Why Learn Indonesian or Balinese Language with Cinta Bahasa?

Group or Private, Short or Long-Term

Learn on your own, with your partner or friend, or gather 3 or more friends together and learn as a group. Take a 2 or 3 hour course to get by, or a course for 20 hours or more.

Professionally-Trained Career Teachers

Starting with 1 teacher in 2011, we’ve quickly grown to 15 smart, talented, educated, professionally-trained, full-time career Indonesian Language Teachers.

Real School

Yayasan Cinta Bahasa Indonesia is a legally-registered, tax-paying Indonesian Language School in Bali that opened in 2011.

Learn at Your Own Pace

Preparing to relocate is often a busy time. Schedule your classes for times of the day when you’re not so busy and you’ll learn so much more quickly, and have a lot more fun!

High-Quality Learning Materials

As we have developed our own learning methodology, we have developed our own textbooks and self-learning materials to help you to learn as fast as possible, and to continue learning and growing on your own.

Over 4,500 Satisfied Students - Read Their Testimonials!

Flexible Learning Schedule

Set your own schedule and learn on the days and times that are right for you.

Learn in Person, or Online

Many of our clients who have learned Online with us have come to visit us in Bali to meet their teacher in person, and take a short course before they begin their work.

Student Referrals

Word of mouth spread fast, and soon we had students asking to learn with us from many countries around the world! See our Students’ Testimonials!

All Students Receive Our Rapid-Learning Vocabulary App!

(As well as our Textbook, specially designed to help you learn Indonesian the fastest way possible)


Rapid Vocabulary Building

Our app is scientifically-designed to help you learn vocabulary the fastest way possible.

Spaced Repetition

Our app delivers to you the words you need to see in order to keep them in memory.


Hear the Correct Pronounciation!

Hear every word pronounced correctly and clearly as you see the word.

Build Your Own Vocabulary

Learning new words? Great! Add them to the mobile app and access them on your computer.

Some of Our Clients and Partners

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U.S. Army

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