saya di belajar Bahasa Indonesia. Saya belajar di 20 jam, dan kelas menyenangkan. Bisa saya minta belajar lagi dengan Cinta Bahasa dan Dewi. Robert Wolf Petersen July 2015

Even though we only had 20 hours Dewi managed to give us an amazing introduction in to Bahasa Indonesia. Really excited to be able to have simple conversations with Indonesian people now! Fun, informatic and exiting song it up pretty well! Highly recommend it! Michael Dekker July 2015

It was a pleasure to have classes with Dewi. She is passionate about teaching Bahasa Indonesia and super patient. Having accomplishied this course will improve daily conversations with lokals a lot. Kasia July 2015

My beginners kelas di Cinta Bahasa was a wonderful introduction to Bahasa Indonesia. My guru Vetta dan juga Dewi made feel comfortable and were patient with me. I found the class enviroment helpful and plently of laughs were had by all but I also learned from the other students, I look forward to my next step with Cinta Bahasa. Steve Rossell July 2015

Cinta Bahasa luar biasa! There are very kind guru and staff. Saya sekarang bisa bicara Bahasa Indonesia sedikit. Tapi, sebelum saya datang ke Cinta Bahasa, saya tidak bicara Bahasa Indonesia sama sekali. Saya rekomendasi Cinta Bahasa untuk orang asing. Terima kasih banyak! Yumi Nakao July 2015

Fantastic experience for me. A pleasure to learn again. And to not be a bad student is the biggest gift I could have received. From the first meeting with Dimaz, to this moment one month later, the whole experience has been amazing. Learning, growing, healing dan having fun. Vetta and Dewi both are a credit to the school and themselves. Terima kasih banyak untuk segala dengan cinta selalu! Cyrus Iran July 2015

After studying Basa Bali on my own for 6 months, I’m glad I joined the Cinta Bahasa program. Private lessons with Bli Yasa were fun, and I got to ask all the question I had saved up. He was very patient. I’ve expaned my vocab enormously, and become more fluent. David Wood July 2015

Terima kasih banyak pak Tony – Anda guru terbaik! Meskipun saya sangat pelupa, saya masih belajar banyak. Thank you for your patience and I look forward to doing more study with you in the future. Salam hangat, Cameron Cameron Grant July 2015

I was very improssed, thaught the classes were very well structured and yasa our guru quickly understood in which speed he should conduct, one classes for us to understand everytiting. I enjoyed every lesson, and was very happy to have such a good teacher. Thank you Yasa! Marlon Wessel July 2015

KAMI CINTA YASA! Well educated teacher. The lesson have been structured well. Everytime he could answer our question. The timetable was flexible, that was very good, becouse we work in Bali and had to work lately, so we hadn’t got intensive but always fitied our level. I appreciate the effort of Yasa and say makasih banyak! Maximilian Kotting July 2015

I have been very happy with Yasa’s structured and varied teaching. He is systematic and I really appreciate how he reviews new vocabulary both at the end of each lesson and the beginning of the next. This reall helps you learn. He has also been good at making me actively use new concepts and words. The book also helps with the same: I think the exercises are good drills. I also appreciate that I got digital learning tools and flashcards to use for review after the course. Terima kasih! Hana Carvenka July 2015

Bagus! Less information. More practical (more dialogues) Agnieszka Krysztofowicz July 2015

Bagus! Great course and Vetta is a great teacher. I learnt quite a lot and found it very interesting. Terima kasih! Matthew Gillman July 2015

Good class In the manual visual would help to memorise and feel. Would be great to have a follow up to this crash course is a week or two, but 1 hours. And have two or three follow up. Thanks a lot Grace Grace July 2015

Excellent class. Vetta was a great teacher. A follow up class would be great. Paul Jacobs July 2015

Very useful. Practical phrases/ focus on everyday usage. Very skilled leaders. Thank you! Sidney July 2015

Fantastic. Great crash course, very well presented. Friendly and fun. Terima kasih Tess July 2015

Thank you for the great class. I learnt so much in the few hours. It was lots of fun. Vetta and Dewi are wonderful teachers. Tarna Lee July 2015

Vetta and Dewi were very friendly and profesional in guilding us. I appreciated practicing speaking and interacting with people in class. Thank you for providing a wonderful way for me to learn. I enjoyed the cultural insight very much! Nikki Chau July 2015

I really enjoyed this class! Great material to cover in a day course. Dewi and vetta are awesome! Lots of fun wish I was here longer to learn more. David Martin July 2015

I finished my Cinta Bahasa course with Hana and just wanted to pass on my feedback. Hana was a very professional and effective tutor and I got a lot out of the course, I would definetely choose to do further lessons with her as a tutor (but as you know, I’ll be out of Indonesia for a while so not able to continue). Thaks a lot, Andrew MacDonald June 2015

Thank you for an introduction to your beatiful langage. I enjoyed your course a lot and got valuable phuases out of it. I will feel move confident now when ordering in a restaurant or shopping on the market. Arie and Vetta make amazing teachers and made this course very interesting. Terima kasih and sampai jumpa lagi. Zuzana Padyclova June 2015

It was nice to join crash course Indonesian language class. The structure of class is well organized and both of instuctors are very attentive and nice. It’s good for beginners. Just one comments it would be nicer if we can hear your voice clearly. Pue to noise from cage. Sometimes it’s hard to catch what is going on. Thank you, terima kasih! Jihyun Kim June 2015

I enjoyed the course. Well done. Teacher doing well. Location is to noisy. Lots of distractions. Thanks Koen June 2015

I found the crsh course very informative. Especially with the papers handed out I feel confident that I can practice what was taught and through that get an active basic understanding. I’m very much considering continuing on with a regular course. Lasse Juul Kolding June 2015

I was a great course just to start. It was a little noisy at the start because of location. Would would recommend to other. I found the course also moved very quickly and some students knew a lot more so this could be why it moved quickly. Suggest more examples in future but again this was a quickly beginners and introduction. Loved the course! Thank you! Derek Simpson June 2015

Selamat siang I like the crash course, because it is authentic and funny. Arie and Vetta were very friendly and could explain everything quit clear. Thank you! The most I appreciated that we gor the paper sheet “Indonesian crash course” but I would recommend to hand that already out at the beginning. Will recommend that class. Suksma Karoline Zizka June 2015

Bagus-Terima kasih that was fun and informative. The teachers have a good style and system to make it not so difficult and they are very friendly + happy too. P.S. I have a head registered for July 6 – beginner AM looking forwad it. Bagus dan menyenangkan Sarah Booth June 2015

Saya senang! Terima kasih Della untuk satu bulan di kelas. Saya bisa bicara Bahasa Indonesia lebih bagus dari pada murid lain. Bart Kalisuaart June 2015

Della is an excellent teacher and I not only had fun but also learnt a lot. Iam very interested in continuing to learn Indonesian. Thanks so much, Della! Jodi Olsson June 2015

Love Della as our teacher, she did a great job! Always patient, with lots of laughs & great explanations. Terima kasih Naomi Saelens June 2015

Bagus-Terima kasih. That was fun and informative. The teachers have a good style & system to make it not so difficult and they are very friendly & happy too. I have ahead registeed for Juli 6 – begiiner AM looking forward to it! Sarah Booth June 2015

Arie is great to come up with examples which makes you remember, words, sentences and situation in which to use them. Thank you so much for a wonderful learning experience. Agnete Gunderson June 2015

Althought I have only spent four days (8 hours) learning Bahasa Indonesian at Cinta Bahasa, the time I have spent here has been extrmely valuable. Many thanks to Trias, my teacher and the staff at Cinta Bahasa for all their help. Paul Barreto June 2015

I LOVE Cinta Bahasa. Great Experience! Excellent teacher who are patien and very knowledgeable. The books, home work and flash cards allow for quick learning its been a very positive and rewarding learning experience for me. I really enjoy the method and teachers. Kat Kally June 2015

I took 40 hours of private classes at Cinta Bahasa and can only highly recommend it. You are very flexible in choosing your schedule. The teachers are great, very helpful and teach you very well. Terima kasih banyak! Fiona Preisler June 2015

Thank you so much for the great classes! We had great fun and learned a lot… Terima kasih Flo Preisler June 2015

After my Indonesian language training I’ve got to say I’m glad to attend lessons with Pak Yasa! Dia guru bagus! Saya belajar banyak Bahasa Indonesia, saya bisa bicara sedikit dengan orang lokal. Terima kasih guru Yasa for these lessons and your good attitude and energy! Sampai jumpa segera! Olga Ruiz June 2015

Great school and beautiful and funny teachers. I wish I had enjoyed going to school so much when I had to. Will be back soon to improve my bahasa gaul so I can nongkrong dengan orang lokal. Ole Ukena June 2015

This class was massively beneficial to learning Bahasa Indonesia. Our guru Arie was very patient and effective in his teaching of the program – it is amazing how he could dial the language back to our level and capabilities, while reiterating concepts and vocabulary so it stick with us. After and during the course, I feel confident in speaking the language, I am able to communicate more effectively with locals, and feel more immersed in this cultural experience. Terima kasih banyak. Kristy Highness June 2015

Arie is a wonderful teacher who gave us a good fundamental knowledge of the language. I think it will be enough for everyone of us to start pursuing his goals concerning the level of mastering this wonderful language. Stamen Garchev June 2015

Guru Arie Rocks! Patient, kind, helpful… a wonderful teacher. A bit overwhelming learning a new language-but Arie is always happy to help. I think now the “real work” begins to use Bahasa Indonesia everyday with local people… integrate this information into my brain! Guru Arie gets A++++ from me! Stephanie McClain June 2015

I really love make this language course. It’s very fun and also make me feel more apart Indonesian culture. I feel motivated to start to talk with “orang Indonesia”. Hope and wish to start soon the 0 level. Terima kasih, Arie! You are the amazing guru. Jessica Meltini June 2015

Terima kasih Arie! Thank you Arie for your patience, for interesting lessons. Saya harap bisa belajar kelas berikutnya. Nice to meet you. Natalie Sevcenko June 2015

I have had Trias Susanti as my Bahasa Indonesia teacher for 2 weeks and she has taught me so much, I can now talk to the people in the shops and the taxi drivers and can understand simple conversations. I am very happy with the quality of the course and especially with Trias’ teaching and I hope to continue studying online when I return to Australia. Terima kasih Cinta Bahasa and especially Trias. Joanna Sommerfeld June 2015

I reall enjoy the course very much! I feel good all time. The speed of learning was prepared for my personal development. The next comment for the next course I will write in Bahasa Indonesia. Terima kasih! Ulrich Sollors May 2015

Semua guru di Cinta Bahasa pengalaman, sya suka ikut kelas dengan Trias, Hana dan Dewa. Terima kasih Kai Wuerde May 2015

Cinta Bahasa is an excellent language school and our teacher Trias was outstanding! We liked the flexible approach to the classes and we learned a lot. Trias is a natural and skilled teacher. She is a lot of fun to study with. Mike Hall May 2015

We enjoyed our classed with Trias. She is an excellent teacher: Very clear explanations, patient, builds on and reinforces what we knew, she was also flexible with our schedule. Her positive attitude and encouragement helped me progress. I just wish we had begin Cinta Bahasa with Trias when we arrived last January. Good handwriting upside down to! Natalie Hall May 2015

Pak Yasa dan Pak Dewa have been fantastic teachers~both very patient and supportive of my learning and always challenging me to learn more. The course materials are very useful. I hope to continue to study when I return to Australia. Thank you Pak Yasa, Pak Dewa dan Cinta Bahasa. Loren Hyde May 2015

Nama saya Jeremy, saya tinggal di Ubud satu minggu untuk belajar Bahasa Indonesia di Cinta Bahasa. Saya bisa bicara, saya mau belajar lagi dengan guru saya namanya Vetta. Vetta guru bagus, tapi dia makan dan minum banyak! Terima kasih! Jeremy Gatelet May 2015

After 20 hours of one-on-one lessons with Dewi, I can recommend her to anyone and everyone. Her lessons were well constructed and individually tailored, and I hope to continue learning Bahasa Indonesia with her in the future, via Skype. Grant Sinclair May 2015

Terima kasih banyak pak Toni. Waktu mulai pelajaran, saya tidak mengerti Bahasa Inggris dan Bahasa Indonesia. Tetapi pak Tony mengajar dengan hati untuk saya. Pak Toni adalah guru terbaik untuk saya! Saya belajar banyak kata-kata baru dan susunan kata-kata di Cinta Bahasa. Kalau saya kembali ke Jepang, saya akan belajar Bahasa Indonesia! Yoko Amakai May 2015

Saya sangat suka kelas di Cinta Bahasa. Dewa guru bagus. Saya akan banyak belajar bahasa Indonesia. Thank you/terima kasih! We had a really good time and learned a lot. Terima kasih Dewa! Maren Van Bebber May 2015

I like the lessons Bahasa Indonesia. Practice with the words and sentences really helped me. I think Dewa is a good teacher. Terima kasih! Anoek Van Herpen May 2015

Hey Dewa, kelas sangat bagus! Terima Kasih! I had a lot fun and learned a lot as well. Sekarang, saya bisa bicara dengan orang Bali. Thx Dewa! Kita bertemu di Australia dua tahun lagi! Laura Deppenkemper May 2015

Saya sangat menikmati kelas dengan Cinta Bahasa. I learned so much during this past month. Hana was excellent teacher. I’m looking forward to applying all the words I have learned. Already, I feel much more confident to start conversations in Bahasa Indonesia. Thanks Hana and thanks Cinta Bahasa! Joy Muldoon May 2015

This has been a great class. I learned more that I thought possible. The teaching style was perfect to spur the learning process. There was a good combination of book knowledge and practical use. Melissa King May 2015

Indonesian is now my third language. Learning with Cinta Bahasa has proved to be the fastest way of learning I have experienced. My teacher Hana customized our lessons to my specific needs. Her skill and abilities as a teacher helped me learn quickly. Creagon Muldoon May 2015

I really enjoyed the class. Hana was a great teacher. I feel that I have a good star to learning the Indonesian language. Steven King May 2015

During my 20 hours one-to-one course of Bahasa Indonesia I was able to learn the basics, as to communicate about basic topics, express my self, ask direction, order food, introduce my self, etc… I am satisfied with the teaching of teacher Vetta! Daniel Duric May 2015

Senang sekali untuk kelas dengan Pak Tony. Saya datang ke Cinta Bahasa untuk bisa membaca. Saya sudah bisa. Tony sudah mengajar saya, apa yang saya tidak tahu. Dia beri tahu saya dengan dokumenter di televisi. Saya juga belajar cara untuk belajar dan mengerti sendiri. Terima kasih banyak. Bruneau Marianne May 2015

It was good learning. Good combination of practical and writing. Nice place to learn, practice a lot. Terima kasih Banyak! Jacqueline Van Malsen May 2015

The classes were really great. I learned a lot. The teacher was really nice and she explained everything very clear. It was fun to learn here! Fleur Kuhnen May 2015

Thank you for the lessons. We learned a lot in a fun way! We shall continue speaking and practising Bahasa Indonesa. Terima kasih banyak! Janneke Noijens May 2015

Very nice classes. Learning with a book, with cards and on a computer was very nice to be able to switch learning methods. Tempo of the classes were very good adapted to our speed of learning. Vetta was very good! Terima kasih! Anne Van Der Bulck May 2015

I have thoroughly enjoyed studing Bahasa Indonesia with Cinta Bahasa over the past three weeks. The teachers were of high standard. I also liked the fact that I had different teachers, each one bringing their own expertise. I will definitely continue with studing Bahasa Indonesia with Cinta Bahasa online. I can high recommend Cinta Bahasa Elsina Sohilait May 2015

We are so happy made the decision to follow the language course at Cinta Bahasa. Dewa is a guru bagus! He always was very polide and patient in teaching us. We really like the fact he helped with translating letters for our internship from English to Bahasa Indonesia. Dewa, terima kasih untuk semuanya! Suksma, Michelle Bruine de Bruin & Simone Eppink April 2015

Dear Cinta Bahasa team, Terima kasih banyak untuk kesabaran dan usaha. Saya banyak belajar daftar kata dan tata bahasa. Sekarang saya mau coba bicara dengan orang Indonesia! Saya harap sampai nanti. Sabrina Scheel April 2015

Terima kasih mbak Vetta untuk kursus ini dan kesabaranmu dan usaha untuk kami. Khususnya mengajar banyak kata tanpa kesulitan! Pada awalnya Bahasa Indonesia mudah bagaimanapun tidak! Kurikulum Cinta Bahasa bagus untuk belajar Bahasa Indonesa. Dan mbak vetta mengajar dengan baik! Saya suka ide tes terakhir! Terima kasih banyak! Selamat! Adrian Kessler April 2015

I have been studying Indonesian for about one and a half years and have had studied with several teachers. However, I was able to learn more in one week at Cinta Bahasa than I had learned with other teachers in up to six months. My teachers, Dewi and Winda, at Cinta Bahasa are the best and I wish I had more time to learn with them. Michael Renneisen April 2015

Teacher is been great. Did learn lots, now is my time to study myself with all the vocabulary we did in class. Thanks for all. Maria Canadell Castella April 2015

Beginners class was really good for me, maybe for the group it wasn’t so good because being all managers they wouldn’t maintain attendance consistently. I personally enjoyed the class and teacher (Mba Hana) and noticed a good improvement during the course. I would love to carry on learning with Sekolah Cinta Bahasa and with Hana. Thank you so much. Tobias Blazques Garcia April 2015

Excellent teaching!!! Winda is the best! Lessons were fun and exciting but we still learnt a lot. I wish we could have stayed for longer. Winda is Amazing!!! Very fun, good and interesting. Bagus sekali!!! I love Cinta Bahasa Emily Moore April 2015

It was good, fun, exciting and LOL. Winda is the best teacher. We learn a lot. I wish we could stay longer time. After all it is awesome. Luke Moore April 2015

Dewi guru bagus sekali. She gives the lessons from the hart. We learned so much from the book and from the guru. Every time we had question Dewi knew an answer it was really nice to follow the lessons at Sekolah Cinta Bahasa. I liked it that there was also some space for jokes etc. I wish you the best and hope you have always as nice students like us hihihi… Salam : Kimberly Kimberly Faas April 2015

Dewi is a funny, wanita cantik. She has a lot of learn you the best Bahasa Indonesia! She alson likes kue coklat! Dewi I hope you are dating with the boy is going well. I wish you the best Liselotte Chabot April 2015

Great clases / Kelas bagus Great teacher / Guru bagus With miss Hana / Dengan Mba Hana *NB. Later Ibu Innika’s comments Pern Choo April 2015

I have thoroughly enjoyed our introduction to Bahasa Indonesia. Kami menikmati kelas dan guru kami untuk Bahasa Indonesia. Terima kasih banyak Hana. Innike Choo April 2015

Thank you Mbak Della! Learning Bahasa Indonesia from you was a great experience. I learned a lot, in a small ammount of time. I also had a very fun time at Ubud market with you and your friend, and was glad that you also came to the monkey forest with us. Thanks again, Mas Nathan Nathan West April 2015

Nice teacher, high-quality material. Great. Bjorn Lindner April 2015

Learned so much, just for one week! Cinta Bahasa have really good methodes for learning. As me like a beginner, I really enjoyed it! Thank you Vetta! Your a great guru! Fredrik Anderson (Andrsson) April 2015

My session classes with Dewi was great. I progress a lot with her. And the times go so quick. I should come back to Cinta Bahasa when I will come back to Bali Cathy Bourrel March 2015

Sekolah Cinta Bahasa bagus. Saya suka guru saya. Bahasa Indonesia tidak sulit. Terima kasih guru Vetta, sampai jumpa lagi. Jeroen Biere March 2015

Thank you – I am definitely more enlightened about the Indonesian Language than I was 4 week ago. I will need to learn more at a slower pace now. I enjoyed the slower, the laughing and the gentle way that Dewa held the class. Scarlett Wallingford March 2015

I really enjoyed having YASA come to my home to teach me. I think private lessons are the best way to learn and I am really happy that Cinta Bahasa School recognise everyone learns at a different pace. I will be booking in again for more lessons soon with YASA. HE IS THE BEST. Denise Lynn March 2015

Terima kasih Tony untuk pelajaran lucu dan hebat kamu. Kalau saja saya akan bisa tinggal di Ubud lebih lama, saya yakin bahwa saya mau lebih banyak pelajaran lagi. Saya akan merindukan suasana yang baik di sini dan semua orang yang baik hati di sekolah Cinta Bahasa. Nina. Nina Edmondson March 2015

I would like to thank the teachers for their patience. I was unable to put much effort into studying so they had to repeat lessons. They did it with smile. Thank you. Petrina Fox March 2015

Nama guru saya Trias. Dia bagus sekali, dia mengajar bagus sekali dan bisa lihat apa yang saya perlukan. Dengan dia saya bisa belajar banyak hal tentang budaya Bali, tentang sejarah dan banyak hal lain. Dia menarik dan bisa membuat pelajaran menarik juga. Dia tidak menghitung jamnya dan dia sering tersenyum. Kalau saya bisa belajar lagi, saya minta dia sebagai guru bahasa Indonesia. Celine Mattei March 2015

This class has really helped improve my Indonesian in a short amount of time. All of the teachers were very knowledgeable and helpful with my questions. I am looking forward to taking the intermediate/advanced courses later on. Thanks. Calvin Lee March 2015

I improved a lot with Cinta Bahasa. I had a very good teacher (Hana). She helped me a lot. I passed the Indonesian proficiency test so I am really happy. I am really satisfied with Cinta Bahasa. Thank you. Domonkos Torok March 2015

Great learning environment and great teachers. I highly recommend this place to anyone who wants to learn Bahasa Indonesia. Thank you to all the teachers for their patience and wisdom and thank you to other staff members like Kadek and Dimaz for their support and flexibility. Hilda Nataprawira March 2015

Thank you very much everyone at Cinta Bahasa, you have been great, especially Trias and Tony your awesome. Thank you so much. I keep on learning. Rob Gili Air. Robert Pugh March 2015

Thank you Pak Tony and Dewi for a great week with learning. I have learned a lot and feel confident to speak. I am inspired. Terima kasih. Lene Freng March 2015

Thank you for teaching me more Bahasa Indonesia. I had a great time with great teachers. Looking forward to using my bahasa Indonesia in everyday life in Jakarta. Anne May Rostoen March 2015

I feel very privileged to have had the opportunity to study at Cinta Bahasa. It has been a wonderful experience. Heart-felt thanks to all the fantastic teachers. You have all been so kind and patient and your teaching abilities beyond all expectations. Thank you not only for imparting language skills but for giving fascinating insight into customs and culture of Indonesia. I will be back! Ann Schioldann March 2015

Learning Bahasa Indonesia with Cinta Bahasa has been a wonderful and enriching experience. My teacher, Hana, has helped me learn in relaxing and fun environment, making it rewarding and enjoyable. I highly recommend Hana to anyone wanting to learn Bahasa. Neil Thompson February 2015

I’m sad because of I haven’t started learning when I came to Bali. Cinta Bahasa is the best so far, so as Trias. I wouldn’t be able to achieve this without her. Bence Torok February 2015

Mbak Trias guru yang paling bagus dan paling pintar. Dia selalu jelaskan semua pertanyaan kami, dia sopan dan ramah juga, dan saya sudah merasa bahasa Indonenesia saya jauh lebih baik daripada waktu awal belajar. Terima kasih banyak Mbak Trias, saya senang belajar sama kamu. Rachel Holtman February 2015

Yang terhormat, I have enjoyed learning from Mbak Trias very much. I would highly suggest her to my friends. We have learned a lot and have corrected many bad bahasa habits. Mbak Trias is very smart and level headed, she is a joy to be around. We will continue lessons. We liked it so much. Best, Zach. Zach Holtman February 2015

Dear Staff, Terima kasih banyak untuk mengajar Bahasa Indonesia lagi. Saya selalu menikmati belajar di Cinta Bahasa. Gurunya baik sekali. Sampai jumpa. Jann Piggott February 2015

Thank you very much everyone at Cinta Bahasa, you have been great, especially Trias and Tony your awesome. Thank you so much. I keep on learning. Rob Gili Air. Robert Pugh February 2015

I really had a great time learning about Bahasa Indonesia. Daniel not only taught me, but I learned how to actually use my new words. Thank you for your patience and time. Saya cinta Bahasa Indonesia. Anna Stumpt February 2015

Thank you for a great bahasa course and especially for all the patience and laughter of the teachers. Hilde Solbakken February 2015

The course was truly beyond superlatives, well organised, excellent, and engaging staff and teacher. Already resolved to return as soon as I can to continue the course. Thank you to Trias and Toni. Adrian. Adrian Stuart February 2015

Saya cinta belajar dengan Winda dan Hana di Cinta Bahasa. Kami belajar banyak sekali dan senang sekali. Cinta Bahasa paling bagus. Terima kasih. Brea Phillips February 2015

Saya sangat menikmati di Cinta Bahasa. Saya belajar dengan Winda dan Hana, mereka bagus sekali. I was able to learn a lot in little time and I will definitely be back in the future. Thanks so much to everyone at Cinta Bahasa. Terima kasih, Ian. Ian Yates February 2015

Thank you very much Cinta Bahasa. You have been fantastic. Trias has been an exceptional teacher. I have learnt so much more than I expected in 20 hours. It is great to see teacher with such a passion for the language. I highly recommend Trias, she is a fantastic teacher. Thank you again. Juliet Swerling February 2015

We studied here for one month every day for 4 hours. It was a lot of material to learn and sometimes it was a bit tiring. But the course material was relevant and we had plenty of opportunity to practice our speaking skills with the teachers and staffs. During our time we met many of the teachers and we found that on the whole they were professional and keen to make sure we progressed of a good pace. We particularly enjoyed talking about the cultural aspects of Bali and learning about the lives of the teachers outside of class. Paul Hunt February 2015

Cinta Bahasa school is very professional and great for learning conversational Indonesian. Staff are passionate and friendly. We studied 4 hours per day for 1 month and look forward to learning more. PTO. Stephanie Hadobas February 2015

I truly had an amazing time learning Bahasa Indonesia with Winda and Hana. They were the best teachers I could have wished for: kind, patient, full of humor and creative. I’ve been studying Bahasa indonesia via Menucords, Facebook comments, comic books and just a lot of cozy chit chat thanks to Winda and Hana. Not only I have learned a lot about the language, but also a great deal in Indonesia and its culture. Winda and Hana were always happy to answer any question I had. For everyone who is planning to stay a longer in Indonesia, I would definitely recommend a course with Cinta Bahasa, you won’t regret it. Dear Winda and Hana, terima kasih sekali untuk semuanya. Saya akan rindu kalian! Saya harap saya kembali tahun depan dan bertemu kalian lagi. Daaa, Bo. Bo Van Houwelingen January 2015

Guru saya sangat ramah, kalau saya tidak belajar Bahasa Indonesia di Cinta Bahasa, saya tidak tertarik untuk ke Bali. Hun Seo January 2015

Arie is a wonderful teacher and makes learning fun. I feel like we learned a lot in a short time and look forward to using my new skills. I would definitely recommend Cinta Bahasa and Arie to anyone looking to learn Indonesian. Thank you! Terima kasih! Mira Lotfallah January 2015

40 jam belajar, guru saya bagus! Setelah itu saya bisa bicara Bahasa Indonesia dengan teman saya. Thanks Arie. Megan Song January 2015

Had a great time. Learned more than expected. Thank you. Agnete Gundersen January 2015

Very good private class with Pak Yasa and Pak Handi. I am very happy with all the classes I had. Thank you. Clementine Bergerot January 2015

Thank you Pak Yasa for this wonderful experience learning Bahasa Bali with you. I enjoyed every minute of it and look forward to using my new vocabulary with my Balinese family in Singaraja. With three more weeks in Bali I’m definitely considering to sign up for the pre-intermediate level. Thanks for being such a patient teacher and hopefully until next time. Suksma. Kim Biesterfeld January 2015

Thank you very much Pak Yasa and Cinta Bahasa for a very interesting and professional Bahasa Indonesia course. I’m looking forward to continue with the next level in a couple of weeks. Thomas Flamant January 2015

I am very pleased that I made the effort to come to Ubud to learn the language. Having one on one lessons maximised the use of the time here. It also meant I couldn’t hide, I had to try every minute of each lesson. I have learnt a lot of syntax of which words word to use in a particular context. Moira Neagle January 2015

I really enjoyed my lessons at Cinta Bahasa. Both my teachers are very good and have helped me a lot to start to learn how to speak little bahasa. I also liked the way the book is developed. I will come back for more classes and will recommend Cinta Bahasa to friends. Peter Van Der Linde January 2015

Ini kedua kalinya di sekolah Cinta Bahasa. Saya suka sekali belajar di sini. Guru di sini orang yang sabar sekali. Mereka juga pintar mengajar Bahasa Indonesia, khususnya winda, Trias, dan Dewi. Terima kasih semua, saya menikmati waktu saya di sini. Saya akan kembali. Salam, Patrick Mills January 2015