Cinta Bahasa LogoI recently called “La Gazette de Bali” about placing a listing in their newspaper, and as I could not speak French, I asked if he could speak Indonesian, which he could.

I was then able to communicate with him in Bahasa Indonesia, rather than struggling to communicate with him in French.

I have a similar friend, a German-speaking Swiss fellow who doesn’t speak English so well.  We use Indonesian as our main language.If we couldn’t speak Indonesian, we wouldn’t be able to talk with each other, and we wouldn’t have become such good friends in such a short time!

This is an interesting way to see Bahasa Indonesia, as a new Esperanto, a new International language, for us to communicate with each other across the old language barriers.

So don’t fret about having to learn a new European language in Bali, why don’t you learn and use a new language together!

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